I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 611-620

Chapter: 611
Jiang Hao looked at Old Man Bi and smiled without saying a word, and then began preparations.
This is what happened in the yard. They can rest without prescriptions.
Driven by Old Man Bi, Jiang Hao also began to look down on some of the hospital’s provisions.
The two smoked in the office if they should smoke, and chat if they should chat.
During the period, the nurse Xiaoli came over, and after seeing Jiang Hao’s appearance, she thought that the other party had abandoned herself!
After Dr. Xu learned about this, he sneered at Jiang Hao.
Believing that the other party would never endanger one’s position again, he felt proud.
When nothing happened, Dr. Xu had visited Jiang Hao a few times.
The morning passed so plainly, just as Jiang Hao was about to leave work in the afternoon.
Outside, Lin Yan walked in, and then looked at the hall but did not see Jiang Hao.
This was a little weird to the nurse Xiaoli: “How about you Doctor Shen, why didn’t you see it?”
Upon hearing this, the nurse Xiaoli thought that Lin Yan was here for trouble!
Because she heard that Dr. Shen seemed to treat Lin Yan’s sister for vomiting blood that day!
So she started in fear and said, “Well, wait a minute, I’ll call for you.”
Lin Yan nodded slightly after hearing this. She came here today to want to thank Jiang Hao.
Because after Lin Beibei took his medicine, her whole person became better and better.
Seeing Lin Yan sat down with a plain expression, Xiaoli quickly poured a cup of tea.
Then he hurried out of the reception room and called Dean Jiao: “Dean, it’s not good! Miss Lin is here!”
Hearing this, Dean Jiao couldn’t help but remember what Lin Yan said that day when he left. .
So my heart couldn’t help getting nervous: “You hold on first, and when I arrange it, how is her face?”
Xiaoli replied slightly anxiously: “The face is very plain, it doesn’t feel like she ‘s coming to trouble.”
After hearing this, Dean Jiao relaxed a little, then hung up the phone.
Then he got up and walked to the pharmacy room, and saw that Jiang Hao and Old Man Bi were vomiting.
Looking at the appearance of the two, Dean Jiao couldn’t help but feel a headache!
“This is in the hospital, can you still have a little professionalism?”
After saying this, Dean Jiao pointed to Old Man Bi: “Old Bi, you are also an old man in the hospital, why don’t you take care of him?”
Bi The old man and Jiang Hao looked at each other, then quickly put out his cigarette butt.
“Dean, don’t we look at the end of work soon and relax a little.” With these words, Old Man Bi quickly pulled a chair: “Come on, sit down!” Dean Jiao looked at Old Man Bi. , Looking at Jiang Hao, he seemed to have an indifferent expression.
More anger in my heart!
“Little Shen, Xiao Shen, I originally wanted to keep you, but you may really not be able to stay this time!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, and looked at Dean Jiao strangely.
I thought to myself that he didn’t seem to have done anything here when he came here, why did he suddenly say this to himself.
Dean Jiao looked at his puzzled expression, and smiled bitterly: “You, I shouldn’t do it!”
After saying this, he shook his head and continued: “It’s fine now, the other party I’ve come here, let’s see what to do about this!”
Jiang Hao and Old Man Bi glanced at each other, both of them were a little confused by the second monk.
“Ah, Dean, who are you talking about?”
Dean Jiao sneered after hearing these words: “Who do you think I’m talking about? It’s not Miss Lin!”
After saying this, he looked at Jiang Hao and said angrily: “If you can do it, you will still pick People try, now they are looking for the door!”
Jiang Hao fell silent when he heard this, and Lin Beibei was already optimistic about his illness.
Even later yesterday, he gave Lin Yan all the medicines he was going to take. How could she come to trouble?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao was about to explain, saying that there might be some misunderstandings.
But he never thought that he hadn’t spoken yet, but Doctor Xu, who didn’t know when he came over, spoke first.
“President, what are you talking about with him? Let him take care of what he does himself!” With this, Doctor Xu walked in and looked at Jiang Hao coldly.
“From now on, you won’t belong to our hospital. You can take care of the affairs of Miss Lin. Let us go!”
The old man Bi stood silently, knowing that Jiang Hao’s methods of managing people are fine.
But I didn’t want to lose my job because of this, so I sighed for silence.
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao with scorching eyes: “Let’s go, Miss Lin family is waiting in the reception room, I will accompany you there.”
Jiang Hao shook his head and smiled: “Well, in this case, I will walk with you. Forget it.” As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Hao took the initiative to walk out of the pharmacy.
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao’s back and looked at Doctor Xu. At first, they were a little worried that Jiang Hao would not go out.
Then he sent this pot to the hospital, causing trouble to himself!
But he didn’t expect Jiang Hao to walk out so easily, he didn’t worry about his future at all.
When Dr. Xu saw this, he sneered twice: “Dean, take a look, these pigs are dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water!”
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao’s back and fell silent. How can this young man be called by himself? of.
“There is a shortage of people in our hospital, but what kind of thing is this guy, you are too easy to trust others.” Seeing Dean Jiao silently ignore him, Dr. Xu became even more proud!
As early as when Jiang Hao was against himself for the first time, he fantasized about driving Jiang Hao out every day.
It’s finally all right now, everything feels clean!
After the three people walked to the reception room, Xiaoli was standing respectfully at the door.
She glanced at Jiang Hao and quickly lowered her head again. After the three of them entered, she raised her head and looked inside.
The three of them went in, and Dean Jiao didn’t say anything yet.
Dr. Xu walked up first, regardless of the three-seven-one.
He said, “Miss Lin, Shen Yan is no longer in our hospital. Whatever he does has nothing to do with our hospital!”
Dean Jiao looked at Doctor Xu and stopped talking, thinking that the words had already been said. so be it!
Lin Yan was stunned when she heard this, and then looked at Jiang Hao with some confusion.
“Really? No matter what he sits on, it has nothing to do with you, right?”
Dean Jiao fell silent when he heard this, but looked at Jiang Hao helplessly.
But Doctor Xu nodded quickly and said: “Yes, nothing he does has nothing to do with us!”
After saying this, he coughed and continued: “Miss Lin, you just need to trouble you. Find him, I will leave it to you!”
Lin Yan heard this, a strange color flashed in her eyes, and she chuckled lightly.

Chapter: 612
Lin Yan looked at Jiang Hao and smiled: “It looks like you are very difficult to do.”
Jiang Hao helplessly followed with a smile: “Is there any way, I am not scared by you, why are you here today?”
Dean Jiao and Doctor Xu looked at Jiang Hao and talked with Lin Yan like this, and it seemed that something was wrong!
Didn’t Lin Yan come to trouble Jiang Hao? Why did it seem to be talking about everyday life?
“By the way, how is Beibei’s body? Is the medicine effective after taking it?”
Lin Yan nodded and replied: “Well, I feel good after taking it. Beibei has become more energetic in the past two days. “After hearing this, Jiang Hao nodded: “You should take the medicine on time. After the medicine is finished, please ask someone to check it again. I don’t know.”
Lin Yan looked at Jiang Hao strangely: “Why? Do you want to see you again? Why do I need someone to check it up again?”
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly at this, and then shook his head at the dumbfounded Doctor Xu and Director Jiao.
“It’s not that you made the trouble that day. I am no longer a doctor, but a pharmacist.”
Dean Jiao coughed violently when he heard this, “Cough, cough, um, Miss Lin, this is …?”
Doctor Xu looked at Lin Yan in surprise: “Wait, Miss Lin, didn’t you come to trouble?”
Lin Yan gave Jiang Hao a playful look, and then smiled: “No, I am Special thanks to Dr. Shen, he saved my sister.”
After saying this, Lin Yan took out a pennant from her bag.
“I thought that Shen Yan is a doctor in your hospital after all, so I ordered a pennant for your hospital.” At this point, Lin Yan shook her head helplessly: “Unfortunately, it’s not available now. He has nothing to do with you. a. ”
Jiaoyuan Chang hearing this, the intestines are regret green!
