I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 802

Sally looked at the things recorded in the notebook and nodded slightly. Although it was not very detailed, it seemed that the other party had already contacted the Shen family.
“Speaking of this, the people of the Shen family may also get Jiang Hao’s information, right?”
Ning Kun nodded and smiled: “But I think that Shen Qingshu’s kid might not tell the people of Jiang Hao to Shen Tianyang. “The specific reason, even if Ning Kun didn’t say it, Sally could understand, so he just fell silent when he said that, and looked at Sally with a smile on his face.
Sally looked at the notebook in her hand and fell into deep thought after hearing that Ning Kun had just arrived. According to the available information, if the Shen family in Beifu had obtained Jiang Hao’s information, she would definitely want to arrest Jiang Hao like Shen Tianyang. live.
Then he swallows Shangdian, after all, as long as there is Shangdian, everything is no longer a problem.
As long as he has Shangdian, coupled with his foundation in Beifu, it is not impossible to surpass Shen Tianyang in a short time.
Thinking of this, Sally nodded slightly and said in a deep voice: “Then what do you plan to do this time, the people above only allow us to act on Shen Tianyang, and not allow us to move the Shen family in Beifu.”
Ning Kun looked at Sally a little helpless. He gave a wry smile, this is the most troublesome part of the matter, because the people above did not allow them to move the Shen family in Beifu.
Otherwise, Ning Kun originally wanted to take this opportunity to bring out the Shen family in the North House, and then bury all of them with Shen Tianyang’s subordinates, simply and easily.
Now it seems that things are not as simple as I thought.
So Ning Kun smiled helplessly: “This news must have come from Chu Jiang, right?”
Ning Kun had already told Sally about this matter a long time ago, and the high-level people on Chu Jiang must Some people have taken refuge in Shen Tianyang, otherwise things will never become what they are now.
Moreover, the last data modification incident also made Ning Kun lose confidence in the people on Chu River. The most terrifying thing is not to face danger, but that there is a knife behind you that is always facing you.
Sally obviously has the same idea as Ning Kun. Seeing the embarrassed look on his face, she sighed and nodded: “If you know this, it’s fine. I will go to Chujiang sooner or later. A trip.”
Between the words, Sally’s eyes were already filled with anger!
She doesn’t allow her subordinates to be on guard at all times when they are desperately trying to come to her back!
Ning Kun looked at Sally and chuckled twice, and then whistled and smiled: “Forget it, it makes me very happy if you have this heart. Chu Jiang should go later. Now you decide to Don’t do anything to the Shen Family in the North Mansion.”
Sally was silent for a moment, then shook her head and said: “The Shen Family in the North Mansion will keep them first. They are still useful for balancing these forces in the North Mansion. Just leave them alone.”
Ning Kun nodded. After nodding, she replied in a deep voice: “In this case, I will tell Shen Tianyang’s men about Jiang Hao’s news in about three days, and then arrange fifty beast guards to wait for them to come?”
Sally nodded slightly and looked. Xiang Ningkun was silent for a while and then said: “You must protect yourself in this action, and I will find a way for you after it’s done.”
Ning Kun smiled at Sally’s eyes when he heard this. , Perhaps his original intention of doing this was to avoid becoming a fish scattered in the sea again.
But after Lao Hei’s enlightenment later, Ning Kun at this time had already figured out that there were some things that others would do even if he didn’t do it.
Who is not raised by parents, so why can others not bear this kind of danger?
Thinking that he was also the first person to graduate in the academy, why is he now afraid of these dangers?
Ning Kun lowered his head and shook his head and said with a wry smile; “No, this is something I am willing to do, not for the sake of claiming credit. In fact, the old Hei is right. I can’t be too scared.”
Sha Li looked at Ning Kun in surprise when she heard this, as if she had met him for the first time.
“You, didn’t you say that you planned to take advantage of this incident, and then ask the headquarters for work, and then transfer back to do not fish anymore?”
Sally looked at Ning Kun with a little surprise. She didn’t know that it was only a few days. In time, why did Ning Kun seem to be a different person?
Perhaps it was Sally’s illusion. At this time, Ning Kun seemed to have an old black temperament on her body, hard and steady, but with a little jump.
Ning Kun looked at Sally in surprise and smiled: “I suddenly felt that even if it is a fish in the potential water, it doesn’t seem to be unacceptable.”
After saying this, Ning Kun gritted his teeth. Continued: “My little master doesn’t believe me, everyone is as smart as Chen Jingdao’s old dog!”
At this moment, Sally got up and poured herself a cup of tea, and then leaned on the desk to look at Ning Kunyou quietly and said: “You You can be smart countless times, but as long as people are smart once, you will be gone, so you have to think clearly.”
Ning Kun rolled his eyes and looked at Sally with grief: “The courage I finally got up, you Don’t play with me like this?!”
Sally said one word very concisely to Ning Kun’s answer: “Get out!”
When Ning Kun got out of her office smoothly, Sally suddenly chuckled. , No matter what, Ning Kun’s change made Sally quite happy.
Just thinking of the plan that is about to begin soon, there is always a trace of worries hidden in her brows.
After Lao Hei pushed the door in, he watched Sally leaning on the desk while holding coffee in thought, so he said softly: “Ning Kun’s plan, do you think it works?”
After a long silence in the room, Sally’s voice It rang.
“It’s a bit troublesome, but I believe he can do it. After all, this is what he wants to do, not what he uses to claim credit. What do you say?”
Hearing this answer, a sudden figure appeared on the old black face. With a simple and honest smile: “Let me help him, how about it?”
Sally was silent for a long time before nodding and saying : “Take twenty people to follow. After the plan starts, pay attention to protecting Ning Kun. It is not easy for him. It’s time to rest for a while.”
Old Hei nodded and exited the office, leaving only Sally alone looking at the gloomy sky outside the window.
At this time, Jiang Hao, who had quit his job, rented a small house and practiced a little bit of care every day, adjusting himself to the best condition.
Ning Kun didn’t know when news would come, and even though Sally seemed to have no idea about him now, Jiang Hao couldn’t judge whether Sally was an enemy or a friend.

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