I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 750

After Ning Kun was silent for a while, he said with some doubts: “Why does he have a third-level power in a doctor?”
Sally took the phone and watched Jiang Hao’s every move on the computer screen, frowning and saying: “So this It’s also a place I suspect. He is probably the target you are looking for.”
After saying this, Sally picked up the data that the old black was investigating: “I asked the old black to check it for me. Shen Yan’s entry and exit records in Beifu, I will show you later.”
Ning Kun closed his eyes and began to ponder. Sally resembles her grandfather, not only in her style of work.
She would never do things like Wu De’s target. If this is the case, then Ning Kun has reason to believe that Jiang Hao is her goal!
After thinking of this, Ning Kun was silent for a while and suddenly said, “Worry! That kid ate the Xiongxin Leopard’s courage today, and ran to the Shen’s and Xue’s engagement banquet!”
Sally was also surprised when he heard this. before quickly opening: “? how to do that, you do not pay attention over there behind the”
“now people have been taken away Shen, Xue betrothal feast is already stopped, how do”?
here , Ning Kun couldn’t help feeling a little nervous!
If Jiang Hao is really his goal, thinking that his mission this time is to protect the other party well, if he falls into the hands of the Shen family and finds out his true identity.
Don’t talk about protection, he can see Jiang Hao’s whole body as luck!
At this time, in the lobby of the Shen family, Jiang Hao was firmly imprisoned by four iron chains, and Shen Qingshu sat in front of him with a gloomy expression.
“You are so courageous, you keep bad my good deeds again and again!” After saying this, Shen Qingshu winked slightly, and the person standing next to Jiang Hao picked up the whip and beat him hard. !
Jiang Hao ate the whip without saying a word, lowered his head and couldn’t see the expression on his face.
Upon seeing this, Shen Qingshu smiled coldly and stood up and walked to Jiang Hao, then said in a deep voice: “The door of my Shen family has always been good for tonic, it’s just an appetizer.” With this, Shen Qingshu Somewhat disdainfully looked at Jiang Hao: “I ask you, how much do you know about Chen Minggang?”
At the banquet, Jiang Hao had to say Chen Minggang’s name in order to attract Shen Qingshu’s attention to himself.
This was also secretly recorded by Shen Qingshu, and the Shen family would never have suffered this loss and would not want to return it back!
When Jiang Hao faced Shen Qingshu’s cross-examination, he just smiled coldly and said: “Do you want to know? Please, if you ask me, maybe I will tell you!”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu slapped his backhand. Jiang Hao’s face!
“What do you think your kid is, you dare to talk to me like this?” With these words, Shen Qingshu grabbed his whip with one hand, and hit Jiang Hao fiercely!
“I want to see how hard your bones are and can you hold my whip!”
After that, Shen Qingshu’s whip hit Jiang Hao severely, and Jiang Hao closed his eyes and bite. Tooth uses the true energy in the body to continuously protect the internal organs.
Jiang Hao doesn’t care about the skin and flesh injury, but if Shen Qingshu hurts his internal organs with a whip, it will be in trouble!
Just as Shen Qingshu vented his anger, a person suddenly ran in outside the door, and quickly leaned against Shen Qingshu’s ear and whispered, “Master, there came a man from Tianzhu Villa.”
Shen Qingshu sneered twice. After turning a deaf ear to these words, he still whipped Jiang Hao.
After more than a dozen lashes, he stopped his hand slightly, panting, and then looked at his hand and said: “A big black? What does the other party mean?”
The man shook his head slightly and stood respectfully on the body of Shen Qing. By the side, while Shen Qingshu turned his head in deep thought for a moment and glanced at Jiang Hao coldly, then left.
Jiang Hao looked at Shen Qingshu’s back, a look of hatred flashed in his eyes!
One day, he will let this Shen Qingshu have a taste of being whipped!
Shen Qingshu, who walked out of the lobby, watched Lao Hei sitting quietly in a chair drinking tea, so he smiled and walked up and said: “Oh, isn’t this Hei Ye, why are you interested in coming to us?”
Lao Hei He stood up and held a fist to Shen Qingshu, then took off his sunglasses and smiled: “This is polite, it shouldn’t be a word for the Lord.”
After saying this, Lao Hei sat down and looked at Shen Qingshu and said: “I heard that Shao Shen seems to have caught Isn’t it a person, right?”
His expression frowned, thinking of the people in his backyard whom he had just been entertaining.
So he smiled and nodded and said: “Hei’s news is really good, yes, this kid has messed up my wedding banquet, so I arrested him to meet the world.”
“If this is the case, the person guesses that now I should have seen a lot of people in the world, right?”
Lao Heipo looked at Shen Qingshu with deep meaning and continued: “It’s true that that person has something to do with our boss, so I was asked to come over and ask about the situation.”
Hearing this Then, Shen Qingshu couldn’t help but close his eyes and began to ponder
. What did he do when his Shen family was targeted.
There are not too many people who know their plans. If they can take out the video that day, it proves that there must be Chen Minggang’s shadow behind the incident.
If he can let the other party hand over the waiter who delivered the food to him last time, he might be able to find out some useful information!
Thinking of this, Shen Qingshu gave a light cough, then looked at the old black and said: “It’s okay to be a person, but this guy is not just as simple as insulting me.”
“Then if according to Shen Dasha, what should this person do? What?”
“It’s very simple, how about we change one?”
Shen Qingshu Xiexie smiled and looked at the old black man and said: “You hand over the manager of the restaurant where I ate with Chen Minggang last time, and I will give this person to you. What do you think?” The old black sneered at this in his heart. If you really do this, Shen Qingshu will probably find a way to make a few articles, and then even cling to them.
After thinking for a while thought of this old black shook his head: “? Our hands and no one, do not know the last time you have dinner with Chen Shao, and I’m going to give you where to find people who do.”
Here, Lao Hei smiled bitterly at Shen Qingshu: “If Shen Dashao is sincere, I will try my best to do this. If it fails, I can’t do anything.”
After nodding silently, Shen Qingshu looked at Lao Hei with a sneer: “You Very well, everything is kept tightly guarded. It seems that you intend not to disclose any news, right?”
Lao Hei didn’t even hear Shen Qingshu’s words at all. He knew that Shen Qingshu’s subordinates Who are they?
If they are eyeing on, I am afraid it will cause Sally some trouble.

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