I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 905

It seems that getting in the car gave Han San courage, he also keenly noticed the footprint on the ground just now.
Then there was a moment of silence, and he lit a cigarette for himself and said, “There are relatively few martial artists here in Hedong, and most of them are from a few families.”
After saying this, he took out a few photos from the car and opened his mouth. Said: “On the one hand, it is the three masters of the Shen family. According to legend, each of them has a hand not lower than a third-level martial artist. On the other hand, it is Qinghe Hui. There are rumors that Yu Shaobai is also a third-level martial artist.”
Hearing this, After Jiang Hao was silent for a while, he smiled bitterly and said, “Since this is the case, it seems that this time someone from the Shen family wants to see me, it should be Yu Shaobai of the Qinghe Club.”
Han San’s hand trembled unconsciously. , Turned his head to look at Jiang Hao with a little surprise: “When did you get involved with Qinghehui again?!”
Jiang Hao had just come to Hedong after all, and he didn’t know many things. Qinghehui was like a bandit in Hedong. The same exists.
This is why Han Sanguang’s hands tremble when he hears Qinghehui. As a native of Hedong, he has seen too many crimes by Qinghehui.
Thinking of Jiang Hao’s involvement with Qinghe Society, Han San felt a mess at this moment. Ma Jianghao looked at Han San’s abnormal appearance and shook his head casually, “Left and right are just a Qinghe meeting. As for now, It looks like this.”
“What do you know, Qinghe will use his own power to rule the west and north of the city, do you know what these two aspects represent?!”
Looking at Jiang Hao’s indifferent appearance, Han San couldn’t help being somewhat Anxiously opened his mouth and said: “No, you must report this to Li Miao, otherwise you will get into trouble!”
Having said that, Han San wanted to change his direction and go to the coffee shop to find Li Miao. If she knew that Jiang Hao had a relationship with Qinghe Society, she might immediately stop this plan!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao frowned and then said solemnly: “Enough, this matter is my own business, it has nothing to do with you, now I continue to go to school, I will be responsible for what happens.”
Han San The sight glass glanced at Jiang Hao, a look of embarrassment flashed across his face.
“Brother Shen, it’s not that I don’t listen to you. We all know who you are. I don’t want you to be an accident!”
Jiang Hao gave himself a cigarette with a light smile and said with a light smile. “It’s okay. You just need to do the things you have now. You won’t pick me up after school today. Just go back and talk to Ning Kun.”
Han San saw that Jiang Hao went his own way. After a moment of silence, he had no choice but to recognize it, so he drove absently to the school gate.
In silence, he watched Jiang Hao take the cake and walk into the school. I don’t know why, Han San always felt a little uneasy.
At this moment, Shen Qingzhi is sitting quietly in the classroom and looking at the book in his hand. He is different from those who play in school all day.
Now although the Shen family in Hedong is staring at the hat of the three masters of the Shen family, Shen Qingzhi knows that now only his father has offspring, and his two uncles have never married.
If he can’t study hard now, he won’t be able to inherit the family business in the future, and he will easily be suppressed and squeezed out in places like Hedong.
Shen Qingzhi also wanted to play outside carefree like everyone else, no matter how long he was!
But his identity is destined that he can’t do it, so he can only encourage himself.
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help looking out the window expectantly, and only when he was in physical education class could he feel relaxed.
After Shen Qing had finished a few classes, Jiang Hao finally walked to the classroom with the pastry in his hand, and the students in the classroom looked at him curiously and excitedly.
Jiang Hao unconsciously chuckled and said: “Today’s training may be a bit heavy, so let you eat something to refresh you, otherwise it’s not my business if you can’t stand it later. Now!”
The children in the entire classroom laughed loudly after hearing this, Jiang Hao glanced at Shen Qingzhi with a deep look.
Then he walked to Shen Qingzhi with two cakes in his hand and put them down.
“I heard that your family is special, but you shouldn’t dislike the teacher’s two shabby cakes, right?”
Shen Qingzhi looked at the cakes in Jiang Hao’s hands and the sunny smile on his face, with a cold face. The expression loosened slightly.
“Of course not, thank you teacher, but do you know that you can easily cause trouble to yourself?”
Jiang Hao was taken aback after hearing this, and looked at Shen Qingzhi with some doubts: “Trouble, what is the trouble, I really do It’s not quite clear.”
Shen Qingzhi’s heart flashed after hearing this, and then he pointed to the cakes on the table and said: “These cakes are the cakes of Chengnan Jinhuaji. Some of their cakes have added some comparisons. Things that are prone to allergies.”
After saying this, Shen Qingzhi said with a smile on his face: “If something happens to us after eating the cakes, I am afraid that the teacher can go back safely today is a problem.”
Jiang Hao listened. After looking at Shen Qingzhi with a little surprise, although he was still young, he already knew a lot of things.
It really deserves to be the seed of the Shen family, even if it is separated, the child is like a dragon and a phoenix!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao laughed and nodded, then said: “Well, even if you can say it, but have you forgotten what the teacher does? You think the teacher doesn’t know something like this?”
Su When I pressed this, Jiang Hao handed over the pastry in his hand and smiled: “Don’t worry about it. I have chosen these things specially, and nothing will happen.”
Shen Qingzhi watched the other classmates eat and feasted, so after a moment of silence, he took the cake in Jiang Hao’s hand and said, “In this case, I would like to thank the teacher first.” The other classmates also yelled after hearing this: “Thank you, Teacher Shen, Long live Teacher Shen!”
Jiang Hao looked at them, smiled unconsciously, waved his hand, and said: “Okay, you guys eat quickly, we will go out after eating. Physical education.”
Since Jiang Hao came, his class quickly became the school’s star class.
Not only is there Shen Qingzhi in it, but also because there is a physical education teacher like Jiang Hao who can take them to play outside.
At this time, Shen Qingzhi’s eyes towards Jiang Hao changed a little, not like he was facing other teachers.
Perhaps this is also because Jiang Hao is unique and can get along with anyone with peace of mind.

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