Doctor Xu also looked at Lin Yan in shock, and his entire mind seemed to have stopped for a while.
Jiang Hao stood on the side and looked at Lin Yan helplessly. The culprit of his dismissal was here!
After Dean Jiao gave Doctor Xu a vicious look, he quickly looked at Lin Yan and said, “How could it be okay, he is still working in our hospital!”
After saying this, Dean Jiao hurriedly looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes flashed. A look of pleading!
You know, what the Lin family’s pennants represent is the trust of the upper class in them!
In the hospital in the city center, no one has ever received a pennant from the Lin family!
As long as you keep Jiang Hao in your palm, are you still worried about the poor development of the hospital in the future?
And since Lin Beibei has been cured, it proves that Jiang Hao’s two stunts are not joking, but real!
The fire needle method that has been lost for two to three hundred years, and the life-sustaining needle method for more than one hundred years.
Don’t say that there is any at the main hospital, I have never heard of such things!
Lin Yan smiled after hearing Dean Jiao’s words: “It’s just a waste of talents in your hospital. How about coming to my house?”
“The annual salary is 800,000 yuan. Every month, I only need to check my family’s health.
Treat the disease, and just take care of it.” Dean Jiao hurriedly said: “This, this, this, how can this be, Miss Lin!”
After hearing this, Doctor Xu looked at Lin Yan in surprise. Thinking that the other party wanted to poach Jiang Hao directly!
“Ms. Lin, I asked Jiang Hao to go to the pharmacy, hoping to make him more familiar with the medicinal materials of our hospital!”
After saying this, Dean Jiao coughed and continued: “There is absolutely no other reason. I hope you don’t misunderstand!”
Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Jiang Hao and asked, “Is this really the case?”
Jiang Haoqiang held back his smile and looked at Dean Jiao and nodded: “Well, that’s it.”
A trace of disappointment flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes unconsciously, and then sighed: “If this is the case, then all right, this pennant I’ll give it to you.”
Although Lin Yan was ordinary, Dean Jiao tremblingly took the pennant that year.
Seeing Dean Jiao’s affiliation, Lin Yan couldn’t help but smile: “Dean Jiao, I’ll come back for a follow-up visit in a while. I hope that Dr. Shen can help my sister to see, how about it?”
Dean Jiao hastily Nodded: “This is certain. If you are not at ease, I will let him continue to be in charge of the Second Division later when I go out!”
Jiang Hao shook his head helplessly, then coughed slightly: “It’s almost there, I I have something to go back to the pharmacy first.”
Lin Yan nodded after hearing this: “I’ll be with you, I just want to talk to you about something.”
Jiang Hao nodded and said, “It’s a great honor. ”
Then the two left the reception room, leaving only the excited Dean Jiao and the dumbfounded Doctor Xu.
Finally, after the excitement faded a little, Dean Jiao glanced at Doctor Xu.
“I know there are some grievances between you, but I don’t want you to move him in the future, do you understand what I’m saying?”
Doctor Xu gave a wry smile and nodded.
He knew that starting from today, he might never have a chance to target Jiang Hao again.
After a deep sigh, Dean Jiao put away the pennant, then returned to his office with a small song.
On the other side, with a cigarette in his mouth, Jiang Hao looked at Lin Yan helplessly: “Why did you come all of a sudden.”
Lin Yan smiled embarrassedly after hearing this, “I didn’t know that I did something wrong. , So come over and make up for it.”
Hearing this answer, there was a blush on Lin Yan’s face.
Jiang Hao didn’t know what flashed in his heart, and then shook his head with a wry smile.
“In fact, Dean Jiao is pretty good, and Doctor Xu is okay, but human nature is like this.”
Lin Yan stood in the corridor and smiled when she heard Jiang Hao’s words: “Is it no matter what others treat you? , You won’t be angry?”
Jiang Hao sneered: “Then I’m not a human, hahaha.” It’s just that after saying this, Jiang Hao chuckles: “But I have to admit that I was in there just now. Feeling relieved.”
Lin Yan chuckled twice, a trace of sorrow flashed between her eyebrows.
“You know, although I was born in the Lin family in Beifu, but my father passed away unexpectedly. My sister and I have always depended on each other.”
Lin Yan looked at Jiang Hao with scorching eyes: “That’s why my attitude towards you that day was a bit extreme. She was right I’m really important.”
Jiang Hao lowered his head and gave a soft “um”, then said, “Who is in charge of your family now?”
Lin Yan’s eyes flashed sadly when he heard this.
Among the several families in the Beifu, who doesn’t have anything dirty at home.
Lin Yan thought of the things in her home and smiled: “Don’t talk about that, do you want to have a meal with your face at night?”
Jiang Hao looked at Lin Yanxi’s smile, nodded slightly, and agreed.

Chapter: 613
After Jiang Hao sent Lin Yan away, he returned to the hospital and found that he was still in the hospital!
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao’s return and nodded with a smile: “Well, yes, not bad.”
Jiang Hao smiled: “What the hell is the Dean, right? What about Doctor Xu?”
Jiao Yuan After hearing this, he smiled and shook his head: “He has something to do. He has already gone back.”
After saying this, Dean Jiao pondered for a while: “Ah, there is one more thing I want to tell you.”
Jiang Hao nodded slightly, then lighted a piece of smoke to himself and said indifferently: “Just tell me.”
“Doctor Xu is not really bad in nature. If possible, I don’t want to see you retaliate against him.”
Jiang Hao nodded, took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, he will not be on the same table with me from the beginning, it is unnecessary.”
Hearing this, Dean Jiao was really speechless for a while.
Feeling Jiang Hao never paid attention to Doctor Xu from beginning to end, and even thought that the other party was not in the same world with him.
Thinking of this, Dean Jiao shook his head helplessly: “Well, in this case I have nothing else to say.”
Jiang Hao nodded and was about to get up, suddenly hesitating.
Because of Lao Bi’s identity, he is still a little curious!
I can stay here for such a long time, but I have been silent.
Jiang Hao didn’t believe this old Bi, he was really a bad old man who didn’t know anything!
Thinking of this, he turned his head to look at Dean Jiao and asked: “I have something to ask, what kind of person is Lao Bi?” Dean Jiao looked at the pennant in his hand and shook his playing hand slightly.
“You suddenly asked him what’s wrong, did he tell you something?”
Jiang Hao frowned when he watched Dean Jiao’s abnormal behavior: “No, nothing, just pure curiosity about his roommate.” After hearing this, Jiao Yuan sighed and looked at Jiang Hao: ” It’s none of your own business, try to leave it alone .” Jiang Hao bet that Dean Jiao must know why this old man has been unknown!
After walking out of the office. Jiang Hao lowered his head and couldn’t help thinking of the time he was working with Bi Lao.
Not only the dean and them, but even some of the people below seemed to have not seen him and Bi Lao.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.
I thought to myself: “It seems that the water in this hospital is still too deep, I haven’t stepped on it to the end.” I just thought of this, and suddenly someone came out in front of him and blocked Jiang Hao’s way!
“Dr. Shen, how are you.”
Jiang Hao raised his head and looked at the visitors, but it was Dr. Xu who had already gone home first!
“I asked the dean just now. He said that you had gone back beforehand, but he didn’t expect you to be waiting for me.”
Doctor Xu smiled bitterly after hearing this, “Do you know why I am waiting for you? Do you know?” With these words, Doctor Xu took two steps towards Jiang Hao.
Only then did Jiang Hao smell the strong smell of alcohol on his body, but he had a pretty handsome face.
At the moment it is distorted, said: “! Why did you come here, why did you push me down,”
Jiang Hao looked demeanor demented Dr. Xu shook his head: “You’re not fit to talk to me, get out.”
Having Jiang Hao walked past Doctor Xu with this, and he didn’t even want to say anything to him!
But it was precisely because of this attitude that angered Doctor Xu!
