I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 727

Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Sally nodded in relief and said, “That’s fine. One more thing is that if Ning Kun asks you for questioning, it doesn’t matter if you deliberately say something vague about it, but it must be It can’t be wrong.”
Jiang Hao nodded to indicate that he understood and got up and left Sally’s office, and then returned to the old black room.
Without Lao Hei, this place temporarily became his room.
Seeing all kinds of equipment hanging on the wall, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little curious about the origin of the old black.
There is always a kind of cold air in him, such a temperament Jiang Hao has only smelled in one kind of person, that is, the person who crawled out of the sea of ​​blood.
Lao He seemed to be only thirty-five or sixteen years old. If he really was that kind of person, why could he stay in Beifu indifferently?
Although Sally didn’t say it explicitly, Jiang Hao could still feel that Sally had concealed too many things from herself.
It may contain her true identity, it may not be a simple international pharmaceutical company, and there may be other businesses in private.
Otherwise, how could Sally have forged all Jiang Hao’s actions in just two days, and fabricating a record out of thin air is not as simple as it seems.
If you really want to say that the North Mansion is horrible, then Sally is undoubtedly the most terrifying existence, and her strength has already made Jiang Hao a little bit afraid.
While Jiang Hao and Sally were planning in full swing, Ning Kun also launched an investigation into Beifu at this time.
He first checked the social circles of Chen Minggang’s friends, and then investigated the places Chen Minggang had visited in the past half month.
Among them, he discovered one thing, that is, Chen Mingang has been secretly in contact with certain people.
But these people were very cunning and clever. As soon as Ning Kun started to investigate, they all hid one by one, giving Ning Kun no chance.
Had it not been for the benefit that Chen Jingdao had promised to him, he would not bother to care about Chen Minggang’s life and death.
When Wei Wei looked at the information traced on her hand and pointed the clue to the Lin family, Ning Kun frowned and thought for a while and then shook his head and got up to return to the Xincheng Group.
Because the next thing is not something he can do casually, the Lin Family is different from the little hooligans on the street, and can use torture to force them to speak at will.
After returning to Xincheng Group, he walked straight to the president’s office. At this moment, Chen Jingdao was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows looking at Beifu silently.
Ning Kun is the only one who can push in without his permission.
So when he heard the sound of opening the door behind him, Chen Jingdao said in a deep voice, “How is the investigation going?”
“It’s a bit troublesome. There are a lot of news on the street, but the clues in my hand point to the Lin family, so I want you to take me to the Lin’s house.”
Chen Jingdao nodded after closing his eyes slightly, and directly asked Ning Kun to go downstairs and wait. Then he changed his clothes before going downstairs.
Someone had already prepared the car there, and directly sent Mr. Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun to the gate of the Lin family.
Seeing that the gate of Lin’s house was closed tightly and there was not even a human appearance, Ning Kun and Chen Jingdao looked at each other and Ning Kun took the initiative to knock on the door. It took a moment for Qiankun Listening to a person like a nanny to open the door, watching Chen Jingdao and the two of them open the door vigilantly, “Who are you?”
Chen Jingdao looked at the man in silence and did not speak, or Ning Kun stepped forward and said before saying softly: “We are from the Chen family, this time we are here specifically to visit Old Man Lin.” Hearing this, the talent was relieved, and then nodded to Chen Daojing and Ning. Kun greeted the entrance.
Then he took the two of them to the back garden to find Mr. Lin who was sleeping. When he saw Mr. Lin, Chen Jingdao stepped forward, leaving Ning Kun respectfully waiting.
Elder Lin sitting in a wheelchair half-closed his eyes and said, “Your old dog has always come back.”
Perhaps the only person in Beifu who dares to talk to Chen Jingdao like this is Elder Lin.
When he was young, Old Man Lin had a friendship with Chen Jingdao, which is one of the reasons why Chen Minggang liked Lin Yan so much.
But later, because Xincheng Group became bigger and bigger, the taste changed for a lot of time, and Chen Jingdao went overseas to develop, so the relationship between the two has long been different from before.
When Chen Jingdao heard the words of Old Man Lin, he shook his head helplessly, and walked forward to see a strange color flashing in his eyes in his wheelchair.
“I haven’t seen you for so many years, you are in a wheelchair now?”
Old man Lin laughed twice, then looked at the crutches in Chen Jingdao’s hand and smiled: “Aren’t you now also three-legged? “After the two looked at each other for a while, they all smiled and shook their heads, and then Old Man Lin pointed to the chair and said: “Sit, Ming Gang, I heard about it, I’m sorry.” Old Man Chen who just sat down was silent. After a while, he shook his head and said: “What’s the use of mourning, why don’t you help me catch the murderer?”
Old man Lin looked at Chen Jingdao helplessly and shook his head: “Why are you talking with the previous one? Virtue, didn’t you see my family looking for news everywhere on the street?” Chen Jingdao watched Mr. Lin’s silence for a while and then shook his head slightly. He saw this. In fact, it was not just the Lin family.
People from other families were also listening for news on the street, as if they were afraid that this incident would burn their heads.
After pondering for a while, Chen Jingdao looked at Old Man Lin and said in a deep voice: “I heard that this matter seems to have something to do with your Lin Dong. I want to ask him if it is convenient?”
Old Lin nodded and agreed. In fact, since it was discovered that Lin Dong instigated outsiders to kidnap Lin Yan.
Elder Lin shut him up in the room and didn’t allow him to step out of the room. He had to take care of everything about the company temporarily.
Upon hearing the news, Lin Dong hurriedly walked out of the room and rushed to the back garden, only to see Chen Jingdao leading an elegant-looking man standing beside him.
So stepped forward and respectfully bowed to Chen Jingdao and hid behind Old Man Lin, for fear of being missed by Chen Jingdao.
Old man Lin looked at his helpless grandson somewhat helplessly, then smiled at Chen Jingdao: “This is Lin Dong, my ineffective grandson, you can ask him.”
Chen Jingdao looked at Lin Dong after hearing this . He nodded, then pondered for a moment and said, “Is your Lin Yan back?”
Lin Dong turned his head and glanced at Old Man Lin when he heard this question, then shook his head at Chen Jingdao and replied respectfully: “Not yet, in fact We also don’t know where she is.”

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