I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 834

No one in this world is a fool. Those who can sit in this position are either smart people or evildoers.
At this time, Chen Jingdao looked at Lao Hei with an ugly smile on his face, and he hesitated after a moment of contemplation: “There is no problem signing the contract, but I have a little doubt, can you help me answer it?”
Old Hei finished listening. Then he glanced at Jiang Hao, and then nodded: “You said, as long as it is something I know, you can just ask it.”
Chen Jingdao coughed and said: “Well, since this is the case, then I won’t You’re polite.”
“When my son died, did you know something about it? Because I vaguely noticed some troops from the last incident, and I don’t know if it was related to your boss.”
Old Hei shook when he heard this. Shaking his head, he said calmly: “Don’t say that you asked me about this matter. Even if the judge asked me, I can only say that it has nothing to do with us.”
After saying this, he saw Chen Jingdao’s face still a little unwilling. Believing, so he smiled bitterly and said: “If you really don’t believe it, then I can’t help it.”
There are many people in Beifu, and it is difficult to guarantee that one or two scum will not appear in these people. Dong sees it from his body.
I just wandered around all day and ignored everything except eating, drinking and having fun. Even Lin Nan, the old father, felt a little ashamed!
If Chen Minggang’s son was really designed, then the other party only needs to find a second generation ancestor with a little identity, and Chen Jingdao may not be able to do them.
However, although those second generation ancestors could not do anything else, they were so prosperous with Chen Minggang.
It may be a bit embarrassing to ask them to do something they can’t do, but if you want them to harm Chen Minggang, it is impossible!
It is precisely because Chen Jingdao thought of this, that he always felt that his son’s death was a bit wrong!
Lao Hei looked at Chen Jingdao who was looking forward to the answer, smiled a little bitterly, and said, “We have already shown it to you before. The death of Linglang really has nothing to do with us.” At this point, Lao Hei’s tone suddenly Lowering down, he muttered: “The restaurant they went to eat last time hasn’t checked out yet, otherwise you think we can get the surveillance video so quickly!”
Chen Jingdao’s face was said when he said this. There was a trace of embarrassment on the board, after all, his son’s were dead.
There was still a meal that had not been paid, which made Chen Jingdao’s old father’s face suddenly full of embarrassment.
And Lao Hei looked at the other party with a slumped face, first smiled, and then wiped the corners of his mouth.
Then he said: “In fact, one of the main reasons why our boss wants to join hands with you is that you have a direct and legitimate reason to deal with the Shen family.”
Since ancient times, it doesn’t matter whether it is fighting or doing anything. The most important thing is that a teacher is famous!
If you don’t follow the rules, a group of professional people will naturally stand up and use their own means to calm everything down!
If the people in the beast camp sometimes fight completely desperate, don’t forget one more thing, those inspectors and those who walk in the Baidao funeral.
There is nothing they dare not target, and even said that if they really face such a situation, they can even knock the opponent down directly, without giving the opponent a chance to react!
These people hold various circles in their hands, and no one knows where the blow from them will appear first.
Because of this, Sally had to look for an opportunity from Chen Jingdao to target the Shen family in Beifu.
Chen Jingdao looked at Lao He tightly with his eyes, as if trying to figure out what Sally was thinking from him.
It’s a pity that Lao Hei didn’t give him such a chance. Seeing Chen Jingdao looking at him, he chuckled twice before continuing to speak: “Now that I have said these things bluntly, do you have any doubts?”
Chen Jingdao pursed his lips and smiled: “No, have you brought the contract? If it is convenient, let’s sign the contract now.”
Old Hei nodded and took out a contract from his body and put it on the table. The name was signed by Lao Hei.
Looking at the contract, Chen Jingdao smiled and nodded. While taking out his pen to sign, he casually pointed to Jiang Hao and said, “Is this the newcomer of your boss?”
Old Hei glanced at Jiang Hao because of his identity. , Shen Tianyang will definitely catch Jiang Hao at all costs.
Ning Kun just wanted to use this to target Sanniang and the others, and Jiang Hao and Shen Tianyang had new and old hatreds, so he simply quit his job in the hospital and came to help.
Perhaps for him, he was just coming to help this time, not Sally’s subordinate.
But for those outsiders, such an approach is tantamount to being invested in Sally’s sect, so Chen Jingdao would have such a sentence.
After Jiang Hao looked at Lao Hei, a look of helplessness appeared on his face, and then he spoke to Chen Jingdao: “Strictly speaking, I am not Sally’s subordinate now.”
Lao Hei heard this. Smiled, for him, Jiang Hao’s current position is indeed a bit embarrassing.
Although he is the only blood of the Shen family, because of this, his identity has now become a golden key.
Moreover, Jiang Hao should still have some secrets hidden in him. Since Sally wants Jiang Hao to go to Hedong with Ning Kun, she must be hoping to take this opportunity to shed all the secrets from Jiang Hao!
When Chen Jingdao heard Jiang Hao’s words, he chuckled twice: “It doesn’t matter, if you are not in the future, you can come to me for tea often.”
Old Hei frowned when he heard the words and looked at Chen Jingdao with some doubts, which made him a little bit unable to hear.
“Then if I am in the future, would Mr. Chen not welcome it?” After Chen Jingdao took a deep look at Jiang Hao, a tired look suddenly appeared on his face.
“The Beifu is still too young after all, and I am already old. I have basically settled the grievances and grievances in the past.”
After saying this, he looked at Jiang Hao with a curious look on his face and smiled bitterly: ” So if you really are in the future, then don’t come here. I’m just an ordinary bad old man.”
Old Hei looked down and didn’t look at Chen Jingdao. After a long silence, he got up and shook hands with him, then turned around. He walked out of the office.
Jiang Hao looked at Old Hei’s back, smiled apologetically at Chen Jing, and hurriedly ran after him.
“What are you doing so fast, don’t you think it’s a bit rude?”
Lao Hei turned his head and glanced at Jiang Hao deeply: “Do you remember what I said ? Old man Chen is very influential in the Beifu.”

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