I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 907

Jiang Hao see chuckle or two after Yu sighed to a small white: “? I believe you are the president wants to change this situation, but why do you keep the pace to look at these people in front of you it”
a Change certainly means sacrifice and bleeding, but if it can’t be stabilized, it will be of no use even if it gets more.
To be honest, Jiang Hao at this time is more inclined to the attitude of the Shen family to Hedong, and it takes ten years to slowly teach Hedong, and everything will slowly change.
And like what Yu Shaobai did now, all he wanted was to be the same as some people in Hedong before. They just want what they deserve, not really want to change.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao shook his head slightly and then stood up and arched his hands to Yu Shaobai: “Let’s do this today, President Yu, please let me think about it for a while if I can.”
Jiang Hao turned around after saying this . So he was about to leave. Yu Shaobai turned his back to Jiang Hao and looked at the information in his hand. She was silent for a moment and said: “Did you really leave like this ?” When saying this, Yu Shaobai turned his head and looked at Jiang Hao’s back. .
“Who do you think Hedong really wants to do well, the Shen family? No, the Shen family just wants to take control of Hedong slowly. They don’t think about Hedong’s future at all!”
Yu Shaobai knew, if this If Jiang Hao leaves for the second time, I am afraid this person will stand in the camp of the Shen family in the future.
Although the Shen family today is not as sharp as it was more than ten years ago, the foundation is still not shallow, if it continues like this.
Qinghe would want to overthrow the Shen family in Hedong, and I’m afraid it won’t work for another 20 years, let alone seeing this day in his father’s lifetime.
Jiang Hao turned his head and looked at Yu Shaobai deeply and couldn’t help but smile and said: “If you really intend to do well for Hedong, listen to my words, give up when you should give up, sometimes you may give up. Can get more.”
After saying this, Jiang Hao left right away, regardless of Yu Shaobai behind him, because he knew that Yu Shaobai would never do anything to himself.
When Jiang Hao finished talking with Yu Shaobai, Han Sanzheng sat nervously in front of Ning Kun.
“What should I do, Mr. Jiang has been to see Yu Shaobai for so long, so nothing will happen, right?”
After saying this, Han San bit his finger nervously and said: “Yu Shaobai is out It’s notoriously inhuman, if he does anything to Mr. Jiang, I won’t be by his side!”
It seemed that I was a little scared thinking about this, and Han San’s voice was full of crying.
Ning Kun looked at the newspaper in his hand and leaned Erlang’s legs up and said: “Let’s wash it, he won’t do anything to Jiang Hao. At any rate, he is also a third-level warrior. If he is not pleased, it will be fine. He did it?”
Hearing that Jiang Hao turned out to be a third-level martial artist, Han San was frightened. He looked at Ning Kun in a daze and said after a moment of silence: “It’s true, don’t you scare me?”
Ning Kun glanced at Han San with disdain, and said that if Jiang Hao’s true strength was revealed, would he scare you to pee your pants?
After a chuckle, Ning Kun still didn’t tell Jiang Hao’s true strength, but chuckled and shook his head before speaking: “Anyway, don’t worry, Yu Shaobai will definitely not be against Jiang Hao, but This incident gave us a reminder.”
Han San wiped the corner of his eyes after hearing this, and said: “What reminder, you said, I must pay attention next time.”
“The other party does not seem to be watching us for a day or two. It’s a while. It’s estimated that we have been monitoring since we came to Hedong, otherwise he won’t know where we are as soon as he comes back.”
After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Han San with some doubts and said, “You When sending Jiang Hao to school recently, did he find anything unusual, such as being followed by someone.”
Han San shook his head after pondering for a moment and said, “I have always been paying attention to this aspect. Nothing like this has happened, because Li Miao has explained to me before.”
Jiang Hao’s identity is the blood of the Shen family back then. , Just at this point, neither Li Miao or Han San, who has been favored by the Shen family, would not easily relax their protection of Jiang Hao.
Seeing Han San’s seriousness, Ning Kun sighed after being silent for a moment: “It seems that the other party has been staring at us in secret all the time. It’s a bit fun, and people can be stared at here.”
Han After thinking for a while, San took out his mobile phone and looked at Mingku and said, “Or I will contact Li Miao now and ask her to check the south of the city. Maybe I can catch some interesting people.”
Ning Kun shook his head slightly. Then he said in a deep voice: “Forget it, we don’t know about this matter. Maybe this will make the other party look down on us. Otherwise, if we expose it too early, I am afraid it will cause some trouble.” The two were talking. Here, Jiang Hao wandered back with a piece of meat in his hand. Seeing Ning Kun and Han San sitting in the living room with a sad face, he smiled and said hello.
Then he brought the food he bought to the kitchen and put it down in the kitchen and said: “You guys came back quite early, I said Han San, you are so true, I don’t know how to go to the vegetable market to buy some food when I come back.”
Ning Kun looked at Jiang Hao somewhat. He rolled his eyes helplessly and said, “Please, you are now at level three or four, do you still need to eat to provide energy for your daily activities?”
Jiang Hao shrugged helplessly and looked at Ning Kun with a smile “Do you think I don’t want to, what are you talking about just now, so you can tell me no?”
After saying this, Jiang Hao lit a cigarette for himself, and looked at Ning Kun and Han San curiously. At this time, the expression on Han San’s face looked rather cute.
Han San looked at Jiang Hao in a daze, and when he saw that he did not appear to be missing his hands or feet, he was surprised and said: “My God, how did you get out of Yu Shaobai? Today we sacrificed ten. Personally, do you know?”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly and then said: “Yes, I know, and I also made a deal with them. If 800 can’t shoot people without shooting arrows, then that person will belong to me. He just needs to give up my head. I wake up when I’m on the Apple.” Ning Kun spoke to Jiang Hao with a thumbs up after hearing this: “If you don’t see that your kid is quite capable now, I’m going to be able to do it alone!”
Jiang Hao looked at Ning Kun and sat down after a long laugh, then looked at the coffee table and was silent.
It took a long time before he spoke: “Yu Shaobai will probably pull out some things soon. Regardless of whether these things will affect us, we should make preparations as soon as possible.”

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