I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 773

But now Sally’s people stepped up to ask for this bottle, and it was a bit troublesome.
There was a slight silence for a moment, and Shen Qingshu’s face suddenly stretched out, as if he had thought through something, he spoke without hesitation; “Five million.”
Faced with such a price, even the host on the stage was a little confused.
Is such a shameful iron breaker worth five million? This is joking with him!
Also, he was not the only one who was confused. Many people in the audience were also confused at this time, and they seemed to not know Hu Lao Er.
With such a character as him, there are people who spend such a large price to cheer him on, it is almost like a ghost!
Sitting in the hall, Lao He didn’t even hesitate. After Shen Qingshu said five million, he directly said six million!
Shen Qingshu is no better than Lao Hei. Lao Hei only needs to get a word, as long as Sally wants it, he only needs to be responsible for the price.
However, Shen Qingshu must consider issues such as cost. He doesn’t mind spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Hu’s second meal, but he minds such a big price!
But Sally of Tianzhu Villa had no reason to value Hu’s second child so much. After a moment of doubtful contemplation, Shen Qingshu tentatively shouted “Seven million!”
As a result, Lao He still directly answered the eight million. , The number is not a rise of 500,000 and 500,000, but a rise of millions!
While this made everyone in the audience stunned, it also deeply stimulated Hu’s second child!
At this moment, Hu Lao Er’s heart suddenly felt a trace of regret. He didn’t think like that like Shen Qingshu.
Only he knows what kind of person he is, and Hu Lao Er also knows what kind of reputation he is.
To say that Shen Qingshu wants to have a meal with himself, he can understand, after all, the Shen family in Beifu is not so expensive at the moment. After experiencing the Lin family, the Shen family is no longer like before.
But the person in Tianzhu Villa, let alone Hu’s second child, even if Shen Wennian hadn’t had a chance to go in, it made no sense that he could go in!
Then there is only one reason that can explain the other party’s bid, and that is that this thing is really valuable!
Thinking of this, Hu Lao Er had already regretted his bowels!
At first, Hu Lao Er was only to participate in this auction, and then make friends with celebrities in the North Fu, to see if there is any chance of getting rich.
When Hu Lao Er was nearly forty years old, he also met some people and things, and the only thing he cares about is profit!
People who can’t give him benefits are like non-existent people, so he won’t waste time making friends with others, but if he can give him benefits, Hu Lao Er will find ways to establish relationships.
He would naturally not be absent for a big scene like today, so he chose this ironware, which I don’t know what it is, and threw it over as a ticket.
Originally, this ironware was only collected by him for tens of thousands of yuan. At first, some people said it was his family heirloom.
But Hu Lao Er found a lot of experts and didn’t see anything. This time it seemed that someone should have seen something!
Thinking of this, he looked up at Sally’s box, secretly pondering for a moment.
With such a vision, the other party will certainly not be an ordinary person, since it is better to sell the other party’s face.
“Don’t fight between the two. I, Mr. Hu, have the honor to attend today’s party. How about VIP No. 3 giving me a drink with Mr. Hu?”
After saying this, Mr. Hu turned his head and looked at Shen Qingshu with a smile. “Master Shen also gives me face to Hu, and I will have fun with Master Shen later!”
Lao Hei looked at Hu second with a flat face, nodded for a while, got up and left. Before leaving, I took away the ironware on the stage.
Shen Qingshu’s original intention was just to find a chance to meet Hu Lao Er. The reason why he bid at the auction was exactly as others thought, just to cheer.
Now that Hu Lao Er had promised to come to see him, and his face was in place, he naturally stopped talking.
Of course, the main reason is that with the current state of the Shen family, Shen Qingshu really does not want to have a dispute with Sally.
The reason why he invited Sally to participate in this auction was to make outsiders think that he had formed an alliance with Sally, instead of letting others see that he had a dispute with Sally.
When Shen Qingshu died down, Old Hei walked to the box with the iron in his hand. Looking at the ironware rather strangely, she said, “Is this ugly thing worth seven million?”
Sally got up and looked at the ironware carefully, and said with a trembling tone while watching: “Shen Yan, you ? this thing is to determine the iron Shang and Zhou dynasties, ”
Jiang Hao carefully looked iron, and he looked somewhat excited:”!! find the gems gems seven million earned fifty million to fight “!
Sally Hearing this, he turned back to God, then gave Jiang Hao a vicious look: “Bah, I spend the money, but the things are mine!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he looked at Sally as a little woman. , And then looked at Sally dumbfoundedly: “Then you have to give me a dividend, right? Is there any benefit in earning such a large sum of money for you?”
Sally gave Jiang Hao a white look, and then carefully picked it up. Put the iron carefully into the box.
“What do you know? If this thing is really a thing from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it is a national treasure. How can a national treasure be bought and sold privately?”
After saying this, Sally looked at Jiang Hao and smiled: “I’m doing this for your own good, otherwise You are breaking the law, you know?”
Jiang Hao rolled his eyes, and said helplessly at the old black man: “Come on, look at your boss, he doesn’t leak anything, he’s cheap and hey!”
Although Lao Hei felt the same way, he still didn’t dare to speak when he touched his nose. He lowered his head and withdrew in a desperate manner.
Sally looked at Lao Hei’s back and glanced at Jiang Hao with a smug, a little smug and provocative in her eyes.
Jiang Hao sitting on the sofa as did not see self-serving poured himself a glass of wine a drink no one else said: “the only woman and the villain is also difficult to raise the ancients Cheng bully me ah!”
Looking at Jiang Hao Funny Sally finally couldn’t help but laughed out loud, reaching out and patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder.
The two looked at each other and laughed louder and louder.
When the old black outside the door heard the smile in the room, he also smiled slightly. He could not remember how long Sally hadn’t been so happy.
Just as Lao Hei followed to be happy, he suddenly saw someone who made him not so happy.
That is, Hu Lao Er was walking up with the wine at this time, and then stood in the corridor and looked at Lao He hesitantly.

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