He flew up, and then fiercely planned to bite Jiang Hao’s shoulder!
In the end, Jiang Hao fell to the ground with a beautiful shoulder.
“I know you are very annoying. Believe me, I am also a little annoyed now, so please get out of here!”
He is really fed up with playing with such a person. He has no ability but is eccentric.
A little frustration is like the end of the world.
After getting Doctor Xu, Jiang Hao walked forward.
When he returned to the dormitory, Old Man Bi was on the first floor with a sip of peanuts.
Seeing Jiang Hao came back, he was only taken aback for a moment, and then fell silent.
After a while, he suddenly said: “When do you plan to leave?”
Jiang Hao smiled and replied: “Why are you leaving.”
Hearing this, Old Man Bi gave Jiang Hao a weird look.
“Ms. Lin didn’t come up to trouble you?”
Jiang Hao laughed twice, then sat forward and took two bites of peanuts.
“Do you think I went out with the medicine yesterday, Xiaoye, I am now an official reinstatement!”
Old man Bi looked at Jiang Hao in surprise after hearing this: “You are kidding me, Xu Xiaozi can let you go back to second Ke?”
Jiang Hao shrugged: “What you said, this hospital is still owned by his surname Xu?”
Jiang Haoyin smiled twice after saying this, “I’m going back tomorrow, here. , Flatter me, I’ll take you out!”
Old man Bi smiled and cursed, then shook his head and said with emotion: “You are really exciting, you have a seat a day.”
Jiang Hao nodded and agreed. The first day was the person in charge of the second division, and the next day became a messenger.
Okay, now that Miss Lin had spoken, she went back to the Second Division.
Not to mention what he would think, the people watching below will inevitably have some thoughts.
After thinking about this, Jiang Hao sighed helplessly: “Listening to you, I don’t want to go back.”
Old man Bi quickly said: “No, why should you go!” ”
After saying this, he took out a small wine glass and filled it with Jiang Hao.
“Even though your kid is pleasing to my eyes, this pharmacy is really not a place where you young people can stay.”
When this was said, Old Man Bi took a sip of the wine glass.
Smash it. Smash it and said, “I think I was in this courtyard back then, so I can be regarded as the one-and-one master!”
Jiang Hao smiled after hearing this, “I am old now, so my temper is slowly recovered? ”
Old man Bi looked at Jiang Hao and shook his head: “Almost, your kid is actually the same as when I was young, too proud!”
When he said this, Old Man Bi paused.
Wei Wei looked at Jiang Hao with drunken eyes: “I’m not talking about being too arrogant, but about being born with pride.”
Jiang Hao smiled: “Why, everyone should have their own proud side.”
Bi The old man smiled: “Yes, but you have to polish it first, your arrogance is too piercing.”
Jiang Hao has never thought about this. In fact, thinking about it carefully, it seems that it is indeed the case.
He is a proud person, so proud that sometimes he doesn’t bother to care about some people.
Just like Doctor Xu, some people will treat him as an opponent.
And Jiang Hao didn’t even see him directly!
It’s no wonder that Doctor Xu collapsed like that later, and the person he used as an opponent had never looked at himself directly.
Even when Jiang Hao fell into trouble, he never cared about Doctor Xu!

Chapter: 614
Old man Bi smiled thoughtfully at Jiang Hao’s face: “It’s not a good thing for young people to be too arrogant. It will make you meet more villains.”
Jiang Hao shook his head needlessly, thinking of Shen Tianyang he couldn’t help himself. So he opened his mouth and said: “I have already met a real villain, and I don’t care about a few more.”
Old man Bi nodded slightly after hearing this, although he only met Jiang Haoping.
But he saw in Jiang Hao what he looked like when he was young, the same self-confidence, the same arrogant!
Time slowly passed, because it was a bit late when Lin Yan came here yesterday.
So many people didn’t know that Jiang Hao started to take charge of the second division again.
But Xiaoli, the nurse, knew about this, so watching Jiang Hao walk into the second department’s office, she said early.
After hearing this, other people looked at Xiaoli in surprise, wondering why she was taking care of this hapless ghost!
That’s right, Jiang Hao is an unlucky ghost in their eyes.
On the first day I became the person in charge of the Second Division, and the next day I was kicked off for offending Miss Lin!
So many people who saw Jiang Hao couldn’t help whispering: “Isn’t this the unlucky ghost? Why did he come?”
“No, why is he going back to the second division? It’s not that he ca n’t accept being transferred to do miscellaneous work. Realistic?”
“Hey, hey, don’t say that, be careful he heard it!”
“What if I hear it, the left and right sides are just rubbish!” Doctor Ren in the morning shift heard the two nurses chatting, so he walked up Qian Qian said with a smile: “What are you talking about, so vigorously?” The two nurses looked at people, and couldn’t help but smile when they saw Doctor Ren.
“What else can we talk about? Isn’t it the trash who was transferred to do miscellaneous work?”
Interface after another nurse smiled and said: “? Work today when he entered the Second Division office, killing me, he thought he was not responsible for the Second Division it,”
Dr. Ren also heard this post He chuckled twice, and his mind moved.
Anyway, there is nothing wrong, but I just happened to find this waste to chat and pass the time.
Thinking of this, Doctor Ren walked to the second department office and saw Jiang Hao sitting in a chair looking at the file.
So he couldn’t help but said, “Oh, isn’t this our Shen genius doctor? Didn’t you go to the pharmacy today?”
Jiang Hao raised his head and glanced at Doctor Ren, his eyes flat and boring.
Jiang Hao didn’t intend to take care of such goods, lest he spoiled his interest.
He also wanted to find a way to find out all the medical records in the hospital, and then find out about Xue Yuning.
But Doctor Ren didn’t think so. He didn’t pay attention to Jiang Hao.
So after a moment, he couldn’t help but burst into anger: “Talking to you, trash, did you know that you were in the wrong office!”
Because he said this in a louder voice, the other people in the second department Can not help being attracted by the movement here.
Speaking of which, the people in the Second Division are very much towards Jiang Hao’s young boss.
It is impossible to say that there is no idea in the mind.
Everyone wondered if this young man had anything to do with the dean, so he came here by air.
So seeing Dr. Ren’s excessive scene, no one stood up to stop it.
When Jiang Hao heard Dr. Ren’s words, he paused slightly, and then continued to do things as if he hadn’t heard them.
When Dr. Ren noticed this, he couldn’t help but snickered: “What, coward, are you scared?”
After saying this, he continued to speak: “Little Shen, please beg me, maybe I can give you a nice word in front of the dean!”
Jiang Hao couldn’t bear it because of humans, so he put his hands down See Dr. Ren for his work.
“If you are so free, there are many patients over there, you can help take over.”
Doctor Ren sneered: “Oh, are you driving me away? Do you need me to remind you that you are no longer the person in charge of the second department. Now!”
When he said that, he couldn’t help but yelled, “Just like you, you really bluffed me that day!”
Jiang Hao felt helpless, he didn’t mind someone yelling in front of him. .
But he was so annoyed that he was disturbed by a dog while he was doing things.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao sighed slightly, then got up and lifted Doctor Ren with one hand!
And then went to the door to throw him out: “I do things, do not bother me!”
“You fucking surnamed Shen is a waste today I got it, you wait”!!!
With that , He couldn’t help looking at Jiang Hao’s back in shock and anger.
His weight was close to two hundred catties, and he lifted himself up with one hand!
And no matter how hard he struggles, he can’t get away with it. I really don’t know how inhuman his core strength is!
The two nurses who just talked about Jiang Hao wanted to go to the show to see how Doctor Ren ridiculed this unlucky ghost.
But I didn’t expect to see how Doctor Ren was thrown out by him!
The two girls who said that Jiang Hao is a trash just now feel love again!
“Wow, he has a lot of strength, he must exercise regularly!”
Another nurse said, “I don’t know if he has eight pack abs, I really want to see if it looks like chocolate!”
Doctor Ren was full of black lines and looked at the two nurses who were idiots and shouted: “Hey! Can you two help me up first?”
