I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 860

On the way from Jiang Hao to Lin’s house, Lao Hei and Ning Kun were sitting in the villa lobby and drinking quietly.
Two men who came out at the same time but had completely different destinies, looked at each other, and understood that they had come to a fork in the road again.
After watching old black-kun rather long silence raised his cup gently shaking the opening: “CEOs gone, you’re the North House person in charge of the new term, there is no feeling?”
North House as several large inland In one of the districts, the right to sit in this position is naturally not small, which also represents that Lao Hei has officially entered the 13th branch management.
On the other hand, Ning Kun is still a fish, and even his identity cannot be exposed at will. He can only hide in the dark, and he cannot even go back to his original third subject!
Because once he returns, he will first be investigated from the internal investigation of the thirteen departments, and will be assigned to him after confirming that he has no problems.
But the genius knows when the investigation will end, maybe months or even years.
After hearing Ning Kun’s words, Lao Hei looked at the opponent and noticed a touch of frustration in Ning Kun’s eyes, so he smiled and said: “I don’t have any thoughts, I just know that as your backing, I seem to have a heavy burden on me.”
Beifu is close to Hedong, and the people from the thirteen departments in cities like Hedong didn’t develop very well.
When Ning Kun took Jiang Hao to Hedong this time, Lao Hei not only had to provide financial support, but also had to keep up with personnel, materials and equipment, so his responsibility was not small.
Moreover, it was Sally’s original goal to include Hedong, and it was impossible for Lao Hei to give up, which put a lot of pressure on him invisibly.
Ning Kun looked at Lao Hei and sneered twice and then shook his head slightly, knowing that he was okay this time, at least there was a trusted friend behind him, otherwise Ning Kun would not dare to agree to this matter if he changed another person.
In a place like Hedong, a slight mistake in behavior may make people doubt, then don’t think about coming back again, whether you can save your life is a question!
Thinking of this, he spoke with emotion: “You know, when I was around Chen Jingdao, I actually liked those days. Every day I go to work and do things, it won’t be like now.”
Hearing Ning Kun’s words Lao Hei nodded silently. Perhaps many people yearned for their lives, but only they knew that they all yearned for the lives of ordinary people.
Only light can dispel darkness in this world, but how many people are willing to be the light that burns themselves.
Lao Hei snorted and stood up, and sat next to Ning Kun with a little emotion: “I know you have suffered a lot after graduation, but I want to know where you plan to go before you stop.”
Ning Kun fell silent, and glanced at Lao He with a little surprise, with a look on her face as if she didn’t know what Lao He meant.
Both silent for a long time after, as the old black seems a bit impatient, then gently shook his head disdain: “? Do you think that what you do is maintained to conceal the number of people, I also need to pick out the right”
look With the look on Lao Hei’s face, Ning Kun breathed out a foul breath and lit a cigarette for himself: “When did you notice it? I think I’m doing it secretly.”
“It’s been a while, if not. For the sake of your lack of malice, I am definitely not the only person who knows about this now.”
After saying this, Lao Hei looked at Ning Kun and wondered: “Why do you make so many people within us? , Don’t you want to climb to the position under the boss in the future?”
Ning Kun suddenly wanted to laugh when he heard what Lao He said. He had imagined what he would do when sitting in Sally’s position.
But when he knew that even an organization as tight as Thirteen Divisions would have traitors, Ning Kun suddenly felt a little more disappointed.
On the one hand, he was disappointed with himself, thinking that he had chosen the wrong path and shouldn’t be a deep-sea fish, hiding in hiding for the rest of his life. This is why he stayed with Sally instead of returning to the three subjects. the reason.
On the other hand, he was disappointed in the place he had been dreaming of since he was a child. For him, Thirteen Divisions should be the most trustworthy place in the world.
However, what the Chujiang branch did completely made him lose his trust in Thirteen Divisions. At this time, Ning Kun had a kind of defense against anyone except a limited number of people.
This is why he took the initiative to go to Hedong because of Sally’s needs. He didn’t believe in what others did.
The two looked at each other, and both saw a touch of helplessness on each other’s face.
“I just hope I can better know who is around me who can trust it, and who can’t believe it.”
After saying this, Ning Kun took out a notebook from his body, then opened the notebook and gave it to Lao Hei to speak: “The people recorded above are all insiders that I can buy by using a fake identity. They have all lost the qualifications for me to trust.”
Looking at the things in his hands, Old Hei didn’t know what to say!
Before Ning Kun, no one had ever tested their internal people in this way!
And just as Old Hei was looking at the notebook, Sally who was standing upstairs didn’t know when she walked down, and then suddenly said: “What are you talking about.” The sudden sound of the voice instantly stunned Old Hei. The ignorant state brought back the reality, so he hurriedly wanted to lift the Eastern Plateau in his hands.
But Ning Kun sniffed and snatched it over, and then he changed hands and handed it to Sally and said: “Talk about some of our internal issues, do you want to see the boss? You will go to Chujiang soon to find out more.”
Sally looked at Lao Hei’s somewhat nervous expression, then picked up the notebook and read it, only to see some unknown names recorded on it.
So she was a little confused and asked: “What is this?”
Ning Kun smiled and looked at Sally: “This is a test I made some time ago using my previous identity. Every name recorded in it can be used. You can take a good look at the insiders of Qiantong.”
Sally’s expression changed when she heard this, she fell silent as she watched the notebook. Fortunately, there were not many people recorded, only seven or eight. All low-level figures.
This made Sally just a little angry, and there was no reason to change her color.
After she finished reading, Sally closed the book and threw it in front of Ning Kun and said in a deep voice, “What do you mean by doing this? Are you worried that our own people will attack you?” Ning Kun looked at Sally angry Looks like he laughed twice, spread his hands and said: “Nothing else, I just want to see how hard my back really is.”

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