I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 83

“Jiang Hao?” When Director Liang heard this name, he couldn’t help but ponder for a moment, and he seemed to have some impression.
Director Liang is in charge of poverty alleviation work in the school, while Jiang Hao used to be almost poorly known at Chujiang University, and Director Liang naturally came into contact with Jiang Hao.
It’s just that he can’t help frowning, and wondering: “Are you sure it’s Jiang Hao?”
Xiao Qian nodded quickly: “This is not a suspicion, Director Liang, all of us have been stolen and taken, and we have seized the current, don’t believe you. Ask them?”
Xiao Qian pointed his finger at the group members behind him, and said with a serious expression: “We caught it together at the time!”
The ponytail girl heard the words. He stood up first, and said with certainty: “Yes, Director Liang, when the money was lost, he started looking for clues. In addition, people were arranged in the office. As a result, Jiang Hao was going to steal the second time. We caught something on the spot!”
“Yes, yes, not only did he steal the 30,000 yuan for the hearing aid, he also stole a lot of money, which was all put together at that time!” Chang hair girls said, “we do not believe it. Wait a minute that was brought to Jiang Hao, we look at his clothes to know, that even the thief the money, buy a name brand clothes!” these people this As soon as the words were spoken, everyone in the entire venue was stunned.
Some people have heard of Jiang Hao. Can’t help but be surprised and surprised.
After all, although Jiang Hao was poor in the past, no matter how good he is, his character is no problem, and he will not do these sneaky things.
Those who didn’t know Jiang Hao at all were very angry at this time, and the two waves of people suddenly talked fiercely,
“No? Jiang Hao wouldn’t do this kind of thing, right? I remember the past, the Love Club It seems to have funded him?”
” Haha, what can’t be? To be poor is to be poor. If you can’t live, you will steal. What can’t you do with this kind of delivery? ”
“I feel like vomiting so much, this kind of thing makes people nauseous…”
“Well-hearted things, we should discuss with school leaders after a while, and expel this kind of dog things from Chujiang University. He…” The whole venue was noisy, and Director Liang, who heard Xiao Qian’s speeches, couldn’t help scratching his head, shouted to quiet the scene, and then asked: “Where is Jiang Hao now?”
“We I have controlled him, and now I am with his accomplices on the second floor. I have just called someone up to bring him over!” As soon as Xiao Qian finished speaking, the back door of the auditorium was pushed open.
A few people walked in from the door, and it was Jiang Haohe who bowed his head and cried non-stop peacefully.
Jiang Hao didn’t even know what happened here just now, he walked toward the front of himself, and he didn’t seem humble or humble.
“He is Jiang Hao!” I did n’t know who he was, and suddenly shouted, and then everyone turned their eyes on Jiang Hao.
Immediately afterwards, no one knew who stood up suddenly. Large Heleyisheng hand, put just stripped off orange peel towards Jiang Hao dumped in the past: “scum, especially what you do this kind of thing, also airs of, to see who it?”
That one At the beginning, the whole auditorium boiled again.
Almost everyone grabbed everything they could throw away, and desperately turned towards Jiang Hao, cursing.
Jiang Hao was stunned by the sudden change, and hurriedly reached out to protect his head.
He turned his head and took a look, and was shocked to find that An Ning was hit by some rubbish on his head.
Jiang Hao hurriedly stretched out his hand again to protect Anning first, and then shouted at the crazy crowd: “Hey, what are you doing? Stop it quickly…”
But in Jiang Hao’s ear, there were countless verbal abuses: “Trash, why are you so embarrassed to ask what you are doing? What did you do yourself, didn’t you count it?”
” Yes , stop it. It’s your scumbag that makes you dare to steal any money!”
“Beating him, beating him, he is probably his accomplice who protects the woman? Everyone should fight together. This kind of embarrassing thing for us at Chujiang University should be Beat!” The crowd was so excited, almost all meant to eat Jiang Hao.
However, Xiao Qian and the others laughed secretly in their hearts when they saw such a battle, thinking that with today’s events, Jiang Hao guessed that the thief’s notoriety was going to be real, and he couldn’t explain it when he wanted to explain it later!
He even booed up with the crowd. He shouted: “Yes, yes, classmates, for this kind of person, don’t be merciless, only if you teach him well, next time he dare not stretch out his thief’s paw…”A thief? Thief?
While Jiang Hao was beaten, he kept muttering in his heart, even wondering what happened in his heart.
And when he saw Xiao Qian’s triumphant expression, he seemed to have thought about it, this matter must have something to do with him!
On the other side, Director Liang, seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, ran down quickly, pushed away all the violent classmates one by one, controlled the situation, and hurriedly dragged Jiang Hao to the front.
