I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 95

Jiang Hao shook his head and said innocently: “I didn’t see it, I just went to the bathroom.”
Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s words, and said with contempt: “Come on, just you. I’m a man, I definitely want to get it, you must be peeking at me, are you really shameless?”
Zhou Yuanyuan snorted and continued: “You can’t do anything? You can pretend to be a gift. Peeping at this kind of thing is probably what you are good at, so disgusting!”
Jiang Hao frowned. Said: “I ask you to be careful when you speak. I didn’t want to peek at you. Do you really think that you are as beautiful as an immortal? The society is going to peek at you?”
Jiang Hao’s words made Zhou Yuanyuan annoyed with her teeth. Looking at Li Sen angrily, pretending to be a little wronged, and said: “Oh, my husband, look at him, this drama dare to say that to me, why don’t you scold him?”
Li Sen couldn’t help but smile, and soothed with his hands. Looking at Zhou Yuanyuan, she said: “My dear. This kind of person, do we have to care about him? What kind of thing is he, care about him, we are equal to our own worth! What’s more, people like him are also able to peek. , I guess it grows so big. I haven’t even tasted the femininity yet…Haha…”
After speaking, Li Sen couldn’t hide his mockery of Jiang Hao and laughed.
Jiang Hao stared at the two men blankly, and his heart became more conflicted, and he was about to turn his head and leave.
But Jiang Hao was stopped by Zhou Yuanyuan as soon as he took a step.
“You stop for me, I ask you, why are you here? Huh, I guess, you sneaked in and prepared to steal things, right?” Zhou Yuanyuan questioned Jiang Hao hostilely.
You know, Haoyue Hotel is one of the top hotels in Chujiang. People who come and go here are either rich or expensive.
But Jiang Hao suddenly appeared here, Zhou Yuanyuan naturally thought that Jiang Hao had no good purpose!
I guess I just wanted to steal something!
After all, if he succeeded here once, Jiang Haoke would post it afterwards!
Thinking of this, Fang Xiao couldn’t help but smiled, seeming to see through everything, and said proudly: “Haha no wonder, no wonder you seem to have suddenly become rich recently. Look, a poor ghost, and a famous brand. Where did the money come from? I guess it was stolen, right, too, someone like you can really do everything, and I don’t think it’s unusual for you to do anything!”
Jiang Hao was stern. During this period of time, Jiang Hao has not attached much importance to such accusations made out of nothing.
These people are willing to bite, just let them go, as long as you don’t really anger yourself, otherwise you will definitely embarrass them.
“You better pay attention to your words, I’m here to eat, keep your mouth clean!” Jiang Hao said coldly.
As soon as Zhou Yuanyuan heard Jiang Hao’s words, she suddenly laughed, as if she had heard what a ridiculous joke, she pointed to Jiang Hao and said, “You. What did you say? Just you, come here to eat? Can you still Do you want to blow a little more?”
Li Sen on the side, when he heard this, he curled his lips in disdain, and mocked: “Hehe, sure enough, my dear, what you said is true, is this person really special? , What did you say first that I bought fifty-eighty-eight perfumes, and it’s not counted if the face is not red and the heart beats, and now you say that you are here for dinner?”
Li Sen smiled and pointed downwards: “You know, how proud In the lobby below the Yue Hotel, how much does it cost to have a meal? Don’t talk about the special three or four thousand, you tell me to eat here? Do you know? This is the most luxurious place in the entire hotel, just a private room , The consumption is at least 100,000. You lie and don’t look in the mirror?”
After saying this, Li Sen seemed to be even more proud.
He looked at Jiang Hao, and smiled even more when Jiang Hao didn’t say a word. Continued: “Did you see the private room over there?”
Li Sen pointed to the Dizi Hall, his tone was full of ostentatious meaning: “I will sit there for dinner today, do you know what it means? That is the second luxurious private room of Haoyue Hotel. Haha, invited me to dinner today. But the well-known boss in Chujiang knows that I’m here for dinner, and this is the owner of the Haoyue Hotel, Qiao San, who specially told me not to be alone…”
“Do you know why I want to tell you this?” Li Sen pointed out Holding Jiang Hao’s nose, he said proudly, “In fact, it’s nothing else, I just want to tell you how funny you are, are you embarrassed, then blow? Do you think I’ll believe it? Why do you have a swollen face? , Say you are eating here, you are worthy?”
Li Sen suddenly looked at the defense line of the Tianzi Hall, which was not far away, and sneered: “Haha, why don’t you tell me, you said you ate there? Oh, yes, yes, you can afford fifty-eight thousand fragrances, I guess, you must be eating in that room, right? Blow, blow hard!”
Li Sen said Inside out. Full of ridicule, in his opinion, Jiang Hao is not worth mentioning in front of him.
Show superiority by yourself, but show death Jiang Hao!
