I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 840

After itself because recently lost a lot of manpower and anger blooming Shen San Niang hear these words in the text, direct cold voice angrily: “!!! OK, ah his aging mother to play with you today, you thought I was not willing to”
finish After speaking, Sanniang glanced at the people around him, and continued to speak: “Have you done the things I asked you to do for so many days in Beifu? Are you embarrassed to threaten me with me here?”
Shen Wennian has been in Beifu for so long. Never been so low-pitched to someone, and no one dared to talk to him like Sanniang!
At this time, listening to Sanniang’s mouth, and then thinking of the way his son looked at him, Shen Wennian suddenly felt a little boring.
“If you really want to compare these, then I would like to ask you, how much do you swallow every time Shen Tianyang turns around?” After hearing these words, Sanniang’s expression was stagnant. For him, Sanniang is true. Can’t answer, because every time the money is allocated from the top, half of it is the rule!
Of course, she couldn’t tell Shen Wennian about this, and if she did, Shen Wennian would break down directly!
Every time Shen Tianyang released funds to Shen Wennian, he always thought that An was given by Shen Tianyang, but he didn’t expect that it was Sally who transferred it!
When Shen Wennian saw that Sally was silent, he further proved his inner guess!
“Gao, you are really high, you know, you are still the first person in Beifu who dared to steal business with me, do you call you?” Sanniang on the other side sneered twice after hearing this, “Don’t worry. I’ll ask you about this matter, did I ask you to help the person we were looking for?”
Shen Wennian took a deep breath after being silent for a long time: “Is it right that as long as I find someone, you will give away the money? Give it to me?”
Sanniang considered the importance of this mission, “Yes, as long as you can help me find the person I am looking for, all problems will no longer be a problem!”
Shen Wennian took a deep breath and nodded. : “Well, you wait for me, don’t you just want to find someone? I, Shen Wennian, will help you find it!”
After saying this, Shen Wennian hung up the phone and kicked the stool out of the room in a fit of anger, making everyone around him trembling and not knowing what happened!
The news of a fire in the backyard soon reached Shen Qingshu, and when he learned of his father’s, he began to feel sulking at home again!
So Shen Qingshu hurriedly walked to Shen Wennian’s room and pushed the door in, and found that God Copywriter was sitting on the ground and his eyes were absent. It seemed that he had experienced a lot of things.
Shen Qingshu walked to his father’s side, then sat down and looked at Shen Wennian and said, “What the hell is going on?”
Shen Wennian smiled sadly when he heard these words, “What else can be done? Sanniang sensed the pressure, so she started to ask us for help!”
“She is stressed? Who gave her pressure, how could she start asking us for help?”
Shen Wennian shook his head and smiled bitterly after hearing his son’s words. The person who put pressure on Sanniang right now is probably related to the person who targeted them.
The point is that they clearly know this but can’t solve it. This can’t help making everyone feel a little uncomfortable, as if they have put a layer of shackles on their necks!
After loosening his tie, Shen Wennian sat on the ground and opened his eyes blankly and said, “Forget it, don’t intervene in this matter for the time being. I will take care of everything naturally.”
After saying this, Shen Wennian Shen After taking a deep breath of smoke, he suddenly started to look at his son and said: “Qing Shu, I ask you, is there a pot of porridge in Luancheng right now?”
Shen Qingshu nodded silently after hearing this. Because of their suffering, many people have begun to reconsider the issue of standing in line.
At this critical time, as long as one of them is wrong, it will directly affect their economic interests. Is this also something that can’t be done?
Shen Qingshu nodded slightly when he thought of this, then looked at his father and said: “Yes, most people in Beifu are still watching the relationship between us and Chen Mingdang, right?”
Although it’s just a face, but if you are beaten like this, can you still ride and be mentioned by others, who will come back again? ”
Shen Qingshu looked at the health of her boss and couldn’t help but start talking with some worry: “Can’t you take a good rest recently? Why must you stand up? Do you know that this is dangerous? ”
Shen Wennian sneered after hearing this. The situation is so serious right now. Doesn’t it mean that it can be ended?
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian took two deep breaths and then said: “Don’t worry about me now, hurry up and find one. Xiao drove over and killed him! I’ve had enough! ”
Perhaps it is because the time is getting longer and longer, although it’s because of it, that’s why it becomes like this!
Thinking of this, Shen Qingshu sighed helplessly: “Now we have no other way. If Jinxiu continues like this, Maybe before Sanniang has an accident, we should have an accident! ”
After a moment of contemplation, Shen Wennian nodded drunkly and said: “I have said before that the opponent’s target must be in the defense zone. If you just enter and exit like this, I am afraid the camera will be enthusiastic.
“I have notified my staff to look for it, but so far there has been no news, so it is too hard to find!”
While saying this, Shen Qingshu couldn’t help but complain about the price.
Although he said it, Jiang Hao remembered to find Sanniang, who was responsible for the 100 hard work of the Tai’s son. At the moment when he saw the child’s birth, he decided to leave some milk powder for the future Heizi, not to overdo it!
After taking a deep breath, he looked at the dark faces of the people who came and laughed: “Oh, that’s what I meant. I also said why you would stand here willingly, thinking you are really that tough! ”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu also shook his head dumbfoundingly. He had never thought it would become like this before!
Shen Wennian closed his eyes for a while and rested for a while and then said: “What Sanniang needs most is not the problem of money, but the problem of these people, you know what I mean?”
Shen Qingshu can understand naturally, but he still has a scheming in his heart. He wants to see why Sanniang wants to arrest this person, and what is the value of this person, so that Sanniang will come back even if his life is ignored. talk later! ”
Shen Wennian knew what he was thinking by looking at the expression on his son’s face, so he sighed deeply and yelled and comforted him: “Just forget it, these things are not something we can participate in. ”
In fact, since the little plum tree blossomed, many things have changed. Because the time is almost there, there is no need to continue to drag down!
If it continues to drag on, I am afraid it will change later!

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