“Director Liang, what…what are they doing?” Jiang Hao said angrily. “Why are they hitting people? Wouldn’t you say something?”
Before Director Liang could reply Jiang Hao, Xiao Qian took the lead. He choked him: “Why? What did you do, you didn’t know in your heart? I tell you Jiang Hao, you have provoked people’s anger, people like you, everyone is so kind to you!”
Xiao Qian finished speaking. Many people immediately followed the underground!
“That’s it!”
“It should be caught and sentenced to life imprisonment!”
Jiang Hao turned his head and looked at the people who hated him with gritted teeth, very uncomfortable.
He looked at Xiao Qian fiercely: “President Xiao, I have already told you that this matter is a misunderstanding, and I did not embezzle that money. Today’s things are all misunderstandings, and I also said that I will soon Will let this matter come to light, please give me some time, okay?”
“Come on!” Xiao Qian said fiercely, “What’s the misunderstanding? You stole money from the club and we arrested him. , What are you still quibbling about? Otherwise, how do you explain your brand-name clothes?”
“Stealing money?” Jiang Hao heard this, completely blinded, and a little angry, “When did I steal the money? You just accused me of embezzling that pen Money, now why do you directly say that I stole? You people speak, at least give evidence, is it good?”
Jiang Hao pointed to his clothes: “And I have already said it before. My clothes are myself. I bought it with money, not with that charity donation at all. Why don’t you believe it?”
“I’m!” The ponytail girl hurriedly stood up and pointed to Jiang Hao, “I believe you a ghost? You? What is the situation, I think everyone here can’t be more clear in their hearts. In our Chujiang University, they are all poorly known. Look at the clothes on your body. How come it costs thousands to tens of thousands when you wear them. I’ll ask you, it’s not stealing. , Where did you get this money?”
“Yes! Can you explain it clearly? You were all caught by us. Still such a quibble? Are you shameless? A poor man, and still install garlic here!” The long-haired girl also criticized Jiang Hao.
After the long-haired girl had finished speaking, the whole auditorium was boiling again, and almost everyone began to crusade Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao stared at those people unwillingly, his eyes full of anger.
Jiang Hao looked at Xiao Qian with contempt in his eyes.
He knew that the framing of himself for stealing money must have been directed by Xiao Qian.
And these people here feel that they are poor, so they did all the dirty things and scandals by themselves?
After all, I still look down on him and think he is nothing.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but sneered, then turned his head and glanced at Director Liang, who allowed those people to curse himself, but didn’t say a word.
“Director Liang, don’t you think I must have stolen this money?” Jiang Hao asked in a deep tone.
Director Liang frowned and said silently: “Jiang Hao, everyone is saying that you did it. You want to prove that you didn’t do it. At the very least, you have to show evidence?”
“Evidence?” Jiang Hao couldn’t help laughing. He smiled, looked at Director Liang, and said, “Does the money count?”
“Money?” Director Liang was taken aback when he heard the words, and then asked suspiciously for a moment. “What do you mean?”
Jiang Hao looked at Xiao Qian jokingly, and said with a smile: “President Xiao just said how much money I stole?”
Xiao Qian was startled by Jiang Hao’s question, and hurriedly said: “Fifty thousand, what’s the matter?”
Jiang Hao smiled again: “So, according to your statement, before me. A total of fifty thousand yuan was stolen from your club, right?”
Xiao Qian was somewhat Unable to figure out what Jiang Hao’s intention was, he replied weakly: “Yes, what’s the matter?”
Jiang Hao smiled now, and seemed to relax a lot.
He continued: “Nothing. Because I will soon prove that my money was not stolen in your club!”
“How do you prove it!” Director Liang frowned and asked.
Jiang Hao smiled: “It’s very simple, didn’t you say that I stole fifty thousand yuan? And according to your statement, all the clothes on my body were bought by spending the money. Then I want to prove myself now. Innocent, as long as the amount of more than 50,000 yuan is given, isn’t it a proof that I did not steal the money?”
“Otherwise, how can I explain that I have squandered so much, and as a result I still have so much money?” Jiang Hao said at last.
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, everyone present couldn’t help being taken aback.
Especially Xiao Qian, couldn’t help but sneered, and said disdainfully: “Hehe, that’s not okay, think about it, people like this kind of charity donations dare to steal this kind of charity donations, and he has stolen other people’s money if they don’t keep them. So I see, this will not prove your innocence at all!”
“Yes, what do you think? Shamelessly, you can think of such an idea!”
“Hehe, in case you stole another fifty thousand from where What? You just want to prove your innocence so easily? Dream about you!” The ponytail girl hurriedly followed.
Jiang Hao raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help but sneered at the girl, only faintly spit out a few words: “Then you think, one million, can you prove it?”

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