I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 826

Fatty Fu nodded and glanced at Sally, then got up and walked to the door of the office, glanced at Jiang Hao and others who were smoking at the door, and left.
Seeing such a situation, Ning Kun hurriedly walked in, and then said to Sally: “Are you finished talking?”
Sally nodded gently, glanced outside the door and smiled: “Why, Jiang Hao is still outside, didn’t he come in? He doesn’t care about the itinerary you are taking?”
Ning Kun gave Sally a helpless look: “It’s hard to say that he doesn’t care. I think he just didn’t want to come here for the time being, I’m afraid He had never thought that someone in the Shen family would be on his side.”
Sally put away some of Fu Fatty’s identity issues on the desk, then got up and walked to the desk and put the folder in.
“Wait, I didn’t say that the Shen family in Hedong must be on Jiang Hao’s side. If things are different from what we think now, don’t ask me to be responsible.”
After saying this, Sha Li sat down and turned on the computer while casually opening his mouth: “What’s the situation on the Lin family’s side, let’s talk about it.”
“Old man Lin’s family has started to raise funds now. It seems that he has decided to participate in this matter. , But there is still a little trouble.”
After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Sally and frowned: “It’s the Lin Family Xichunju project that I’m afraid it’s already reached Shen Qingshu’s ears, and Chen Jingdao’s Lin family has done something to him. The financial aid has been publicized.” After hearing this, Sally frowned and said helplessly: “This is not a way to go on, and the later will change. I am worried that the more procrastinated, there will be more variables.”
Ning Kun then why do not know this, watching Sally reluctantly said:. “I know, so here I will continue to follow up, in addition to the representatives of Shen Shen Tian Yang came to help the San Niang and I began surveillance for the”
for This person, Sally, took it seriously, because she hoped to use this Sanniang to pass on some false information she needed to Shen Tianyang.
“You did a good job at this point. Let this Sanniang temporarily settle down for a while, and don’t let her affect the plan we have.” At this point, Sally was silent for a while and shook her head: “No, Not for the time being, see if you can think of a way to let the other party relax their vigilance towards the Lin family first.”
Some things are easy to say, but doing it is another matter.
Let Sanniang lose his vigilance towards the Lin Family, this is not something that can be done by talking, after all, Sanniang is not a brainless person either.
If it was so easy to dispel the other’s doubts, Shen Tianyang wouldn’t let Sanniang Dao Beifu take charge of these things.
Thinking of this, Ning Kun had a headache, but still nodded helplessly: “Okay, I will find a way to do this. It seems that you plan to do something against the Shen family soon, right?”
Sally points After nodding his head and pointing at the computer, he smiled and said, “Yes, the timing was a bit immature before, and it’s almost there now. There is no need to waste time anymore.”
Jiang Hao who stood outside the door didn’t know when he walked in In the office, after hearing Sally’s words, he looked at Sally and said: “So you have decided to act?”
Sally raised her head to look at Jiang Hao who entered the office, and then sighed helplessly: “Next time you come in At least knock on the door when you are in, there is no need to be like a thief.”
Jiang Hao looked at Sally and shook his head and continued to ask: “Is what you said is true? Are you planning to start planning for the Shen family?
” You should have heard it just now when you stood at the door. I don’t need to repeat it with you again. Do you understand what I mean?”
Maybe Sally looks very approachable in normal times, and it didn’t cause much pressure on Jiang Hao.
But when faced with this kind of business, Sally’s temperament in auditing Siang will change completely, making people feel a kind of oppression unconsciously in front of her.
Jiang Hao and Sally looked at each other for a while and then hesitated and nodded: “Okay, I’ll wait to see your actions. This time I will keep watching until everything is over.”
Sally looked at Jiang Hao’s face. She frowned and said, “Don’t worry, I know you can’t let go of those things. I will give you an explanation for all Beifu here.”
After that, she watched Jiang Hao leave, and she leaned back in the chair. Shang sighed deeply.
Standing at Sally’s desk, Ning Kun saw her look exhausted, so he smiled and said, “It seems that Jiang Hao doesn’t really look at the Shen family in the Northern Mansion.”
Sally chuckled lightly. , Glanced at Ning Kun with complicated eyes, and murmured: “Who would have seen the enemy who was incompatible with her in the past.” After saying this, Sally posted the whole action plan. Then Ning Kun began to mobilize the fifty subordinates transferred from the Beast Camp. They were already the strongest strength in Sally’s hands.
The people who have been screened out through special training methods are definitely stronger than the average level two martial artist, but they also have their fragile side.
That is, when they really start fighting, they tend to fall into a frenzied state where they are both enemies and friends.
Ning Kun refused to enter the beast camp because of this. Otherwise, he would not go to those schools before, instead he would enter the beast camp directly.
During the period, Jiang Hao had the honor to have a brief contact with the people in the animal camp. There was always a trace of blood hidden in their bodies, which made Jiang Hao feel a little uncomfortable.
But Ning Kun smiled at the smell of blood, as if he hadn’t noticed anything.
In Sally’s words, if their bodies were not bloody, it would be more useful to have fifty dogs.
Just as Ning Kun mobilized more than fifty masters in the animal camp, Lin Yan finally transferred all the funds he could collect to Lin’s Enterprise.
After she called Sally during the period, Sally added a full 100 million yuan to Lin Yan’s account in order to achieve better results, hoping to open a gap as quickly as possible.
As if only overnight, many small companies in the Beifu that opposed the Shen family stepped forward and joined Chen Jingdao’s war against the Shen family.
At this time, Chen Jingdao watched these small companies all stand on his side, besides being happy, there was still indescribable pride in his heart.
I think he did so many things in Beifu that year. Although it seems useless on the face of it, in fact, these people still remember him and never forget him!
Even wealthy people like the Lin family have begun to attack the Shen family gradually, which proves that Chen Jingdao’s prestige can reach the Shen family by one person!

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