I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 916

Things were indeed as expected by Yu Shaobai. Because Shen Feng could not withstand the various pressures from the east of the city, he knew what was happening here, but in just a few hours he had to take someone to the boundary of the east of the city.
Shen Zhiqiu was eating chewing gum in his mouth. He rode a motorcycle under the crotch to watch the fireworks set off Chengbei and smiled and said, “I didn’t see it. For the first time, I thought it would be so beautiful here.”
Shen Sihai looked hesitantly. After a glance at his younger brother, he said: “Are you sure you want to go in? You should not intervene in these things, or go back.”
Although Shen Sihai is very happy that his cynical brother is finally thinking about doing something for his elder brother, he I really don’t want my brother to see these and things.
The Great Purge brought not only death, but also various unacceptable things. He didn’t want these to defile his brother.
Shen Feng’s eyes at Shen Zhiqiu at this time also looked a bit deep, and the two sides looked at each other after a long silence.
Shen Feng slowly said: “Zhiqiu, why don’t you go back first, I’m glad you can stand up and help me, but this is the first time you encounter this kind of thing, it is not suitable for you.”
Shen Zhiqiu looked at it. My two brothers looked helpless afterwards: “I have come out to play so many times, what kind of scenes have not been seen before, do you think I have never seen it in the north of the city?”
After saying this, Shen Zhiqiu smiled helplessly. With a sound, I remember that when I saw something in the north of the city for the first time, I did not sleep well when I went home for several days, and I wanted to have a nightmare as soon as I closed my eyes.
But seeing his two brothers standing here, how could he retreat as Shen Zhiqiu, one of the three masters of the Shen family.
After smiled slightly, Shen Zhiqiu motorcycle lying on the opening: “Well, my brothers, or still go to chat again, maybe here more than a moment will be more of a man dying.”
Watched With his own brother so persistent, Shen Feng smiled helplessly and nodded: “Well, since you have said so, don’t regret it.”
After saying this, the smile on Shen Feng’s entire face instantly became extremely serious.
“All over the world, you bring two hundred people between the north and the west of the city, separate the people from the two directions, establish a barrier, and do not allow the people of the Qinghe Club to continue to spread!”
There are nearly five members of the Qinghe Club in the north. Thousands of people, just rely on two thousand to separate people from both directions, how can this be considered easy.
However, after hearing this, Shen Sihai nodded proudly, and then blew a whistle. A lot of people came out of the surrounding area, encumbering Shen Sihai and rushing to the north of the city!
Shen Feng looked at his younger brother Shen Zhiqiu, smiled and said: “As for you, lead a hundred people to patrol behind me. Anyone who encounters a fake Qinghe who will commit a crime will be executed on the spot!”
Hearing this Then, although Shen Zhiqiu knew that his brother wanted to protect himself, he couldn’t help but curled his lips and said: “Yes, I know, it’s really boring!”
Seeing him somewhat helpless, Shen Feng shook his head slightly. Then he said: “It is already very satisfying if you can stand up. This is enough. Next time, I will give you a chance next time.”
Hearing this, the expression on Shen Zhiqiu’s face was only slightly After getting better, he smiled at Shen Feng and said, “That’s OK, next time I have to show up, or I will be robbed by you alone.”
Shen Feng looked at his brother and couldn’t help but Haha laughed, and then took Shen Feng into the car, and then sprinted to the north of the city. He followed nearly a hundred cars in a mighty manner. It seemed that there were at least seven or eight hundred people!
Naturally, such a big action couldn’t be hidden from the people of Qinghehui. After receiving the news, the black-robed man quickly handed the information to Yu Shaobai.
At this time, Yu Shaobai just glanced at the intelligence and laughed: “It’s not bad. I originally expected them to come later. I didn’t expect Shen Feng to be so useless and could not withstand any pressure. Hahaha.”
The black-robed man standing beside him couldn’t be laughed at this time. On the one hand, he was from the thirteen subjects. They estimated that the misunderstanding was going to be a big deal this time.
On the other hand, there is the powerful Hedong Shen family. The contradiction between the two parties is not one day or two, and it is the end of life and death at every turn.
If he is not careful at this time, it is very likely that he will be attacked by both sides. In such a situation, how can the black-robed man laugh.
Yu Shaobai glanced faintly at the black robe man standing beside him, he obviously understood what he was thinking, after all, it was his own plan, and it was not unexpected that Yu Shaobai had expected what would happen.
But the appearance of the thirteen subjects was indeed an accident to him, after all, he did not want to be an enemy of the thirteen subjects.
One advantage of being an enemy of the Shen family is that there are so many branches in the Shen family that no one can help anytime and anywhere.
However, the situation is completely different from that of Shisanke. Their maintenance of their own members is definitely not comparable to that of the Shen family. As long as there is an accident, the rest of them will pounce like crazy dogs.
Looking at the worried look on the black robe man’s face, Yu Shaobai smiled and said: “Don’t worry, if it’s not what I expected, when the people from the 13th subjects come over, everything here is over. They What can you do with me at that time?”
After saying this, Yu Shaobai smiled and took a sip from the teacup on the table, but didn’t notice the arrival of Yu Qinghe.
“Son, what you did this time is a bit too much, do you know?” When he stepped forward, Yu Qinghe saw a flash of anger in his son’s eyes. After all, when he presided over the cleaning, he would only target specific ones. Several locations.
Rather than pulling in the entire city like his own son, causing such a huge loss!
Seeing the smile on Yu Shaobai’s face, Yu Qinghe spoke with great annoyance: “Do you know what you are doing? You are now almost alone in challenging the many forces in Hedong!”
After hearing this, Yu Shaobai sneered and said: “Don’t worry, father, their group of local dogs are different from the bloody wolves we are used to, they dare not do anything.”
Yu Qinghe gave a bitter smile and nodded and said. “Yes, they really dare not do anything, but what do you think will happen to us?”
After saying this, Yu Qinghe threw a note on his son’s face and said angrily: “Thirteen Sections The person from has sent two action teams to rush in, and you still don’t know anything!” The black-robed man took out his computer in fear after hearing this, and it turned out that things were heading in an unexpected direction. go with.

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