Hearing this roar, the two nurses recovered, and then hurriedly Helped Dr. Ren up.
And Jiang Hao, who had read the case list, walked out at this time.
Doctor Ren dodged back in horror: “You, you, what do you want to do?”
Jiang Hao took a small look at Doctor Ren: “Well, I felt alike just now, but now it looks more like it when I get closer.”
When Dr. Ren heard this, he was stunned: “Like? What is it like?”
Jiang Hao sneered: “The height of 167 and the weight of 184 are really like a ball, suitable for rolling!”
“Jiang Hao! You deceive others.” Too much! Wait, I must go to the dean to sue you!”
After saying this, Doctor Ren left in a hurry!
His most sad thing is his weight, even though he is losing weight.
But the reality seems to be joking with him, the more he loses weight, the more fat he gets. What a tragedy!
The two nurse girls were standing at the door, laughing wildly, and at the same time they started fascinating Jiang Hao.
To be honest, Jiang Hao’s appearance is in this hospital, which is mostly elderly.
It is definitely a unique scenery, and Dr. Ren is the second scenery.
The reason for saying this is because it is like Jiang Hao said.
What’s the matter, this is obviously a ball, walking as if rolling.
Jiang Hao, who walked out of the office, took the case sheet and first went to see the situation of the ward he was responsible for.
Then I checked in again, and then I sat down and took a break.

Chapter: 615
But when Jiang Hao had just taken a break, Xiaoli suddenly walked to the door of the office.
With a smile on her face, she said, “Shen, Dr. Shen, cough cough, the dean will tell you to go to the office.”
Jiang Hao shrugged and replied at the beginning: “Did the ball roll and hit me? Now?”
Xiaoli laughed out loud when she heard this!
“Hahaha, Dr. Shen, you are so annoying, you said he was a ball!”
After saying this, Xiaoli closed the office door and leaned forward and laughed on the sofa!
Jiang Hao got up and learned how a penguin walks, while walking, holding a folder in his hand.
He opened his mouth and said: “Yes! I am Doctor Ren! I look like a ball!”
Xiaoli laughed again, and then Jiang Hao said to Xiaoli: “I’m going first.”
Xiaoli After hearing this, he quickly got up and nodded, but there was still a smile in his eyes.
When Jiang Hao walked to Dean Jiao’s office, he was about to open the door.
Suddenly I heard the voice of Doctor Ren from inside, saying: “Dean, the surname Shen is too crazy!”
“I saw him go to the second department when I went to work today. I thought he might have gone to the wrong office, so I was kind. A reminder before.”
With Jiang Hao’s eyes, the dean seemed to be writing something in the office.
While writing something, Dean Jiao said: “Then, what happened.”
Doctor Ren here grievedly said : “He actually lifted me up and threw me into the corridor, saying that I was a ball! ”
Speaking of this, Doctor Ren said with a deadly expression on his face: “I can lose someone, today is the end of losing!”
Dean Jiao stopped the movement of his hands, his face slightly distorted.
However, he managed to endure it anyway, and then looked at Dr. Ren and said, “Well, go down first, I have called Xiao Shen to come up.”
Hearing this, Dr. Ren, who had just been shocked by Jiang Hao’s arm, hurriedly Nodded.
But as soon as he opened the door of the office, he found that Jiang Hao was standing outside!
He was so scared that his feet were almost weak!
“You! Why are you here?”
Jiang Hao looked at Doctor Ren and smiled: “I’m eavesdropping here, what’s the problem?”
Dr. Ren was embarrassed to be able to overheard so confidently.
Then he gave a cold snort, bypassed Jiang Hao and walked downstairs.
Jiang Hao coughed lightly, then walked into the office.
After two people stared at each other with big eyes and small eyes, they all laughed!
“Hahaha, Xiao Shen, Xiao Shen, your mouth is too bad!”
Dean Jiao laughed, and took a sip from his teacup.
Jiang Hao walked up to himself and pulled a chair to sit down, and then reluctantly said: “I’m just telling the truth, brother.” After that, Jiang Hao lighted himself a cigarette and took a deep breath. Rear.
He looked at Dean Jiao and said, “It is estimated that not many people know that I have been reinstated as an official.”
Although this matter has passed, Dean Jiao heard Jiang Hao’s words.
A complex expression flashed unconsciously on his face, and he nodded and said, “Well, it was a bit late yesterday, so I didn’t notify it.”
After saying this, Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao and said, “Today I asked you to come up because there is something I want to tell you.”
Jiang Hao nodded and said softly: “Well, dean, you said.”
“That’s it. Our hospital plans to organize an event to discuss acupuncture and moxibustion.”
When he said this, he looked at Jiang Hao with profound eyes: “I wonder if it will be convenient for you to attend?”
Jiang Hao heard this. He sneered, and then nodded slightly: “This is a trivial matter , I will definitely participate in that time.” Hearing Jiang Hao’s answer, Dean Jiao was obviously relieved.
But thinking of the original intention of this matter, he couldn’t help but blush.
Then he said in a low voice: “Don’t worry, we will compensate you.”
Jiang Hao shook his head slightly: “No matter how good these things are, they are also used to treat illnesses and save people.” At this point, Jiang Hao paused: ” People are like this in my hands, and they are the same in others’ hands.”
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao shook his head in sigh, “But how many people can be saved by my own strength.”
Learning medicine is one thing to save people. An ideal is also a belief.
But how many people gradually abandon their original intention after a long time?
Thinking of this, Dean Jiao sighed deeply: “We are not as good as you, so it’s no wonder you have such an achievement.”
He smiled at this point and looked at Jiang Hao and continued: “No wonder you can learn this. . different from stunt ”
Jiang Hao smiled and waved:” these do not have to say, yes, I think there’d have trouble things about Dean. ”
throw peach quoted by Lee truth, long one of the hospital Still understand.
But this also has a limit. Jiang Hao can’t ask for his position, he will give it too?
So when he heard Jiang Hao’s words, he smiled and nodded his head and said, “Well, tell me, what I can do will satisfy you.”
Jiang Hao smiled on his face, but he cursed the old fox in his heart!
“That’s right, the second department’s finances are a bit tight this quarter, so I hope the dean will lean a little bit toward us in terms of funding.”
Jiang Hao doesn’t mind handing over these two skills.
But if he really wants him to hand it over in vain, he won’t be happy again!
There is no free lunch in this world, let alone fools who are willing to give others a free lunch.
After Jiang Hao said this, he looked at Dean Jiao with a smile.
They asked for the principal certificate and looked at Jiang Hao with a smile without saying a word, and the two looked at each other for a while.
Dean Jiao took the initiative to lower his head and sighed, “Oh, it seems that I am really old, and I will be your young people in the future.”
Jiang Hao knew the result when he heard the words, so he smiled modestly and said, “You can’t do that. Say, I still understand the truth that there is a treasure in a family.”
Dean Jiao laughed loudly after hearing this, and then said: “You should not bully those people in the future.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao He hesitated slightly.
In any case, this is just a tool for him to find Xue Yuning.
It will not become a place where he often stays, so there is no need to care too much.
But since the dean said this to him, Jiang Hao nodded helplessly.
“Okay, I promise, if they don’t come to trouble me, I will definitely not trouble them, okay?” After hearing this, Dean Jiao smiled and nodded: “Okay, just wait for you That’s it, hahaha.”
Then he took the report in Jiang Hao’s hand and looked at it: “Well, the second department still lacks a few ventilators, right? The funding can be done.”
After saying this, he He took off his glasses and looked at Jiang Hao and asked, “What do you think?”

Chapter: 616
Since the last storm passed, many people in the hospital knew about it.
Shen Yan, a new doctor has become a rookie in their hospital!
The first person to dare to smoke in front of the dean in the dean’s office, the first to be late at will.
The first person to be a doctor but train all doctors in acupuncture.
However, to Dean Jiao, Jiang Hao’s firsts are all so-called.
