I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 903

After all, Shen Feng is responsible for the communication on the surface, so in terms of personnel, he can better check these things.
Thinking of this, Shen Zhiqiu couldn’t help but look at his elder brother Shen Feng. After seeing him frown slightly, he knew that this matter might be a bit troublesome.
Sure enough, Shen Feng said after a moment of thought, “This matter is easy to check, but something went wrong recently. You may not know about it, but Yu Shaobai from Qinghe Club was doing it at the Hedong Immigration Office during this time. A lot of things.”
After saying this, Shen Feng sighed helplessly: “He set up a lot of card points at the immigration office in Hedong to collect money from those who hid in Hedong, so the details, I can’t grasp it now either.”
Shen Sihai reported it to him at the beginning, so after hearing this, Shen Sihai also reacted.
Immediately after a bit of helpless laughter, he said: “It’s okay. If it doesn’t work, I will use my people to investigate. They know the things in the city well, and it is easier to check.”
Shen Zhiqiu looked at himself. The eldest brother looked at the second brother again and said helplessly: “This Yu Shaobai, I don’t know what he wants to do. He even wanted to close the school some time ago.”
After shook his head slightly, Shen Feng said in a deep voice. He said: “It seems that Hedong has been silent for too long. I am afraid that Yu Shaobai can’t sit still.”
Just as the Shen family was planning, on the other side, Yu Shaobai, who had just returned to Hedong, stood in front of the door and closed. Upper eyes took a deep breath.
Smelling the faint smell of blood in the air, he nodded in satisfaction and said: “This is the feeling of home, let’s go, let’s go home.”
Just opened the door, twenty or thirty servants faced him. Yu Shaobai bowed and said in unison: “Welcome Patriarch!”
Yu Shaobai smiled and opened his hands. The two servants stepped forward to take the windbreaker that had fallen from him, and then brought water to wash his hands.
After washing, the man who thought his face was a bit old, but the unremarkable man walked down, and then looked at Yu Shaobai and said, “Why, are things outside that bothersome? It took you so long.”
Yu Shaobai looked at the man and shrugged helplessly: “What about my mother, why didn’t she come out to meet me?”
“Your mother is a little uncomfortable during this period . She is resting in the backyard. She is not a child anymore. Do you want your mother to come out to welcome you?” The man is Yu Shaobai’s father, Yu Qinghe, and Qinghe Club was founded by him.
Seeing Yu Qinghe’s expression, he gave a bitter smile, nodded and sat down on the sofa, then relaxedly said: “The people of Lieqi are getting a little more restless, so it took a while to clean them up. ”
After saying this, he turned his head to look at his father.
“When can I get rid of the old man in Lieqi? With him one day, we can’t reach out of Hedong. I’m a little tired of being suppressed by him.”
Yu Qinghe walked to his son and sat down with a cane . , Looked at him with a big grin and smiled and then replied: “Do you think that old man is someone who can move casually? He was the person arranged by the old man of the Shen family to suppress me.”
Thinking of this, Yu Qinghe couldn’t help but think of it. When Shen first came to Hedong, he gained the right to speak with a powerful force from the beginning.
Then, in the place where the war was chaotic, all the forces were subdued, and then various rules were laid down to balance the forces of all parties.
In the beginning, where Hedong was as comfortable as it is now, there was chaos everywhere, and it was precisely because of the arrival of the Shen family that it became what it is now.
Everyone knows that in Hedong, they should go to the Shen family whenever something happens, but few people know that the Shen family in Hedong was the biggest fist in Hedong before.
Yu Shaobai glanced at his father with some disdain, and then laughed: “What else is there to be afraid of in the Shen family now, but it’s just a bunch of local dogs. Look at their young son. It’s like a waste. . ”
With that, he remembered had seen in the east border after Jiang Hao, who paused, then interesting opening:” this time I said it on the way back saw a man, called tough skill , But it seems to be deliberately hidden.”
Yu Qinghe looked at his son in silence for a while and then asked with some confusion: “Martial artist?”
“Well, martial artist, and it seems that it should not be lower than the second level, most likely it is third Level, otherwise they won’t have such strong power and skill. ”
The circle of Hedong warriors is very small. As long as they are warriors, they are almost in the hands of the Shen family. This is why the Shen family has always had the right to speak in Hedong. reason.
But after so many years, the martial artist in the hands of the Shen family has almost been damaged, and now the martial artist has become a tight resource in Hedong.
Thinking of this, Yu Qinghe said after a moment of silence: “Is there any way to recruit each other? If such a person falls into the hands of the Shen family, then it will be a troublesome thing again.”
Yu Shaobai seemed to be fundamental. He waved his hand without worry and said, “No, the other party doesn’t seem to want to reveal his identity. After coming to Hedong, he will be a physical education teacher in the school.”
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but laugh. A dignified third-level martial artist who actually works as a physical education teacher in the school, if such a thing is said, I am afraid that people will laugh out loud!
But after hearing this, Yu Qinghe couldn’t help but fell into contemplation, because the third-level martial artist did not want to reveal his identity when he became a physical education teacher.
Considering that the people who came to Hedong either escaped the disaster or offended others. Looking at the other person’s appearance, it is estimated that those who have offended and are difficult to deal with will become like this.
So after shook his head slightly, Yu Qinghe said solemnly: “Let’s take a look, first understand who the other party has offended. If it is too tough, we don’t have to come forward and take it in, otherwise it will be a trouble.”
Yu Shaobai glanced at it. After taking a glance at his father, he nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I know how to do it, just a little threat, but if you don’t use this trick, try not to use it, otherwise it will be counterproductive.”
After saying this, he got up and moved his body to continue. Said: “Okay, I’ll take a bath and then see my mom. You can rest early and stop eating dinner.”
Yu Qinghe looked at his son and nodded. I don’t know when, the hairy boy was already Become an adult, and his mind is heavier than himself.
Perhaps Qinghe will be able to shine a different light in his hands, but now that his son is very aggressive, if he doesn’t control it well, he might cause a lot of trouble.

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