Li Sen finished speaking and looked at each other with Zhou Yuanyuan. After that, both of them laughed endlessly, just waiting to see how Jiang Hao answered the conversation.
However, the performance of the two made Jiang Hao feel a little ridiculous. He nodded disdainfully and smiled instead: “You are right, I just ate in that room.”
Jiang Hao said, Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan’s expressions suddenly became extremely exaggerated, as if they wanted to vomit.
“Hehe, why don’t you say that you are eating on the rooftop? You are not ashamed!” Zhou Yuanyuan cast her eyes to Jiang Hao, and said, “I said you are such a great dramatist, and you are still floating. It’s ridiculous!”
“Haha” , My dear, don’t say that, what if they are serious?” Li Sen smiled and said, “then you can go back to the house and have a meal, and don’t let the food get cold in a while. I won’t keep it for you!”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but shook his head when he saw these two people. He really didn’t want to explain much to someone with such an IQ. Instead, he turned around and walked towards the private room of the Tianzi Hall!
However, seeing Jiang Hao walking by, Zhou Yuanyuan frowned and tugged at Li Sen: “Husband, this guy has really passed by, shouldn’t he really go in? The people who eat in the house are all big people, this You idiot won’t be beaten to death, right?”
Li Sen curled his lips and said with confidence: “Hehe, don’t worry, he is pretending to be forced, do you really think he dares to go in? Don’t worry, for a while. I see how he will step down!” The two looked at Jiang Hao from a long distance, waiting to see what kind of ugliness Jiang Hao would have!
Jiang Hao quickly walked to the door of the private room. He was about to push the door, but suddenly stopped. He turned his head and grinned at Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan.
“Hmph, see, this idiot didn’t dare to go in!” Li Sen laughed with his arms around Zhou Yuanyuan upon seeing this.
Zhou Yuanyuan also thought that Jiang Hao didn’t dare to go in to make this action, and she immediately laughed.
But she just showed a smile, her face suddenly solidified, and then her face was full of incredible!
Because she saw that Jiang Hao opened the door and walked in!
“This…what’s going on?” Zhou Yuanyuan was blinded!
“Fuck?” Li Sen also seemed caught off guard!
They couldn’t think of it anyway. Jiang Hao opened the door and went in.
Could this guy be crazy? How dare you go in? You know, everyone who eats in that house must be Chu Jiang’s top big man. Jiang Hao has entered. Isn’t he afraid that people will blame him and clean him up?
But Jiang Hao still went in. And it seems to have a relaxed face, without taking it seriously!
This simply left Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan at a loss!
“This… he must have done it deliberately!” Zhou Yuanyuan’s face sank, and she pointed in that direction, “husband, look at it, this idiot broke in deliberately, trying not to lose face in front of the two of us. You look good. He will be beaten out by others in a while!”
At this moment, there seems to be only one explanation. Li Sen gritted his teeth and could only accept this point of view.
And he hoped so, after all, compared to Jiang Hao, who really ate in that private room. Jiang Hao was beaten out, which obviously made him more balanced and comfortable!
He curled his lips: “Yes, it must be the case. This idiot is playing with fire and self-immolation, let’s not pay attention to him!”
After speaking, Li Sen was about to pull Zhou Yuanyuan back to his private room.
It’s just that Fang Xiao grabbed him with an angrily expression on his face, and said: “No, let’s wait a while, I have to take a look at how this idiot was beaten out by others, no He has the ability to pretend, and see how he ends up!”
Obviously, if you didn’t see Jiang Hao being beaten out today, Zhou Yuanyuan would not sleep well today.
What she wanted to see was actually not that Jiang Hao was beaten, but she just wanted to seek comfort in her heart!
After all, Jiang Hao walked in so confidently, it is very likely that he really was eating there, but Zhou Yuanyuan could not accept this kind of thing anyway.
What is Jiang Hao? In front of him, he is not even a trash. Why can he be higher than himself and eat in a private room even higher than himself?
This kind of thing, in Zhou Yuanyuan’s view, is simply unacceptable!
Since Zhou Yuanyuan had said so, Li Sen had no choice but to shook his head and waited with her.
Moreover, in Li Sen’s heart, there are some who can’t accept this kind of thing. He feels that this thing is burning his self-esteem, so he also has the idea of ​​thinking about it!
The two waited for more than ten minutes. In the end, Li Sen’s legs were a little numb, but Jiang Hao was not beaten out, and he couldn’t help but feel a little upset.
But at this moment, the door of the private room of the Dizi Room was pushed open, and Zhao Jiuyuan couldn’t help being a little curious when seeing the two of them go to the bathroom and hadn’t come back, so he hurriedly found them, but saw the two people, and he was dumbfounded. Standing there, looking at the Tianzi Hall.
“You two, this is…” Zhao Jiuyuan quickly walked over and asked curiously.
Li Sen was stunned for a moment, and then hurriedly asked: “Mr. Zhao, who is eating in this private room?”

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