Most importantly, he was the first person to get a pennant for the hospital from a big family like the Lin family!
This is not just a pennant, it is more like a proof to those noble families.
It proves that this hospital is more powerful and worthy of recognition than their own doctors!
It was precisely because Jiang Hao got this from Lin Yan that it was among the people who came to the hospital during this time.
There are already many high-ranking officials, and every day Dean Jiao looks at the business cards on the table.
Even when he is sleeping, he can smile and open his mouth!
What kind of business cards are these, these are all contacts!
If one day he retreated from this position, the people on these business cards would make a random call.
The other party will look at it for the sake of helping others. This is the investment of favor!
And Jiang Hao had a very fulfilling time.
After I went to work all day, I started to check the case list with my own authority and confirmed that there was no such person as Xue Yuning.
Then prepare to teach yourself students who are a bit old but who are still very serious about learning.
In the class, I will teach you the methods of life-sustaining needles and wildfire needles.
Among them, Old Man Bi also rushed over, and then sat down properly, listening to Jiang Hao’s lecture.
After the lecture, Jiang Hao will decide how many patients to see according to the schedule of the day.
He was only to avoid trouble, so he stipulated how many guests he would only see each day.
But under the influence of some people, his rules made those high-ranking officials go crazy!
Many people have rumored that Jiang Hao is the first person in their hospital?
It is precisely because of this that some people even hang up Jiang Hao’s account and then resell it to others.
Although Jiang Hao was a little bored with this situation, he was helpless.
After a while, Dean Jiao suddenly called Jiang Hao to his office with a serious expression.
After Jiang Hao arrived, Dean Jiao spoke heavily: “Sit down, I have something to tell you.”
Jiang Hao nodded slightly. Seeing the dean’s solemn expression, Jiang Hao thought for a moment.
“What’s wrong, is there something trouble in the hospital?”
Dean Jiao nodded after hearing this: “It’s some trouble, do you know the Xue family in Beifu?”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, and he couldn’t help but think The appearance of Xue Yuning’s father.
“Well, what happened?”
Dean Jiao saw that Jiang Hao had heard of it, so he stopped explaining.
Then he said directly: “Xue Chongli
, the person in charge of the Xue family, has an old relationship with me, so he found me yesterday.” After saying this, Dean Jiao said with a heavy voice: “And the other party wants me to take you to them. Home.” After listening , Jiang Hao calculated it slightly, then nodded and replied: “Go and go, it’s not a big deal, when?”
“The sooner the better, if you agree, then pack your things. , Follow me downstairs when you are ready.”
Jiang Hao heard slightly pondered a moment: “the other side has said that the patient any symptoms?”
Jiao Yuanzhang slightly shook his head:. “Did not say so, you try to bring it all, the province when needed but did not get”
heard this river Hao nodded and walked out of the office to prepare his own things.
Looking at Jiang Hao’s back, Dean Jiao picked up the phone and dialed a number.
“Ahem, Chongli, I’ve done it here, and I’ll come here soon.” There was a soft voice on the other end of the phone, and then he said: “Well, this time I will trouble you. I will be at the door. Pick you up.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone, and Dean Jiao fell silent while looking at the phone in his hand.
The Xue family has encountered a storm now, and he is not worried about treating others.
But worried that he and Jiang Hao were involved in this storm.
Thinking of this, Dean Jiao also let out a long sigh, wondering if what he did this time was right or wrong.
On the other side, Jiang Hao felt a little excited about going to Xue’s house.
Although Qiao San didn’t say where Xue Yuning was in Beifu when he died, it was very likely that he was in Xue’s house!
I haven’t tried to approach Xue’s house before because there is no suitable reason.
Jiang Hao sighed softly when thinking of the dean taking himself to Xue’s house.
“Yuning, wait, I will save you soon!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao picked up his package and walked out of the office.
Dean Jiao waited outside the door for a while, and nodded slightly when Jiang Hao came out.
“Everything is packed up, how about it, is there anything left?”
Jiang Hao shook his head and replied: “Don’t worry, we have brought everything we should bring, let’s go now?”
After hearing this, Dean Jiao nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand.
Nurse Xiaoli drove out a car and parked in front of them.
Jiang Hao looked at Dean Jiao, and then looked at Xiaoli again, a little surprised.
“Xiaoli, why do you go wherever the dean is going?”
Xiaoli chuckled when she heard Jiang Hao’s words while driving. “Because he is my dad.”
Jiang Hao only heard this. Shut up, and then sat down in the chair with dreads.
Dean Jiao glanced at Jiang Hao helplessly, then shook his head and said: “Wait for the Xue’s house, don’t mess around, have you heard?”
Jiang Hao said with dissatisfaction when he heard this. What do you tell me to stop messing around , am I like a messing up person?” Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao for a long while, and was silent for a while!
Jiang Hao was a little helpless when he was seen: “Okay, well, I will listen to you.”
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao’s helplessness, sighed slightly, and said, “I’m doing this for your good. ”
After saying this, Dean Jiao coughed slightly: “The Xue family has been a little uneasy during this period. I am worried that we may be in trouble.”
Jiang Hao relied on his courage to forcefully kill from Chu River. To Sanliwan, from Sanliwan to Beifu again!
If you are not careful during this period, your fate may be accounted for.
To be really troublesome, he had never seen anything more troublesome than Shen Tianyang.
So after hearing Dean Jiao’s words, Jiang Hao agreed.
But in his heart, there were no two Xue Jia who cared about it.
For him, if it weren’t because Xue Yuning was probably here, he wouldn’t be happy to invite him.
With such thoughts, Jiang Hao met Xue Jiaguan, Xue Chongli just after getting off the car.

Chapter: 617
“Brother Chongli, it’s been a long time since we saw each other. We haven’t seen each other for a while.”
A man with a face with a Chinese character stepped forward, and first nodded to Dean Jiao.
Then he said: “Counting the time, we haven’t seen each other for a while. Since you became the dean, you have been busy.”
Dean Jiao nodded in embarrassment, and then laughed: “If so If you have time, you must come out to gather together.” Xue Chongli nodded and looked at Jiang Hao, who was standing next to Dean Jiao. He said with some doubts: “This is this?”
Dean Jiao quickly reached out and introduced, “This is the recent one. There is a lot of noise in the Beifu. Shen Yan.” “Huh? He is Shen Yan? Why are you so young?”
Dean Jiao smiled bitterly, “Brother Chongli, you are a little bit judged by appearance.”
Jiang Hao was a little embarrassed standing beside him, and looked at Xue Chongrenli a little helpless.
“Who told you that you can’t get good medical skills when you are young? Do I have to be seven or eighty to see a doctor?”
Xue Chongli was taken aback when he heard this, and then he smiled: “I don’t know if this medical skill is good, but this mouth. ”
Speaking of this, Xue Chongli snorted slightly: “It’s really sharp and sharp!”
Dean Jiao looked at Xue Chongli with a smile: “In the entire Beifu, I still don’t believe that there is someone more powerful than him.” Now!”
After saying this, Dean Jiao said proudly: “If Brother Chongli doesn’t believe it, try to find out.”
Seeing Dean Jiao trust Jiang Hao so much, Xue Chongli’s expression became a little serious.
After a moment of silence, he looked at Jiang Hao and said, “Aren’t you a doctor? Then you can show me to see if I have any hidden illnesses.”
Jiang Hao looked at Dean Jiao at this and then laughed. Said: “This is no problem, can you give me money?”
Xue Chongli saw that Jiang Hao was talking about money, and he couldn’t help contemptuously.
Regardless of his medical skills, the opening just because of the money made him a little uncomfortable.
Even though he thought so in his heart, Xue Chongli nodded and said, “Don’t worry, it’s up to you to get a diagnosis.”
Jiang Hao smiled and nodded when he heard this, and then carefully observed Xue Chongli’s expression.
After a while, Jiang Hao frowned slightly and said, “If it’s convenient, can you give me your hand?”
