I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 706

“Well, Shao Shen, is it convenient for me to ask about something?” With these words, Lin Dong looked at Shen Qingshu with some doubts and said: “Why did you choose me? If you really want to talk about cooperation, then you should choose My father is right?”
Shen Qingshu chuckled slightly, then shook his head and said: “It looks like your father’s prestige is better, but I believe you can do better than your father. Okay, this is one of them.”
“Oh? Then there is another one ?” After hearing these words, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face unconsciously. He thought of the customer department in the company. Those people are all around themselves!
“The second is that we are all young people, and the future belongs to us, not to those of your father.”
After speaking, a trace of sarcasm flashed in Shen Qingshu’s heart.
The main reason for choosing Lin Dong is that this person has no brains but is eager to compete, and is much easier to use than his father.
When Lin Dong heard Shen Qingshu’s words, he slapped the table and said in praise: “Yes, the future belongs to young people like us, the old man and those people have become antiques!”
Lin Dong also sent out with feelings, after all. On the one hand, he was crushed by Mr. Lin at home.
Although the old grandmother is supporting him, but in some matters, the old grandmother does not say that it is a right, she will not even touch it.
Thinking of this, Lin Dong sighed deeply and roared and looked at Shen Qingshu with some gratitude and said: “We still have to talk more, when our two families will join forces, who else in the Beifu dare to provoke us!”
Shen Qingshu The mocking expression in his eyes was almost erupting, but Lin Dong still didn’t notice it, and even felt that Shen Qingshu realized that he was not an ordinary person!
I used to think that the Lin family should still have some ability to cultivate people after so many years, but after seeing Lin Dong, he can understand why people like Chen Minggang can play him around.
Such a stupid boy is really only for being played by others. Thinking of this, Shen Qingshu couldn’t help but sympathize with Lin Dong.
After shook his head slightly, he sighed and said, “Since the two of us have a good relationship, I advise you to plan a future for yourself.”
Lin Dong raised his eyebrows when he heard this. He thought so too!
Now the Lin Group has been held by Lin Yan. Although he is the manager of the customer department, those people simply don’t think of themselves.
Many people transferred to the subsidiary under the guise of resignation, and then transferred all the customers of the customer department to the subsidiary for handling.
He knew about this, but everyone had already left, even if he protested with Lin Yan, it was useless.
It just so happened that he was not pleasing to the eyes of those people, and he kept a dead face every day as if someone owed them money. He only smiled when facing customers!
At this moment, under the influence of Shen Qingshu, Lin Dong felt a lot of anger in his mind when he thought of these things!
“I blame Lin Yan, that dead lady, if she hadn’t stopped in front, I would have been the general manager of the Lin Group now, and her position should be mine!”
Shen Qingshu almost laughed, before he So hard to rectify the Lin Family and Lin Yan resisted, which made him feel less resentful and appreciate Lin Yan.
But if you change this stupid pig, maybe you don’t have to wait for your own strength, this guy has already defeated the Lin Group.
Thinking of this, Shen Qingshu’s heart moved, and then sighed slightly and said: “It’s a pity, if Lin Shao can be in charge, then there will be a lot of opportunities for cooperation between us!”
Looking at the sincere look on Shen Qingshu’s face, Lin Dong also felt a pity, after a moment of contemplation.
He suddenly slapped the table and stood up and said: “You don’t need to worry about this. Give me some time. I don’t believe that Lin Dong can’t climb that position!”
After saying this, he turned and left, and Shen Qingshu looked at Lin Dong’s back with an evil smile on his face.
The Lin Family of Tangtang Beifu should have such a straw bag, which may be considered a good thing for him.
Otherwise, it really has to be as difficult to deal with as Lin Yan. In the future, who is the loudest voice in the Beifu must be carefully considered.
Thinking of these things, Shen Qingshu wiped the corners of his mouth, then got up and left, but he didn’t notice that a black button-like object under the table was shining brightly.
At the same time, Chen Minggang, who was sitting upstairs in the dining room, nodded with some triumph, looked at Shen Qingshu’s back and chuckled twice.
“Do you think your Shen family is very powerful? Although it is troublesome to trip you up, it’s not impossible to do it. Let’s start with you.”
After speaking, Chen Minggang was silent for a while and then took out his phone and called the last time. The mouse sent to harass Lin Yan.
The phone just rang twice, and the mouse spoke in a little fear: “Chen, Shao Chen, what is going to find me this time?”
Chen Minggang smiled gloomily and said, “This time I’m looking for you. Simple, do you know Lin Dong, the second young master of the Lin family?”
After hearing Chen Shao’s words on the other end of the phone, he quickly took out a pen and wrote Lin Dong’s name on the notebook, and then asked: “I know, what, Chen Shao, you Is it going to be done with him?”
Chen Minggang frowned when he heard the words: “This is my brother, you dare to move him to try!”
After saying this, he coughed, and then continued: “You look for a chance to get closer during this time. He, then help him with one thing, he will tell you what to do at that time, but don’t say you know me.” The mouse replied with a somewhat puzzled voice, and then hung up the phone and murmured: “This is what the brothers don’t let me say. The relationship between the upper-levels is so complicated.” After talking about complaining, the mouse still started to act honestly after getting the order, letting his own hand control Lin Dong often Check out the place of activity.
After dressing up for a while, I planned to mix with Lin Dong to see if there was anything to do by myself. After all, Chen Shao gave him a lot of money every month.
After Chen Shao ordered to go down, he got up and walked downstairs to the place where he had been sitting before eating. He reached out and took out the bug under the table.
After looking at the bug in his hand and laughed twice, Chen Minggang thought of Shen Qingshu’s face and couldn’t help but smile: “Do you think the aristocracy is great? See how I trampled you down!”
And Lin Yan, who was shopping with Jiang Hao, was the slightest bit. Didn’t notice, Lin Dong will soon start on himself.
Shen Qingshu did not expect that he would be calculated by a nouveau riche, and he could not produce any evidence!
A big net was spreading out, and it slowly shrouded several people’s heads invisibly.

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