I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 704

While Lin Yan and Jiang Hao were enjoying the world of the two, Chen Minggang was sitting in the office quietly waiting for a news.
After a while, his cell phone rang. After reading the above message, Chen Minggang confirmed that Shen Qingshu had abandoned his plan against Lin Yan.
Thinking of this, even though he felt a little unhappy, there was no other way.
After pondering for a moment, Chen Minggang looked at the phone and fell into deep thought.
Lin Dong has now returned to the Lin Group. Since he can pit Lin Dong once, so what if he pits it again.
Anyway, a stupid like Lin Dong dare not say anything, and he might still be willing to deal with Lin Yan himself so as to help him get the Lin Group faster.
Thinking of this, Lin Dong chuckles triumphantly, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed Shen Qingshu’s number.
After ringing twice, Shen Qingshu connected the phone and chatted briefly with Lin Dong, then hung up and looked at the phone thoughtfully.
The biggest difference between Chen Minggang’s Xincheng Group and the Shen Group and Lin Group is that Xincheng Group has just risen in recent years, so Shen Qingshu looked down on this young master Chen in his heart.
But after pondering for a while, he suddenly discovered a problem. This Chen Minggang used to make bold claims to marry Lin Yan in Beifu!
Thinking of what Chen Minggang said to him on the phone, Shen Qingshu raised his mouth and couldn’t help muttering: “Interesting.”
Chen Minggang’s plan for the Lin family looked like he could not marry Lin Yan, so he took revenge on the Lin family. A means.
This is also a normal thing. It is impossible for the Lin family to publicize their own ugliness, so it seems to outsiders that they are indeed like this.
And Chen Minggang’s actions seemed to admire Chen Minggang very much, so he wanted to make a plan to attack the Lin Family from where to let them know that Beifu was not something the Lin Family could casually arrogant.
After a moment of thought, Shen Qingshu picked up the phone and called his father Shen Wennian.
After he talked about Chen Minggang’s matter to Shen Wennian on the phone, Shen Wennian just chuckled twice and left the matter to him to handle.
For Shen Wennian, no matter who is behind this Xincheng Group, it is nothing more than a newly emerging upstart.
Let alone Chen Minggang, even if the Lin family came, he probably wouldn’t care about it now.
After getting permission from his father, Shen Qingshu simply cleaned up and went to sit in a restaurant in the city center for a while.
After waiting for about five minutes, I saw Chen Minggang slowly walking towards him with someone, and then sat down.
Shen Qingshu looked at Chen Mingang who was sitting in front of him for a moment, and said in a flat tone: “You look a little different from before.”
Chen Minggang stretched out his hand and called for something. He looked back at Shen Qingshu’s words. He smiled and said: “Really, what’s different?”
“You have become a little reserved. This is not like your style. You were very arrogant and bold in Beifu before.” Chen Minggang laughed loudly when he heard the words . Two times, then lifted Erlang’s legs and laughed: “Don’t worry, I will still be the old Young Master Chen when I need it.” After speaking, Chen Minggang looked at Shen Qingshu with deep eyes and said, “I told you on the phone. thing, do you think “?
Shen Qing shook his head when he heard the book:” I do not think there is any chance for the Lin family, this time I failed because of Tianzhu man inside the house shot, not my ability to not. ”
hear At this, Chen Minggang’s pupils shrank in surprise and said: “The person from Tianzhu Villa took the shot? What does she have to do with the Lin family?”
“In fact, that person has nothing to do with the Lin family, and has nothing to do with any family in the Beifu. I can’t figure out why she shot this time.”
Thinking of the phone call from Sally, Shen Qingshu couldn’t help feeling a little depressed.
If it wasn’t for Sally who suddenly helped the Lin family, Lin Yan might be kneeling in front of her crying now.
With a slight sigh and roar, Shen Qingshu looked at Chen Minggang and said, “So if you plan to do it this time, it’s better to be a little more secretive. I’m worried that the person from Tianzhu Villa might still do it.” The two were silent for a while until the waiter. After delivering a bottle of wine, Chen Minggang poured himself a glass and shook it gently.
“Well, it seems that I underestimated the Lin family. The Tianzhu Villa also intervened in this matter.”
After saying this, Chen Ming just drank all the wine in the quilt and watched Shen Qingshu said: “Then what are you going to do next?”
Shen Qingshu shook his head when he heard this, and looked at the people in the restaurant, wondering why he always felt a sense of anxiety.
“I don’t plan to act rashly for the time being. I’ll talk about it after the storm has passed. I promised Tianzhu Villa to accept only this hand.”
Chen Minggang smiled gloomily and said: “That looks like this, that She is quite sensible, knowing that we have nothing to do with her.”
Shen Qingshu glanced at Chen Minggang sarcastically and couldn’t help but smile: “That’s because I am the heir of the Shen family, and you, I am afraid it is a bit difficult.”
Chen Minggang Hearing this, the expression on his face changed. He knew how the wealthy people in the North House thought of him, thinking that he was a nouveau riche, without any background.
It is precisely because of their opinions that Chen Ming deliberately broke the jar in front of these people just now.
It is precisely because of these giants’ views on themselves that he resolutely wants to marry Lin Yan!
He wanted to use such a way to tell the wealthy family in Beifu that even if he was a nouveau riche, he could marry a wealthy daughter.
Originally, this matter was almost done. If the Shen family suddenly jumped out to do a Xichunju project with the Lin family, perhaps Lin Yan would have been his woman!
Thinking of this, Chen Minggang couldn’t help but look angrily at Shen Qingshu and said: “Don’t be too proud of you kid, how much do you think you can be better than me?”
Shen Qingshu said with a flat expression: “Three generations of nobles, this sentence you I’m afraid I’ll never be able to do it, but I happen to be the third generation.” While saying this, Shen Qingshu looked at Chen Minggang sympathetically and continued: “You are indeed very good, but in this Beifu, you are just a . nouveau riche ”
after Chenming Gang green book confrontation with sink for a while, suddenly laughed twice:” Well, as you, today we do not talk about those things, or simply forget to eat a meal. ”
finish Then, Chen Mingang bowed his head and started eating, too lazy to look at Shen Qingshu again.

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