Xue Chongli nodded and stretched out his hand to get Jiang Hao’s pulse. He wanted to see how this young man is!
Jiang Hao closed his eyes, pulsed Xue Chongli with his right hand, and counted out with his left hand.
Xue Chongli saw no movement for a long time, so he sneered twice.
“The person you brought, I think he is more like a fortune teller than a doctor.”
An embarrassment flashed across the face of Dean Jiao, and then he slammed Jiang Hao.
“How is it? Are you optimistic, what’s wrong with his body?”
Jiang Hao opened his eyes and looked at Xue Chongli, his hands stopped moving.
“I have already cleared up your illness, but this prescription requires you to spend money to buy it.”
Xue Chongli smiled after hearing this, ” Whether to buy or not is another matter. I want to see if you can Tell me something.”
Jiang Hao smiled: “Damp lungs dominate heat, cold and phlegm, ordinary people may only think that the weather is the cause.”
When he said this, he looked at Xue Chongli’s face with a slightly surprised look on his face and smiled.
“But I’m not an ordinary person, so I kept calling for a while. Your illness is the old wound left by the accidental injury to the lung in the early years.”
Xue Chongli looked at Jiang Hao delicately, and said after a moment of silence: “How can you see it?”
Although Jiang Hao seemed to be trumpeting on the bright side, he actually used his true energy to walk through Xue Chongli’s body!
So Jiang Hao naturally knew what was wrong with Xue Chongli’s body.
After hearing what Xue Chongli said, Jiang Hao smiled: “I’ll just say a word, if I say something wrong, turn around and leave, and never enter the Beifu for half a step!” Seeing that Jiang Hao was so confident, Xue Chongli nodded and laughed: “Okay, I’ll bet with you, let’s talk about it!”
“I count the kick 20 years ago. It hits the chest. It was kicked by a woman, right?”
After saying this, Jiang Hao seemed to smile. He looked at Xue Chongli: “If I’m wrong, leave immediately!”
Xue Chongli turned pale, and looked at Jiang Hao in shock, “Who are you! Impossible! You can’t know this!”
Jiang Hao sneered. After a sound, he said: “What is impossible, do you want to cure it?”
Dean Jiao stood aside. He hadn’t dared to speak since Jiang Hao just made a bet.
Now looking at Xue Chongli’s shocked appearance, it was obvious that Jiang Hao had won.
So he smiled slightly and said, “How about it, I didn’t bring people here casually, right?”
Xue Chongli gave Jiang Haobi a thumbs up: “This can’t be cured at all. It has hurt the lungs and become an old wound.”
Jiang Hao smiled and said: “The prescription is 200,000, if I let me take it personally, 600,000.”
Dean Jiao looked at Jiang Hao in shock when he heard this: “Ahem, this is my own person, myself. People!”
Jiang Hao came back to his senses when he heard this: “Ahem, sorry, I just committed an occupational disease.”
“If you are your own, give me 100,000 yuan, and don’t need labor costs, just do it all at once!”
Xue Chongli looked at Jiang Hao incredulously: “Me, me, my wound is 20 years old, can it really be cured once?!”
Dean Jiao smiled and said: “You know, Lin Beibei, the second young lady of the Lin family, they are almost dying, and Shen Yan was rescued by force!” After hearing this, Xue Chongli laughed loudly: ” Since this is the case, let ‘s go according to 600,000!” After saying this, Xue Chongli let the door open: “Come on, please, I will take you to see the old man.”
Jiang Hao heard this. Some dissatisfied people said: “I am sent to do a physical examination for your whole family?”
Dean Jiao hurriedly coughed twice. He didn’t dare to be so careless in front of Xue Chongli!
But who knows that Xue Chongli unexpectedly said gently: “You are joking, but the old man wants to check it.” After hearing this, Jiang Hao’s heart warmed slightly.
If the last person to be cured is Yu Ning, then it proves that someone in this family still loves her.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao was no longer anxious, so he smiled and looked at the luxurious courtyard and said: “As expected of the North House, the family is really magnificent!”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Xue Chongli also showed pride on his face!
“Of course, my Xue family’s background is inferior to others, but our business for so many years is not in vain!”
After speaking, he pointed to a tree in the courtyard and said: “This is the grandfather spent more than 50 million. The tree moved back is the only one in the whole North Prefecture!”
Jiang Hao heard the words, staring dumbfounded at the tree that couldn’t be as big and glanced at it.
“Just this broken thing, it costs 50 million?” Xue Chongli nodded and said, “Doctor Shen, don’t underestimate this tree. There are no more than 20 surviving trees in the world!”

Chapter: 618
After Jiang Hao heard this, he slapped his face with a slap: “It’s over, I regret it!”
Dean Jiao couldn’t help but smile as he watched his movements.
Before opening asked: “? How, repent of anything with”
Jiang Hao looked at the tree wronged Baba said: “! Prices opened low, they knew so much money, more than the gist of”
With that , Jiang Hao showed a distressed expression on his face.
After Dean Jiao and Xue Chongli looked at each other, he couldn’t help laughing.
“Brother Chongli, how about this kid I brought, okay?”
Xue Chongli nodded in satisfaction after hearing this: “Well, very good, people also have a good spirit !” Dean Jiao was proud after hearing this. He smiled, God knows how he picked Jiang Hao back!
Or to be more accurate, he didn’t expect Jiang Hao to be capable of such a trick!
Especially when thinking of what Dr. Xu said some time ago, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but chuckle again.
Several people talked and laughed along the way, and soon arrived at the back house.
Xue Chongli turned around and looked at Dean Jiao with a little embarrassment: “I’ll go in and tell the old man to inform him.”
Dean Jiao is used to their red tape, so he nodded and said nothing.
After Xue Chongli smiled apologetically at Dean Jiao, he opened the door and walked in, then closed the door.
Outside the room, Jiang Hao spoke with dissatisfaction: “I knew it was so troublesome to come to see a doctor , so I won’t come.” When Dean Jiao heard this, he quickly covered Jiang Hao’s mouth!
“Are you tired of living? It’s in Xue’s house here, and I’m holding back any more complaints!” After saying this, Dean Jiao released his hand, and then sorted his clothes.
“The Xue family is different from the Lin family, so it’s normal to have more rules. They were originally scholars.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao reluctantly said: “They are scholars, but they are suffering from us. People.”
Just when Jiang Hao was crowding out Xue’s house, Xue Chongli respectfully said in the room: “I have invited you, right outside the door.” In the dim room, an old voice sounded: “How about the people who brought me?”
Xue Chongli nodded slightly and replied: “I have experienced it, my grandfather, he gave me the pulse of the injury I suffered 20 years ago.” The old man in the room heard this. After speaking, he was silent for a long time before he said, “Whoever they come in.”
Xue Chongli nodded and turned around, then brought the door to the room to signal Jiang Hao and the others to come in.
As a result, after Dean Jiao came in, an old man with a cane stepped forward.
Then he shook hands with Dean Jiao: “Hello, this time I will trouble you to see for my granddaughter.”
Dean Jiao looked at the old man dumbfounded: “You, you are the old man of the Xue family?” The old man was embarrassed. He nodded: “Hahaha, it’s okay, I am, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, I’m sincerely afraid !” After saying this, Dean Jiao suddenly found a problem!
“Ahem, Mrs. Xue, it’s not me who came to treat the disease, it’s the one next to me.” After hearing this, Mrs. Xue turned his head and looked at Jiang Hao with some doubts: “Just him?”
Jiang Hao stood on the side and heard this. Dissatisfied!
“Hey, no, wait!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao looked at the old man Xue and asked: “What is “just me”?”
Xue Chongli was also a little embarrassed for a while, but he just wanted to introduce it.
But who knows that Mrs. Xue directly ignored the young age, thinking that Dean Jiao came to see the doctor.
After all, he made the same mistake as him, and judged people by appearance.
Although Mrs. Xue is old, his temper is a little strange.
