I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 8

Su Junting was beaten and cried directly. Her parents never slapped her since she was a child. Now she is not only misunderstood by her good sisters, but even slapped. Su Junting’s heart is extremely wronged, tears in her eyes roll down all the way. Ran away.
Jiang Hao was taken aback, and hurriedly went up to stop him, but at this time the phone rang.
Jiang Hao sighed anxiously. When he saw Zhang Jie, he was connected: ”
What’s wrong with Zhang Jie.” “It’s not good, Lao Jiang, where are you?”
Zhang Jie on the other end of the phone seemed very urgent, Jiang Hao. He stopped quickly and asked, “What’s the matter ? I listen to you in such anxious tone?” Zhang Jie sighed, “Hey, monitor Liu Siya is in an accident and is now detained. Now everyone in the class is trying to rescue her. , Where are you, come back soon, no matter how you say it, it’s a classmate, and it’s a good effort to follow along.”
Zhang Jie’s words made Jiang Hao lost in thought.
What happened to Liu Siya? Did she provoke someone again? Hey, it’s normal for her to make things difficult for humanity.
But Jiang Hao shook his head and recalled what happened yesterday. He really didn’t want to entangle with Liu Siya anymore, so he said, “But I’m not at school now, shopping in Wanda in the city. Besides, I’m past. I can’t do much power, so I just…”
“Jiang Hao!” Zhang Jie was obviously a little angry, and his tone became severe. “I know that there is a misunderstanding between you and Liu Siya, but today is a matter of life, you If you have any prejudices, you have to come over and take a look. Perhaps Liu Siya saw you appear at such a critical moment, and has since reversed your attitude towards you?”
Zhang Jie’s words seemed reasonable, Jiang Hao thought for a while and watched Su Junting go away. Direction, I can only sigh, thinking I can only look back and find a chance to thank Su Junting, explain the matter clearly, and return the money to her.
Jiang Hao knew that although the conditions at Su Junting’s family were good, it was by no means a wealthy one. She also wore a few hundred yuan of clothes and bought herself a pair of sneakers for more than 3,000 yuan. She did not dare to accept it anyway. of.
“Well, where are you guys, tell me the address, and I’ll go over.” Jiang Hao said.
“It’s at the Kaihuang Bar. Come here, the big guys are here. If you are not there when the head is checked later, everyone in the class will definitely target you.”
Jiang Hao hung up the phone and turned to leave. As soon as I turned around, I found that Zhou Yuanyuan and Yao Lili had appeared in front of her. Zhou Yuanyuan’s angry eyes seemed to eat herself.
“Jiang Hao, you fucking make me sick!” Zhou Yuanyuan said, “I thought you would be able to perform well even if you are acting. At least you have to chase a few more steps. Chasing Junting, can you be more hypocritical?”
Zhou Yuanyuan sighed, looking a little lonely: “Although Junting and I are no longer friends, I still hope she can be better, but you are the most So stay away from her. People like you will not bring her anything except to make her laugh at her!”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan turned her head and left, leaving no opportunity for Jiang Hao to explain.
Jiang Hao looked at the sneakers in his hand and scratched his head for a while. He really didn’t expect that he would encounter this kind of thing by buying a shoe himself.
He sighed, left the mall, and took a taxi directly to the King’s Bar.
Ten minutes later, when Jiang Hao got out of the car, he was still a little surprised, because at this time, there were already a lot of people gathered outside the Kaihuang Bar. These people gathered in a few piles, and they seemed to be discussing. what.
These people are almost all students of Chujiang University, and many of them are classmates of their own.
Jiang Hao looked around, and finally saw Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming in the crowd, and quickly walked over.
Those people were also studying what at this time, Jiang Hao only heard clearly when he got closer.
“Who did Liu Siya offend? I heard that just last night, their restaurant was smashed, and then the Industrial and Commercial Bureau rushed into their store, saying that she had incomplete licenses for her store and gave it to her. The business has been closed for rectification, and Liu Siya’s father seems to have been taken away by the police for investigation. What did he say is involved in crime?”
“It’s still a guess? Isn’t the person inside that offended? The owner of the King’s Bar, Meng Jiuye, or someone else? How could you keep her in it, and if you can make the family so miserable in Chujiang, it is probably only Meng Jiuye.”
“Yes, this Meng Jiuye is not good, in our Chu Jiang can be said to have hands and eyes open to the sky, if you want to clean up Liu Siya, it shouldn’t be too simple.”
These people murmured for a while, and Jiang Hao was almost heard.
It’s just that Jiang Hao faintly felt that Ye Yunjie might have done this in all likelihood. Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence. Yesterday she provoked herself, and today not only her home was copied, she was also detained.
The key person who held her was the owner of the King’s Bar.
