I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 830

After hearing this, Old Man Lin glanced at Jiang Hao, and then said dumbfoundedly; “Little Shen, do you know what I value most about you?”
Jiang Hao gently shook his head, looked at Old Man Lin curiously, and started talking. He still hasn’t figured out what Elder Lin really is after.
If it is because he cured the old man Lin’s disease, then as long as he is a doctor, it will be more troublesome, but it may not be worse than himself.
But if it is due to certain reasons, Jiang Hao really wants to find out.
And the old man Lin looked at Jiang Hao with curiosity in his eyes, smiled lightly, and then said; “What I value most about you is that you can drink tea and drink alcohol, alas.”
Old Hei stood in the river. Behind Hao, he laughed out loud when he heard this, and then looked at Jiang Hao with a smile on his face.
An embarrassment flashed across Jiang Hao’s face, not knowing how to look at Old Man Lin.
After the two laughed, Old Man Lin said in a deep voice, “No one knows what kind of weapon the Shen family in Hedong holds. It is precisely because of this that the Shen family in Beifu and Shen Tianyang want to contact Shen Tianyang so urgently. They.” As soon as the words fell, Old Man Lin couldn’t help thinking of how overbearing he was when the Shen family was rampant in the world.
“But even if you let them master it, it’s okay. Many things have passed. They probably won’t be able to restore the scenery of the Shen family back then.”
Lao Hei sighed softly after listening to it. I’m afraid that they know that they can’t restore the scenery back then, but they still want to do it. The unlucky person will not be the Beifu and Chujiang alone.” They are all people in the business field. Where is the news? For those who are not well-versed, Mr. Lin may not know what happened to Chu Jiang.
The reason why Lao Hei said this was out of temptation on the one hand, and on the other hand, he wanted to see if Mr. Lin would also be tempted by things in the Shen family.
But what made Lao Hei a little dumb was that Old Man Lin didn’t know what kind of mentality he was out of.
This made Lao Zi couldn’t help but think of some things. Maybe the old man in front of him already knew Jiang Hao’s true identity, and now he is just acting with them?
After all, this kind of thought is nothing more than a speculation. When it flashes past, Lao Hei can’t help but make a little joke about himself. Do you really think that anyone in the North House can have the same abilities as theirs?
Next, Jiang Hao briefly chatted with Old Man Lin for a while and then got up. In fact, he came here today to behave, letting people know that Old Man Lin is indeed in Chen Jingdao’s camp.
On the one hand, it was for others to see, and on the other hand, it was to reassure Mr. Lin that the promises they made to him were still valid, not just for fun.
After that, Old Hei and Jiang Hao left Old Man Lin’s place. After walking out the door, Old Hei lighted himself a cigarette and then glanced at Jiang Hao with a smile.
“What’s wrong with your kid? Why don’t you say anything during this time? Are you worried that we will be trapped by us?”
Jiang Hao glanced at Lao Hei and smiled. Some things are not that he didn’t say anything. It’s just that I don’t want everyone to look bad at that time.
But now that Lao Hei mentioned it, Jiang Hao said as he walked, “Let’s take a walk with me, what do we say while walking?”
Lao Hei was silent for a while and nodded, telling him the truth. I’m also very curious about what Jiang Hao is thinking, because Jiang Hao’s recent actions really make the old black not clear.
“You know, this time I have been thinking about a problem, that is why we can stand up in the North House so confusing place, and then what Shen is able to stand up in the chaos of the place?”
The old Hei fell silent when he heard this question. He now knows why Jiang Hao is always absent-minded recently. It turns out that he was thinking about this question.
So Old Hei smiled and looked at Jiang Hao and said, “Do you really want to know?”
Jiang Hao stopped and looked back at Old Hei: “If I don’t want to know the haul, why should I tell you these things? After all, this is what I thought in my heart.” After the two men were silent for a while, Jiang Hao lit a cigarette for himself, and then took a deep breath, feeling the pungency of the smoke in his lungs.
“If you know something, just tell me. I also want to see if it’s all my illusion. Sally seems to be hiding something from me.”
Looking at Jiang Hao’s puzzlement, Old Hei A trace of alert flashed in his mind, I don’t know why Jiang Hao’s intuition was so accurate recently, perhaps because of cultivation.
Different cultivation methods have different consequences. Just like people who have been trained on the battlefield all the year round, there will always be an intuition about the crisis in the heart. This is not a joke.
Thinking of this, Lao Hei was silent for a while and then said: “Maybe, but we can’t guess what the eldest is thinking, only she knows.”
“Then do you know why Sally wants to send people to Shen’s house in Hedong? , Does she have any reason to target the Shen family in Hedong?”
After saying this, Jiang Hao looked at Lao Hei deeply: “We will not talk about anything else. She is a little bit too much to control in the Beifu now, and she is going to target Hedong Shen. Home, do you think this is causing trouble for yourself?”
Lao Hei fell silent looking at Jiang Hao’s concern. At this time, he still understood the truth about saying less and making mistakes.
When Jiang Hao saw that he was silent, he continued to ask: “You told me why Sally cares about the Shen family in Hedong so much. Isn’t it like Old Man Lin said?” Jiang Hao knew that he might I really guessed the truth, whether it was Shen Tianyang or Shen Wennian, or Sally.
What they did was probably what he held in the hands of Shen Jia in Hedong!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao smiled bitterly in silence, then shook his head and said, “Forget it, since you are unwilling to say something, then assume that I haven’t asked.” He turned around and left without waiting. Waiting for the old black behind him.
After watching Jiang Hao’s back in silence for a long time, Lao Hei didn’t catch up. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and called Sally. After the call was connected, Lao He was silent for a while.
Then, in a slightly dry voice, she said flatly: “He seems to have noticed, what are we going to do next?”
On the other end of the phone, Sally sat calmly in the office and looked out the window.
“You said, how many people in this world know their responsibilities, and the purpose and meaning of coming to this world?”

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