I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 863

Thinking of this, Chen Shilong sighed and said: “You misunderstood, I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to use some method to keep Sally and others behind.”
After saying this, he took out his phone from his bag, and then Opened the message and handed it to Zhao Tianzhong in a low voice: “We can go back at the request of the boss, but Shen Wennian doesn’t have to go back.”
When he said this, Chen Shilong glanced at Shen Wennian vaguely.
Then he continued: “The boss intends to use Shen Wennian ‘s life to arouse the hatred of the Shen branch towards the 13th branch, so that the pressure on him can be less.” Hearing this, Zhao Tianzhong looked at Chen Shilong in surprise. Unexpectedly, this is the meaning of the above!
But thinking about it carefully, Shen Tianyang’s foundation in Chujiang is still not very stable. If Sally passes by at this time, then he will have only one end. Pack your things and leave!
Sally is not like the person in charge of the Chujiang branch before, she is not that easy to talk, this can be seen from the incident in Beifu.
As long as it is Sally’s back garden, no one should think of being able to set foot in easily.
If it hadn’t taken this into consideration, Shen Tianyang wouldn’t be able to do so.
Shen Wennian is the head of the Shen family in Beifu, and he is not a small figure among the 36 families!
If he died because of the thirteen subjects, the heads of the other families would have learned about the news, and they would definitely have a big change in the thirteen subjects, and then stand on his side and support him to compete with the thirteen subjects.
When the time comes, he will be popular on both sides, but he will be able to take advantage of the time and place. All this needs to be dedicated to Shen Wennian.
If Shen Wennian hadn’t lost the huge foundation of the Shen family in the Beifu, I’m afraid Shen Tianyang would not be able to do so, but when Shen Wennian lost the Shen family in the Beifu, his fate was already doomed!
Seeing the hesitant and shocked look on Zhao Tianzhong’s face, Chen Shilong gently wiped the long knife in his hand and said: “Fortunately, Shen Wennian ‘s son, Shen Qingshu , is not there, otherwise the boss will definitely not let him go.” Zhao Tianzhong looked at Chen Shilong’s face. The last expression was plain, and after swallowing a sigh of relief, he said tremblingly: “What you said is true?”
“The phone is there. If you don’t believe me, you can look at the task the boss gave me. I won’t say anything extra. , You can judge by yourself what the consequences will be if you continue to behave.”
As the head of one of Shen’s 36 families, once Shen Wennian loses the value of his interests, the consequences are only a dead word.
In this case, let alone such a small fish and shrimp as Zhao Tianzhong.
Perhaps the strength of his third-level martial artist is rare, but it does not mean that Shen Tianyang will pay attention to it, because he casually unlocked a kind of restriction in his body, then the second and third-level martial artist is just for them. It’s just a matter of one step!
After the two of them bowed their heads and remained silent for a long time, Zhao Tianzhong looked at Chen Shilong hesitated for a moment, and then said: “Do you think I still need to find Brother Zhao?”
Hearing this, Chen Shilong just glanced at Zhao Tianzhong faintly, and then talked about what he was holding. The long knife was inserted into the scabbard and said: “If you are not afraid of death, then go find it. The boss’s business is more important or yours is important. Think about it yourself.” As soon as the voice fell, the person who was observing in front quickly heard a message and said: “The target is out of the city, now it is detouring the city-changing expressway, and it is estimated that I will go to the airport soon.”
Shen Wennian originally wanted to push this task, but later considered that he had lost the Shen family in Beifu, and wanted to be in Shen Tianyang. The subordinates must show their strengths if they eat food.
So when he heard the spy’s words, he hurriedly said: “How many cars and convoys are there in total? How many people have said that?”
After a moment of silence , the spy pointed to the small note and whispered, then hurriedly said: It looks like there are about six cars in total. It is impossible to confirm which car the target is riding in. The other party is well protected.”
Hearing this, Shen Wennian couldn’t help but cursed in a low voice, he couldn’t even detect how many people there were!
Thinking of this, he threw away the spies, then walked to Chen Shilong and called Zhao Tianzhong over.
Looking at the two third-level warriors standing in front of him, interrogating grandma, there is more hope in her heart. After all, the two are not weaker than him!
After Chen Shilong glanced at Shen Wennian quietly, he casually said: “What happened, so hastily looking for us, did the target appear, or did your son appear?”
Shen Wennian looked at Chen Shilong and shook it with a smile. Shaking his head, he squatted down and opened a map and said, “This is the map of Beifu . The target group has already come out. We have to see which way he intends to go.” Before Chen Shilong had time to speak, Zhao Tianzhong glanced casually. Behind the map, he said: “You should save the province. They will definitely choose the highway around the city, and then go directly to the airport. They won’t leave us many opportunities.”
The road to the airport from the Beifu ring highway is a six-lane road. Because of this, many plans cannot be used in some small corners.
Shen Wennian frowned helplessly while looking at the map, and then said to Chen Shilong: “Since the other party wants to take a plane, the road to the airport will be our best chance!”
Zhao Tianzhong smiled sullenly. , Jin Shengwu didn’t know whether he was dead or not, but his injuries must be serious!
Sally, as the person in charge of the 13th Branch of Beifu, now wants to go to Chujiang to threaten her boss, so Sally will not be able to stay!
After looking at Chen Shilong for a while, both of them saw a trace of ambition in each other’s eyes.
Seeing that both of them had turned around, Shen Wennian thought that they agreed with his plan, so he laughed and took the people on the way to Beifu Airport, planning to use their car to forcibly intercept!
But as soon as they arrived on the highway, the vehicles inside caused a commotion as soon as they found these people!
This matter was quickly transmitted to Sally again. Sally looked at the intelligence in her hand and fell into deep thought. Although there were more than 20 people with her, none of them were considered to be on the table.
Just a minute of silence, Sally took out the phone will quickly call the old black phone she had just turned open: “! Address airport motorway, where it was intercepted me try a little faster.”
With that Later, Sally hung up the phone, as long as he called the old man, he would do everything he needed to do next!
After receiving this news, Sally ordered the team to slow down as much as possible, but not too slow, and Ning Kun was hurriedly informing Jiang Hao at this time, after all, he was the strongest combat power in the Beifu at this time!

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