After hearing Jiang Hao’s words, he snorted coldly: “You can’t speak well, you know what medical skills are?”
Jiang Hao got angry , and he took care of you!
Hearing this, he also replied: “I can’t do it, then you come?”
Seeing Old Lady Xue looking slumped, Dean Jiao smiled bitterly: “Old Lady Xue, just trust him. He is very powerful!”
Xue Chongli, who had seen Jiang Hao’s methods outside the door, also nodded: “Yes, my grandfather, he is very powerful!”
It doesn’t matter if one person speaks for him, how can he even speak for him? speak!
Grandpa Xue cast a ferocious look at Chongli, motioned him to shut up, then turned his head to look at Xiang Jiang Hao.
“You’re great, aren’t you? Then you can take a look for me first, so that I can see what you can do!”
Jiang Hao didn’t rush to agree after hearing this, but looked at Xue Chongli first.
Xue Chongli naturally knew what he meant, so he nodded dumbfoundingly.
Jiang Hao just started to get serious, watching Old Lady Xue frowned!
Dean Jiao was standing on the side, the more he watched, the more frightened he became!
You know, when Jiang Hao rescued Lin Beibei, he never frowned so much!
Seeing that Dean Jiao was so nervous, Xue Chongli didn’t consciously become nervous.
Old lady Xue said confidently : “How about it, kid, see if something is coming.” Jiang Hao ignored these words, stretched out his hand and said solemnly, “Give me your hand, I will take the pulse.” Old lady Xue was proud. After smiling, he stretched out his hand to Jiang Hao.
The skin of the elderly is shrinking, how can it be so good to get the pulse!
Seeing Jiang Hao frowning, he couldn’t help feeling proud!
“How about it, I still can’t see anything?”
Jiang Hao put down Old Lady Xue’s hand after a while, and then winked at Xue Chongli.
“Old lady, your physical problems are a bit complicated.”
Old lady Xue smiled triumphantly after hearing this . ” You said you have nothing to believe in, but you still say he is amazing. See you!” At this point, Old lady Xue paused , And then stared at Jiang Hao’s eyes and said: “He has started to find excuses for himself.”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard this, then shook his head and smiled: “No, no, I’m just telling the truth.”
Then Jiang Hao looked at Xue Chongli and smiled and said, “The more complicated this is, the higher the charge will be!” When Dean Jiao and Xue Chongli heard this, they looked at each other and felt dumbfounded!
Dean Jiao even more directly said: “If you have something to say quickly, if you have a fart, let’s pretend to be a big-tailed wolf!”
Jiang Hao looked at Dean Jiao and smiled and stopped selling it, but lightly. Coughed.
Then he looked at Mrs. Xue and said, “The left leg was fractured thirty years ago, and there is a crack that cannot be healed, right?”
Hearing this, Mrs. Xue turned his head and looked at Xue Chongli in shock!
Because of this, only their own people know!
“In addition, if you breathe from time to time, you will feel pain in your chest and heart, right?”
When Grandpa Xue heard this, he quickly said: “This has been checked, but the heart rhythm is irregular.”
Jiang Hao sneered after hearing this: “Does your medicine help?”
Now Grandpa Xue couldn’t help being silent again. , Because although the test is arrhythmia, it is really useless to take medicine.

Chapter: 619
Grandpa Xue looked at Jiang Hao for a while and was silent for a while, and then he said, “Then you are telling me, what kind of disease is this?”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly, and said in a hurry, “Some diseases can be cured with medicine, but Some illnesses are hidden in my heart, even if I have medicine, I can’t buy it.” After hearing this, Xue Chongli, who stood by, fell silent.
Since Jiang Hao said this, he felt like Ming Jing in his heart, knowing why the old man had this disease.
So he sighed deeply and said with a roar: ”
Old lady , Dr. Shen means that you have been overworked recently, so that’s why.” Dean Jiao stood behind Jiang Hao and nodded slightly and said: “This The point is true. It’s not suitable for people to worry too much when they are old, otherwise they will get sick.” Old Mrs. Xue sighed slightly after hearing the words of the two, and said, “You don’t know something, I can’t worry about it. Ah.”
Jiang Hao was a little confused when he heard the old lady’s words, but did not ask anything, but looked at Xue Chongli lightly.
Xue Chongli naturally knew what Jiang Hao meant, so he lightly coughed and said, “Master, look, is Doctor Shen’s medical skills still clever?” Old grandfather Xue was silent for a while, then nodded and said: “Well, still clever. In that case, please go inside.” With these words, he got up and walked slowly toward the inner room with his crutches.
Dean Jiao followed the old man Xue and glanced at Xue Chongli somewhat puzzledly: “Brother Chongli, what does this old man mean? Who are you going to see?”
Jiang Hao had doubts in his mind, but he didn’t. Show it, because he basically guessed who he was going to see the doctor.
And Xue Chongli looked at Dean Jiao and Jiang Hao and shook his head and said, “You’ll know after you get in a while. The old man always has chest pain during this period. It’s because of this incident.”
After Jiang Hao nodded slightly, he walked in under the leadership of Xue Chongli, and he couldn’t help looking at the Xue family along the way.
Although it is considered to be a big wealthy family in the Beifu, but I don’t know why, there always seems to be something wrong in the Xue family.
But Jiang Hao is not from the Xue family after all, so naturally he didn’t take these things to heart.
After arriving in the inner room, Mrs. Xue stood at the door waiting for Jiang Hao and others to arrive.
“This is the person you are going to see today. If you get her cured, you can just say anything about it.”
After saying this, Mrs. Xue coughed twice: “Although I am in poor health, But I will be with you too.”
Jiang Hao nodded to Old Lady Xue, and just about to open the door, a voice suddenly came.
“Whose family of people is this, why are we walking around here?”
Jiang Hao and others followed their voices and saw a group of people approaching mightily.
And Old Lady Xue looked at the group of people, and the expression on his face couldn’t help cooling down.
“Whose family has anything to do with you? I called Chongli to bring in. Do you have any opinions?”
Old Mrs. Xue looked at the visitor and said unceremoniously, “Then who did you bring in again?”
Jiao Since the dean saw clearly who the person came, he had never dared to speak, for fear of offending the person.
Jiang Hao looked at the other person with some doubts and asked, “Dare to ask, are you?”
A maid walked up unceremoniously: “Blind your dog’s eyes, we don’t even know the old grandmother of the Xue family?”
Jiang When Hao heard this, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes. He was not from the Xue family. Why did he know these people?
Xue Chongli gave a light cough, then stood up and said, “What are you, this is the doctor I invited, please be polite!”
The maid saw that the chief in charge stood up, so she bowed her head obediently back.
The old grandmother glanced at Xue Chongli faintly: “Oh, what a bad temper, Chongli, have you not put my old grandmother in your eyes recently?”
Xue Chongli can easily suppress the maid, but in In the Xue family, the only person who can fight with the grandmother is the grandfather.
So Xue Chongli retreated, and the old lady looked at the old grandmother faintly and said: “It’s OK, you should take your temper, let’s look at your group of people.” The old lady frowned. I looked at the person standing next to the old grandmother and said, “There are no rules at all. She can yell at the guests invited by the host?”
Anyway, the status of the old man in the Xue family is the highest, after all, men The boss is the norm.
After hearing this, the old grandmother opened her mouth slightly aggrieved: “I am also worried about Yu Ning’s body, so I specially invited a genius doctor to come over.” Hearing this, Dean Jiao became a little unhappy. He was originally. He brought Jiang Hao to fame!
Since Jiang Hao came to his hospital, the income gained from the approval of the Lin family has made Dean Jiao jealous!
Bringing Jiang Hao this time, the main thing is not for the Jiang family’s consultation fee, but hope to get the Jiang family’s approval again!
In this way, the hospital may be able to go further. In time, his Dean Jiao may be able to create a branch hospital with a status no lower than that of the General Hospital!
At this juncture, if anyone dares to stand up and fight against him, I can’t do it!
