I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 898

For Yu Shaobai, the nature of Hedong has no rules, but the emergence of a school has established rules in such a place.
If it is allowed to continue to exist, then Hedong will probably become the same as the outside city in the future.
Yu Shaobai doesn’t like that, on the contrary, he prefers Hedong now.
The world where the weak eats the strong is the real world, and there is nothing wrong with being rugged.
At this time, in Shen’s house in Hedong, Shen Qingzhi, who had just returned home from school, sat quietly on his small desk, looking at the processed documents like his father.
Shen Feng sat not far from his son, and looked at the documents in his hand from time to time, and looked at his son again from time to time.
In places like Hedong, although children need to go to school, they still have to learn to take over the things from their parents when they return home.
Seeing his son looked a little absent-minded, Shen Feng said: “What’s wrong, you always seem to be out of state today, did something happen?”
Shen Qingzhi, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, looked at his father with an expression. A little afraid, he said: “No, it just suddenly remembered something about the school.”
“School? What happened to the school, did anything interesting happen?”
After saying this, Shen Feng stepped forward and stretched out his hand with a kindly expression. Touched his son’s head.
“Well, there is a new physical education teacher in the school today. He feels that his class is quite fun, and he is a little different from other teachers.”
Hearing this, Shen Feng frowned, although he did not go to school. But as long as the people in the east of the city will send people to stare at some school matters.
The last time I handed in the information that my son’s physical education teacher had an accident, but I did not expect to find another physical education teacher so soon.
Thinking of this, Shen Feng said in a strange way: “When did your teacher go to school, are you new here?”
Shen Qingzhi didn’t know what his father was thinking. He only felt a little happy when he saw him take the initiative to ask him about school.
Perhaps Shen Feng himself hadn’t noticed it, because he was busy with his own affairs for a long time and had neglected Shen Qingzhi for a long time, let alone caring about his affairs at school.
But it can’t be blamed that Shen Feng didn’t care about his son’s state, because Shen Qingzhi had done well in his homework since childhood, if it weren’t for the pressure of only one heir in the family.
Perhaps Shen Feng will find a way to send his son out anyway, after all, a place like Hedong is not suitable for the growth of children.
“The new physical education teacher is different from the previous teacher. He will take us out for a run. He also tells us that we must be savage and strong so that we will not be bullied.”
Shen Feng heard this. , There was a trace of emotion in his eyes.
Although it is a school, many teachers at the school dare not teach students how to do it under the pressure of parents, and even if the students are not obedient, they just endure it and treat it as if they didn’t see it.
Few people will take serious thoughts to tell their children what they should do to avoid being bullied, and few people will correct their children’s mistakes.
For them, as long as they can get a day’s salary, everything is easy to say.
Thinking of this, Shen Feng said with some emotion: “Your school has a very good teacher, what do you think of him?”
Shen Qingzhi nodded slightly after a moment of contemplation and smiled: “People are very nice, I want to say When I get up, I also prefer such a teacher.” The father and son laughed and enjoyed their time alone. Just as Shen Feng was teaching his son how to deal with some things, the second child, Shen Sihai, suddenly walked into the room.
Unlike Shen Feng, Shen Sihai’s face is always covered with haze, perhaps this is also related to what he did.
Shen Sihai forced a smile on his face to say hello to Shen Qingzhi, and then he looked at Shen Feng and said, “Brother, something happened at the Hedong Immigration Department. Is it convenient for you now?”
Shen Feng looked at his son again After looking at Shen Sihai, he nodded hesitantly and said to Shen Qingzhi: “Qingzhi, my father will talk about something first. After you read these documents, I will come over to test you later.”
Shen Qingzhi nodded after hearing this. Nodded, and then watched his father leave behind his second uncle.
After entering the room, Shen Feng’s expression was not irritable and solemnly said: “Didn’t I say that I don’t talk about official business at home, how can I know it!”
Shen Sihai gave a wry smile, and then took out a few photos and one from his body. The folder was handed to Shen Feng.
“I just received the news that Yu Shaobai, the master of the Qinghe Guild, set up two more cards at the Hedong Immigration Department, and also fought with the Lieqi people. There were casualties on both sides, and the Lieqi people suffered more losses. Some.”
Shen Feng looked at the folder in his hand and some of the photos in it. Although they were all post-event photos, Shen Feng could also think of the fierce battle between the two sides just by looking at the blood-stained ground.
After a moment of silence, Shen Feng said with emotion: “It seems that this Yu Shaobai is also a little restless. Everyone has forgotten what happened 20 years ago, and they have become a little eager to move.”
Shen Sihai also meant this, if If Yu Shaobai is allowed to do this, any personnel who enter Hedong in the future will be able to win over by Qinghehui directly.
If other families cannot get fresh blood, they will gradually become weak. Even a fool can understand this idea.
Shen Sihai looked at his elder brother with a gloomy expression on his face and said, “Big brother, if you continue to let this Yu Shaobai go, Hedong’s situation will not be good, I will go?”
Shen Feng was silent for a moment and shook his head. Said: “No for the time being, let’s take a look at the situation first, maybe it is also possible that Yu Shaobai just wants that little money, just ignore it for now.”
After saying this, Shen Feng looked at his younger brother and smiled: “By the way, Qingzhi just said that their school has a new physical education teacher, do you know about this?”
“I know, the news just received, His name is Shen Yan. It’s a coincidence that he still has the same surname as us. It’s no wonder that the kid Qingzhi likes that physical education teacher.”
Hearing this, Shen Feng couldn’t help but smiled and said, “I know, but I should You still have to check if you want to find out if Shen Yan is close to him in Hedong.”
“I checked it a long time ago . The Hedong who just came to know that the school recruits teachers because he has studied.
After that, I went directly.” After saying this, Shen Sihai lit a cigarette for himself and looked at his elder brother Shen Feng and said, “You think I’m really stupid, I can’t do anything like this.”

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