I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 784

Ning Kun’s meaning is very simple. He just hopes to use this opportunity to directly tell Jiang Hao the truth and their identities.
But it was still too early for Sally, not only because of her own selfishness, but also because she didn’t want Jiang Hao to look at herself with a color in the future.
There were rumors in Beifu before that Sally fell in love with Jiang Hao, and Sally did not refute this rumor.
Ning Kun looked at Sally hesitating, and thought of this in his heart. Then he chuckled and said: “Why, you don’t really like that kid anymore?”
Sally’s face was red. , Lowered his head and said, “If it is true, what are you going to do?”
Ning Kun looked at Sally dumbfounded. This was the first time he saw this tigress become this. Looks like, I feel a little scared instantly!
“Hey hey hey, you have to think clearly, this is not a joke, especially at this time.”
Sally raised her head to face Ning Kun. The reason why Shen’s sect basically did not offend the river with them. Except for someone who is secretly responsible for communication between the two parties.
The more reason is that the people in power of the Shen family actually knew their old man.
After taking a deep breath, Sally shook her head trying to get the idea out of her mind.
“In short, don’t worry about this matter. I will naturally have my thoughts on my side. You can take these people with you and disperse it first.” “Will it be too early to disperse? I think Shen Qingshu and Shen Wennian These two foxes shouldn’t show their tails so quickly, right?” The two were silent for a long time. Sally turned on the computer and looked at it. The data displayed on it were the data of the Shen Group and the Xincheng Group.
“Today is just one morning. Xincheng Group’s funds have begun to stabilize. On the other hand, the Shen family is still a little turbulent, so I think there should be no small problems in the Shen family.”
Kun Ning natural clear about these things, while smoking a cigarette and watching the data on the computer and some emotion: “Before I have had the idea of sincerity in the new time, this is certainly Mr Chen secretly hides a lot of things.”
Sha Li nodded slightly. It only took a day for Chen Jingdao to pull out at least two management teams and one team responsible for risk control.
These people add up to at least more than 50 people, and so many people have held some unknown positions in the Xincheng Group.
It was only because of the rising position that these talents came forward, and it seemed that this was a successor that Chen Jingdao had left long ago.
Thinking of this, Sally said with emotion: “In the entire Beifu, I think I have always been preparing to start any war, only Mr. Chen.”
Ning Kun nodded slightly after hearing this, and a hint of appreciation flashed in his eyes: ” People of the older generation are more worried. After all, their Xincheng Group is just a rookie, that’s fine.” At this point, Ning Kun shook his head with a wry smile and continued: “The most important thing is that I miss him. I also know what virtue my son is. I’m afraid I’m doing this every day because I’m worried that someone will suddenly come forward.”
Sally nodded slightly and then turned off the computer, then looked at Ning Kun and said solemnly, “I’m temporarily I don’t want to take care of it. I’ll give you a task. I ask you to find out everything under Shen Tianyang.”
Ning Kun was taken aback after hearing this, and then looked at Sally and said: “Who is staring at Shen Qingshu? Counting on the old black? I don’t believe that he has that kind of ability.” I am not afraid of people laughing. Ning Kun’s image of the old black has always been stupid, and he doesn’t believe that the old black can do such a delicate job. .
But the reality is often the opposite. Even Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdoms period has an embroidered mind, not to mention the old black.
Sally sneered at Ning Kun and said, “Don’t look down on Lao Hei. In fact, she graduated with the first place in the headquarters!”
Upon hearing the news, Ning Kun was so shocked that she couldn’t say anything, and kept muttering: “Fake, that guy has such a brain?”
Sally chuckled and nodded: “If it wasn’t because In this case, why do you think I would transfer him to my side, in fact, I can save a lot of time a day with him.”
Every leader has his own team, and the old black is equivalent to being in the Sally team. Person in charge.
Although he is only Sally’s driver and bodyguard in name, in fact, all the affairs in the entire villa are qualified to manage the old black.
This is not only because of Old Hei’s ability, but also because Sally ordered him.
This was when Sally was only in her teens, she chose Lao Hei, and it has been until now.
Ning Kun looked at Sally in silence, as if he didn’t understand why Sally could see Old Hei at a glance.
Sally may have been used to this look. Although she did not look up, she knew what Ning Kun was thinking.
“Everything in this world has a certain value, even people, but there is a kind of people who are worthless.”
After saying this, Sally looked up and smiled at Ning Kun: “Old black is this You are the same type of person, so I hope you don’t go back to the headquarters in the future and just follow me?”
Sally’s identity is indescribable to Ning Kun, allowing Sally to take the initiative to throw an olive branch to herself. Things are already very rare.
But Ning Kun didn’t know what was thinking of it, so he laughed bitterly at the corners of his mouth and shouted, “Well, let’s go, I’m a bit of a bad temper. If I rely on you, I’m afraid I will give it to you. Bringing trouble.”
Ning Kun walked out of Sally’s office as soon as he finished speaking, because he really didn’t want to face Sally’s eyes anymore.
She seems to be able to see through what people are thinking, can reach the bottom of people’s hearts, and let people have nowhere to hide.
Everyone has their own secrets, especially Ning Kun, who also carries some of his own things on his back, otherwise he would not join the Dao organization.
Just when Sally was a little disappointed, the phone in her hand rang, and it was the news that Lao Hei safely sent Jiang Hao to the hospital.
Sally nodded slightly and was about to hang up. Old Hei suddenly said in a solemn voice: “Boss, have you told him about Ning Kun’s affairs, how are you doing it?”
Sally smiled bitterly when she heard the words. It seems that Ning Kun’s identity is not so simple.
“He refused. It seems that he doesn’t want to stay by my side and do things.”
After saying this, the two chatted briefly, and Lao Hei drove back to the villa and continued to stand calmly and indifferently as usual. Outside Sally’s office.

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