So Dean Jiao hurriedly stood up and said: “The genius doctor? No, this is really a superb doctor, and even a doctor dared to call himself a genius doctor!” Jiang Hao glanced helplessly at Dean Jiao behind him. I don’t think there is any need to argue with people like this.
And behind the old grandmother, a young man who was about the same age as Jiang Hao stood up suddenly: “You can’t say that. I studied medicine in China, and then went abroad for further study before returning.”
Xue Chongli and Mrs. Xue met each other. At a glance, they looked at each other curiously.
For the old lady, the higher the medical skill, the better for those who see Xue Yuning.
So he was not in a hurry, but smiled and nodded to the old grandmother: “Huh? Doctors who have gone abroad for further study are kind of interesting.”
Dean Jiao said disdainfully : “What about going abroad? Those things are nothing more than purification and refining. Can they be compared with what we have seen and heard? Che and the emperors and ministers?” After saying this, Dean Jiao said ironically: “It is said that Chinese medicine treats the root cause but not the root cause, and Western medicine treats the symptoms but not the root cause. You can do it again. Treat the symptoms and cure the root cause?”
Hearing this, an angry expression flashed in the young man’s eyes: “What do you mean!”
Seeing that the two quarrels are about to be upgraded to full martial arts, Jiang Hao quickly stood up: “Everyone, let them calm down. , Calm down, everyone comes over to see other people’s doctors, I don’t want to fight for priority, why not.” Dean Jiao became a little anxious when he heard this, and quickly looked at Jiang Hao!
He brought Jiang Hao to become famous this time, how could such a good opportunity be given to outsiders!

Chapter: 620
Jiang Hao stopped Dean Jiao because on the one hand he didn’t like arguing with others.
On the other hand, he hopes to leave a slightly better impression in front of Mrs Xue.
Sure enough, the old man Xue, who had just looked at Dean Jiao and frowned, couldn’t help but kind of look in his eyes after seeing Jiang Hao stop his dean.
The old grandmother also nodded slightly to Jiang Hao: “After all, you young people are more knowledgeable and don’t want certain people, huh!”
Dean Jiao doesn’t mind being looked down upon by the Xue family’s old grandmother, but instead looks at Jiang Hao a little puzzled. .
Jiang Hao slightly apologetic smile after facing the crowd, this Jiaoyuan Chang whispered in the ear opening: “I know that you brought me here is doing, but you have to believe me because as ah.”
Having After this, he helped Dean Jiao tidy up his clothes, then turned around and looked at the doctor who the old grandmother had invited.
“Hello, I am studying Chinese medicine, but since you are so confident, then you should do it first, and it just so happens that I can observe it.” The other party looked at Jiang Hao and snorted with disdain, then said coldly: “You have to observe and do whatever you want, but I’m worried that you won’t understand anything.”
Dean Jiao almost ran away when he heard this, if it weren’t for Jiang Hao to grab Dean Jiao’s hand.
Maybe he will go up and fuck with someone, but the old grandmother looks at Jiang Hao with great interest.
“Chongli, isn’t this Dr.
Shen who has been making a lot of noise in Beifu recently?” Xue Chongli nodded slightly: “Grandma Hui, it is Dr. Shen Yanshen from Beifu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, I asked Dean Jiao to invite you Come here.”
Looking at Jiang Hao, the old grandmother frowned, feeling a little uneasy.
She worried that if Jiang Hao stayed here, she might get in the way.
So he pondered for a moment and said, “Why don’t you go back today, Doctor Shen, if this genius doctor is not good, how about you coming tomorrow?”
Jiang Hao did not speak when he heard this, and Dean Jiao His face is green!
Xue Chongli looked at the old grandmother not daring to speak, and now Jiang Hao’s question of whether to stay or leave depends entirely on the words of the old man Xue.
After seeing the old grandmother for a while, Grandpa Xue shook his head slightly and said: “I think it’s better to forget it, there are two doctors, maybe it’s a bit more secure.”
For Grandpa Xue, as long as he can treat Xue Yuning. After healed, he didn’t bother to care whether he paid one person’s consultation fee or two people’s consultation fee.
After hearing this, the young man glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously: “Leave you here to count your good fortune. I just happened to teach you what it means to treat illness and save people by the way.”
Seeing that the young man is so confident, the old grandmother also let go of a trace of worry in her heart. Looking at Xue Chongli, he whispered softly: “Open the door, let’s go in together.” The old man nodded slightly when he looked at Xue Chongli, and then Xue Chongli stepped forward to open the door.
Then first walked in and stood by the door to make way for Old Lady Xue, and then the old grandmother and the crowd went in.
Dean Jiao and Jiang Hao were at the end, and Dean Jiao looked at each other’s genius doctors and went in. Anxiously, I couldn’t help but say: “What do you want, let us come here this time!”
Jiang Hao looked at Dean Jiao eagerly and couldn’t help but sneered: “What are you panicking? When did I let you down? ? ”
Upon hearing this, Jiaoyuan Chang thought for a moment opening:.” Oh, does not seem ”
so he nodded slightly behind Jiang Hao went in, and then to several Xuechong Li together on the tea.
The old man Xue and the old grandmother looked at each other and then everyone did not speak. Jiang Hao stepped forward and arched his hands at the young man.
Then he said, “I just said it when I was outside. Since everyone is here, then you should do it first.” The young man snorted to Jiang Hao arrogantly, “It wasn’t me who said, you who are studying Chinese medicine.” People, you know how to get some flowers and plants, and you don’t understand what people-centeredness is!”
After saying this, he opened the box he brought with him, except for some basic medical equipment.
There is even a small portable ventilator specially used to support patients who cannot breathe easily.
Dean Jiao looked at the mini-type ventilator and was slightly startled: “Hey, it’s no wonder that this kid is so mad. Looking at the contents of his bag, it’s not less than 200,000!”
Jiang Hao heard this, even if he saw this. A lot of money, but I was taken aback by this number!
“What? Two hundred thousand!”
Dean Jiao nodded slightly, then pointed to the mini-type ventilator and said, “I won’t talk about stethoscopes or anything else. I won’t talk about other things, just this. The ventilator is at least fifty or sixty thousand!” When Xue Chongli, who was standing by, heard this, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.
The old grandmother still hated Xue Yuning so much, how could she suddenly bring a doctor over to treat Xue Yuning?
The old man Xue obviously thought the same way. While the young doctor was examining Xue Yuning’s body, he slowly said: “How come you suddenly remembered to find a doctor for Yuning?” The old grandmother smiled slightly when she heard this, and then she felt a little bit. Angrily said: “It’s not your trouble. I don’t want to worry about food and tea all day for this child. I can’t do it.”
Hearing this, Old Lady Xue sighed and replied: “Yes. I was wrong. In any case, this child is the flesh and blood of my Xue family.” A cold light flashed in the eyes of the old grandmother, and she couldn’t help thinking: Just such a little animal born outside, I don’t know if it’s me Xue. Home’s flesh and blood!
However, he nodded and said: “You are kind, and I have to follow you to be kind.” When he said this, the old grandmother’s face was quite aggrieved, and Xue Chongli couldn’t help it. Dispel the inner doubts!
Jiang Hao sat on the table and watched the doctor’s movements indifferently. After a while, the doctor stopped and walked over.
Looking at the old grandmother, nodded and said: “The patient’s situation is a bit complicated. Although there are no signs of serious trauma on the body, I suspect that there is a blood clot in the patient’s skull.”
Upon hearing this, the old grandmother nodded slightly and said: ” Um, how can it be cured?” The doctor looked at the old grandmother with a gloomy smile and said: “The only way now is to perform a craniotomy on the patient. Only in this way can the patient wake up as soon as possible!”
Xue The old lady sat on the side and was stunned: “Craniotomy? Does this operation open up the patient’s brain?”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but be surprised!
The young doctor nodded calmly and said, “Yes, only in this way can we help the patient clear the blood clots in the brain, and then help the patient wake up as soon as possible.”

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