Just when Jiang Hao was stunned, he was taken a lot of shots. It was Zhang Jie. He saw Jiang Hao coming and quickly said: “Lao Jiang, now Liu Siya has been held in it, life or death is uncertain, you…you Are there any acquaintances who can talk to you? Everyone is classmate, do your best.” As soon as Zhang Jie finished speaking, Jiang Hao heard someone sneer beside him.
It was a boy in Jiang Hao’s class, dyed with yellow hair, and mocked: “What do you think, Zhang Jie, why don’t you beg the beggar at the street? Ha ha, Jiang Hao’s acquaintance? That can only be On the same level as him, you have to know that there is Meng Jiuye, who stomped his feet, and the whole Surabaya district is shocked. What use is it for you to call him.”
” Yes , it’s not good to say, Jiang Hao Lai, it would be nice not to add chaos, you can count on him to help, foolish dreams.”
“Haha, I have heard, it seems that Jiang Hao had a big quarrel with Liu Siya yesterday. Now that people are in trouble, he has appeared. The ghost knew that he was here to come to see the joke, or came to relieve the siege. But why did he come here? Everyone knows clearly in their hearts that you are really humorous when you say that you are expecting him to do his best…” The crowd, you said every word, Zhang Jie looked at those people with an angry expression, and was about to rush to reason with them. Was stopped by Jiang Hao.
Not only was Jiang Hao not angry, he was shaking his head and sneering. Jiang Hao had already seen through these people.
Saying that I can’t do my best, and that I’m here to watch the excitement, are these people right? There were a total of thirty or forty people on the scene, but it was really here to help.
“How long has it been held?” Jiang Hao asked Zhang Jie.
“It’s been several hours. It’s said that there was an accident at Liu Siya’s house last night. She went home from school overnight, but after returning home, she was caught here directly. No one knows the specific reason.” Zhang Jie Sigh, “But it is said that Liu Siya’s parents were taken away for investigation. Everyone can’t just watch her being detained. Someone suggested that everyone come and see if they can help me.”
Jiang Hao looked around. , I can’t help sighing, how can such a few dozen poor students help? Behind this, the forces of the Shen family are engaged in the Liu family. Even if there is a role in Chu Jiang who has the eyes of the sky, it is probably helpless.
At this moment, there was a sudden noise from the crowd. I do not know who shouted loudly: “Look, look, Gao Jun is here, I guess there is a way now!”
Everyone looked for the reputation and saw a car. The 80% new Audi A4 drove slowly over, and the stud-stud boy who went to the bar with Liu Siya yesterday rushed over like a pug.
The Audi stopped slowly, and a tall boy with a horse face walked down.
“Young Master Jun, you finally came.” The man with earrings said in kindness, “It’s really helpless, I haven’t studied for a long time…”
This handsome young man is named Gao Jun, and he is very famous throughout Chujiang University because he has a clothing factory in his family, and it is said that there are tens of millions in his family.
Relying on such a family background, Gao Jun also figured out the limelight in school on weekdays.
At this time, Gao Jun seemed to be complacent, and smiled with confidence: “Hehe, are these people? It’s ridiculous. If they can be useful, it would be strange.”
“That is, that is.” The boy pleased him , “Young Master Jun, your hands and eyes are open to the sky, I guess you must have a way.” Gao Jun smiled, looking at the sign of Kaihuang Bar, he was very happy.
He knew that the person who detained Liu Siya today was Meng Jiuye. This person is not only a university town, but also famous in Chujiang City. It happened that he had followed his father last month and was fortunate to have Meng Jiuye had a meal, but Meng Jiuye praised himself in public at that time.
Relying on this relationship, presumably, as long as he went in and said a few words, Meng Jiuye would give himself some face.
“Don’t worry, I know Meng Jiuye, and I will definitely be able to bring Siya out after entering.” Gao Jun smiled, Siya is also very intimate.
You know, Liu Siya looks exquisite and can be regarded as a class-level figure in Jiang Hao’s class. If she can really help this, Liu Siya is not grateful to herself when she looks back? At that time, even if she made some excessive requests, she would probably agree without hesitation.
Gao Jun smiled at the thought of this, and was about to walk into the bar when he suddenly heard a small voice on the side saying: “It’s useless to anyone today, I’ll go make a call, maybe it will work…”
Jiang Hao’s voice said. Not big, but at this moment everyone’s eyes were on Gao Jun, and such a voice suddenly appeared, which seemed a bit harsh.
Gao Jun was about to walk into the bar, he stopped, glanced at the voice, and suddenly laughed.
At this time, almost everyone’s eyes followed Gao Jun’s, and fell on Jiang Hao’s body.
“Hehe, anyone really dares to fill a large clove of garlic!”

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