I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 918

The black-robed man standing behind him looked at Yu Shaobai’s back, although there was fear in his heart, he was more excited.
Among those who are willing to follow Yu Shaobai to do this, how many of them are not crazy, and how many of them look like reasonable people.
Someone once said that living in this world may take a long time for people, but for history it is just a small wave, and even many people are not as good as a wave.
What they are doing now is to surpass themselves, even though they can’t do it alone, so they chose to follow Yu Shaobai to do this, letting their names be left in the history of Hedong.
The black-robed man thought the same at this time, so while he was cherishing fear in his heart, he couldn’t help looking at Yu Shaobai’s back with some admiration.
In just a few minutes, Yu Shaobai’s orders were issued to each sub-rudder, and the people at each sub-rudder became even more crazy after learning about the incident.
The north of the city looked like it was spreading in a sea of ​​flames from the sky, but the black-robed man standing upstairs felt a happy heart!
This is what they will bring to Qinghe. Anyone from Hedong or anyone who enters Hedong will know in the future that there was once a Qinghe meeting here!
In fact, the black-robed man didn’t expect this thing to succeed. The reason why he chose to do it like this was because he wanted to be famous, there was another most important factor.
Regardless of the success or failure of this matter, there is a Yu Shaobai standing in front.
If things are successful, it will be good. If things are not successful, Yu Shaobai will be the only one who will be unlucky at that time. Many people can continue to live in peace and stability in this Hedong as long as they change their identities.
This is also a secret between him and Yu Shaobai, and the reason why Yu Shaobai chooses to continue is because he knows that if he cannot do this, he may not be able to do it again in a long time.
I don’t know why, the two generations of Yu family have a kind of enthusiasm for Hedong, it seems that everyone wants to swallow the whole Hedong in one bite.
They don’t have a complete plan like the Shen family. They just want to bring the whole Hedong into their own rule. As for the following things, Yu Shaobai never thought about it.
At this moment, a person sitting on the balcony, quietly watching the fireworks bursting in the sky from time to time in the night, the corner of his mouth slightly raised some pleasant thoughts.
If this matter is successful, what kind of dress should I put on to give a speech on stage, so that I can tell those who are high on the day, he brought the lower class people in the north of the city to them.
Just thinking about the picture at that time, Yu Shaobai felt that his whole body seemed to be boiling!
After calming down a bit, he couldn’t help but think again that if he failed, he, the sinner who started this great purge, might be pushed out cleanly.
Even his own biological father would not stand up and say a word for himself, and such an end might be considered decent to him.
However, he thought too much, if he was allowed to choose a method of death, what method of death should he choose.
Such thoughts constantly stimulated him and made him realize that he has no retreat in the slightest.
Of the 50,000 people in the entire Qinghe Club, 20,000 were thrown away at the immigration office to intercept those who might come to support him.
The other 10,000 people were used by him to serve as a new force in this great purge, but he could not mobilize the remaining 20,000 people.
That’s right, his father even kept a hand with him, probably because he was worried that when he was getting old and dying, he could not help but send him on the road.
Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai burst into laughter, and while smiling, the corner of his eyes seemed a little moist.
On the other side, Yu Qinghe was sitting in his office with a gloomy face, and there were still many photos quietly placed on the desktop, of which a large part of the people from the Qinghe Club were acting misbehaving in the north of the city.
Looking at the photos, Yu Qinghe was a little bit painful. After all, the north of the city was the place where they ruled. Even if people got a lot of nails in, there is no need to make things like this.
Thinking of this, Yu Qinghe closed his eyes and opened his mouth a little tiredly: “Hui, what on earth did the kid Shaobai think about? Doesn’t he know that he is playing with fire now?” In the empty office, with When Yu Qinghe’s voice fell, ripples suddenly appeared in the air.
A man wearing a gray robe slowly appeared, and then respectfully knelt at the feet of Yu Qinghe and said: “I don’t know, but he is dark by his side, he should be able to restrain the young master.”
Yu Qinghe After hearing this, I couldn’t help laughing. Maybe the last thing he should do in his life is to hand over Qinghehui to his son, or maybe he shouldn’t hand over black to him.
As long as he didn’t make a mistake in one of these two choices, things won’t become what it is now, and it won’t be like it is now that he seems a little irreparable!
“Don’t expect the black club to restrain Shaobai’s child. He has now completely stood on Shaobai’s side. To him now, I am just a bad old man.” At this point, Yu Qinghe opened his mouth. His eyes quietly looked at the man kneeling in front of him.
Many people in Hedong know what kind of person Yu Qinghe is, but few people know that he has two generals under him, called black and white.
Yi Hei is the man in the black robe who followed Yu Shaobai, and Bai died in an unfortunate action many years ago.
Because of that incident, Hei also had certain doubts about him. Because of this, Yu Qinghe simply gave the black tone to his son, and then secretly cultivated the ash who is now kneeling in front of him.
He had forgotten what Hui’s real name was, anyway, he was the man’s god, he called him whatever he wanted.
After a moment of silence, Yu Qinghe opened the mouth with some pity: “It’s a pity that Hei has been with me for so many years. Go and see. If possible, let him disappear completely. I don’t want to see him anymore.”
Kneeling in front of Yu Qinghe After hearing this, Li Hui nodded without hesitation, and then his figure flashed past and disappeared into the night.
Looking at the direction in which he disappeared, Yu Qinghe knew that he had told many people in Hedong from the side that he had broken with his son.
In this way, even if the son fails, then he can retain the next part of the manpower, which is the more than 20,000 people he has not given to his son.

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