I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 812

After solving Ning Kun’s problem, Sally also obviously let go of her mind. As long as there is nothing wrong with Ning Kun, she won’t have any worries.
Thinking of this, Sally’s steps out of the villa became two points easier.
Lao Hei and Jiang Hao were standing at the door smoking a cigarette. Seeing Sally walking out briskly, with a smile on their faces, they looked at Sally and nodded.
Sally looked at Ning Kun and smiled with Lao Hei and then said: “Lao Hei, let’s go drive and take us into the city. I have something to do.” After hearing this, Lao Hei nodded slightly, and then stopped. I went to drive, but Jiang Hao looked at Sally and smiled without speaking.
After Lao He was gone, Jiang Hao extinguished the cigarette in his hand, then looked at Sally and smiled: “What did you just talk to Ning Kun, how do you feel that you have become a little more relaxed?”
Sally entered Thousands of hands let it go and put them on Jiang Hao’s arm with a smile: “It’s nothing, I just enlightened that silly boy to let him not look too tightly at everything.”
After speaking, Sally shrugged and continued. Said: “Although his plan is very good, but it is not the effect I want. If you want to fight, then just kill it all at once.”
Jiang Hao was silent for a while and nodded: Snakes don’t die but are harmed. I still understand the truth. Where do we go later?”
Sally smiled mysteriously at Jiang Hao and said: “Where else to go, of course, visit Mr. Lin at the Lin family. Now, things are imminent, and there is no time to waste.” As soon as the voice fell, the old black drove up to Sally and Jiang Hao, then put down the car window and smiled at Sally: “Boss, get ready Alright.”
Sally nodded lightly, opened the door and sat in, then smiled and looked at Jiang Hao, with a somewhat unexplained expression in her eyes.
After Jiang Hao sat up a little helplessly, Old Hei consciously separated the cab directly from the back seat and drove intently.
“Do you say that the Lin family will agree to our action against the Shen family? If you do, wouldn’t it disrupt the balance of power in the Beifu? Will there be more serious consequences?”
Sally thought about it for a moment. Then he nodded and said, “Maybe there are concerns in this regard, but if I don’t do this, then I will be the one who is unlucky.”
Saying this, Sally shrugged, then turned to look at the villa and said . : “You must have seen it today. Sometimes even if I don’t target others, others will start to target me.”
As a superior, Sally has long been accustomed to what happened today.
If it weren’t for Jiang Hao’s initiative to find herself today, I’m afraid Sally would have done a little bit more, and would not save any face at all.
Although Ning Kun’s plan was very good, in some respects it was a bit ill-considered. He simply wanted to keep the more than one hundred people from Shen Tianyang, without thinking about what to do later.
Thinking of this, Sally sighed helplessly. If it weren’t for Ning Kun’s unique insights into some things, she would have some doubts whether she had read the wrong person.
Seeing a hint of worry flashing between Sally’s eyebrows, Jiang Hao said with some curiosity: “What are you upset about? Haven’t everything been dealt with right now? Now I only need the Lin family’s consent to join forces.”
Sally He shook his head and said, “I am not worried about things in Beifu, but I am worried about other things, that is Hedong.”
In fact, Jiang Hao is not the first time I have heard of Hedong things, inland. Many people regard Hedong as a crime city, with nearly 40% of the criminal population among the 30 million permanent population.
Just thinking about this data makes people scalp upset. What is even more frightening is that there is such a behemoth as the Shen family in such a city.
Jiang Hao was also a little upset when he thought of this. He didn’t know if the Shen family in Hedong, like the Shen family in Beifu, was also one of Shen Tianyang’s accomplices.
If it is true, it can be rooted in such a city, and its strength must be extraordinary.
Sally watched Jiang Hao and fell silent after hearing her own words. After a careful look, she realized that Jiang Hao was also considering this issue.
So he chuckled twice and said, “Don’t worry, I will send someone to assist you here. Sooner or later Hedong will have to clean up, otherwise it’s basically a waste.”
Jiang Hao nodded and said: “Indeed, a city like Hedong, if you don’t do some cleaning, you won’t be able to treat people at all!” During the conversation between the two, the car soon drove to Lin’s door.
At first, two Lin family members came to see who dared to park their car in front of their house.
As a result, after seeing Jiang Hao getting off the car, they all smiled and then dispersed. They were used to Jiang Hao’s arrival.
And they also heard some rumors that the Dr. Shen Yan in front of him was in love with his eldest lady. They could also see some of this.
Jiang Hao looked at everyone and smiled, and then said to Sally in the car: “Please come down, Mr. Lin is probably inside.”
Sally shrugged and got out of the car while looking at Jiang Hao. He said: “I’m just a little worried that I will meet some bad people in Lin’s family like you did last time.”
Jiang Hao laughed a few times after hearing this. He knew that Sally remembered Lin Nan and his son. The embarrassment of myself.
So watching Sally shook her head slightly, she said, “Don’t worry about this. Lin Nan and his son are no longer in the Lin family. They have all moved out. Now the Lin family only has the Lin family and the Lin family grandmother.”
Sally heard this. Nodded slightly, but soon looked at Jiang Hao with a little puzzled: “No, you are not lying to me?”
“What did I lie to you, what is wrong?”
“Isn’t the old grandmother of the Lin family the most protective of Lin Nan and his son? How come they are no longer in the Lin family?”
Although Sally values ​​intelligence in some aspects and has excellent sources, she doesn’t care about these housework matters at all. .
When Jiang Hao heard this, he smiled bitterly and looked at Sally, indicating that it was in the Lin family. Even if she didn’t put the Lin family in her eyes, she couldn’t say such things in the Lin family.
What kind of person Sally was, she would naturally understand Jiang Hao’s meaning when she looked past her, and then she spit out her tongue and stopped asking questions.
Following the guidance of his servants, Jiang Hao quickly found Mr. Lin.
It seems that since the last time Jiang Hao cured Old Man Lin’s illness, he began to slowly cultivate his character, and basically ignored a lot of things, and left it to Lin Yan to deal with.

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