Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1128

The Holy City of Europe, the Shenyin event.
The candidate of the Eastern Continent, a sword fame as the gods, although this matter was suppressed, but no one who was present on that day would not remember the strong man from the East, but he was in his twenties. Sword severely hit Antarctica Bishop Milo. Compared with him, candidates from other continents were like a joke, not even a foil.
Markham has participated in the event, even though the time has passed so long, the candidate of the Eastern Continent still has a fresh memory, even in the hearts of the people who came there, Zhang Xuan is already the future bishop of the Eastern Continent!
Such a position is extremely transcendent in the divine retreat!
The Eastern Continent is a special existence in the Divine Retreat.
The bishops of the Eastern Continents have the same position as the bishops of the other continents, but those who know the inside story in the Divine Enclave understand that the status of the Bishops of the Eastern Continents completely exceeds that of the other six bishops.
To be able to become the bishop of the Eastern Continent, it is no exaggeration to say that in the divine congregation, that is definitely more than ten thousand people!
When Markham saw Zhang Xuan, he only felt his legs soft.
That person did not see Markham’s expression change in the early stage of transformation, and he still pointed to Zhang Xuandao: “Master Markham, it’s him. This person is too arrogant. He has nine games to support him, so he doesn’t hide God at all. The rules of the meeting are in my eyes. I think this kind of person must be punished!”
These two words flickered in Markham’s mind.
Who is to blame? Punish the candidate for the bishop of the Eastern Continents? To punish the future bishop of the Eastern Continent? Don’t say that you are a master, even if it is the joint name of the bishops of the other six continents, don’t try to punish this one!
Zhang Xuan looked in the direction of Markham.
Markham knew Zhang Xuan, but Zhang Xuan didn’t know such a small person. However, he didn’t know Gui or Gui, but as Zhang Xuan was concerned, he really couldn’t care about today’s affairs.
Zhang Xuan whispered: “Which continent are you in charge?”
At the beginning of the transformation, Zhang Xuan dared to question Markham. He couldn’t wait to show off in front of Markham, and he rebuked Zhang Xuan, “You are arrogant. To the extreme, how is the master of Markham’s control…”
“Pop!” In the early stage of Transformation Realm, who was yelling loudly, he was once again slapped and flew out. This time Markham did it.
After Markham turned the noise in his ear, he bowed to Zhang Xuan in unbelievable gazes, and then said respectfully: “In response to your lord, I am the master of Europe, under the command of Bishop Delk. ”
Markham’s attitude towards Zhang Xuan, and all the hidden forces he looked at, were all taken aback.
what’s the situation? Markham, the control envoy of the divine secret society, even called this man an adult!
Baipaoke’s frowning brows were completely unfolded at this moment. It seemed that the nine rounds this time were the blessing of Uncle Master, and a big problem was solved inadvertently.
Zhang Xuan looked at Markham curiously, “Do you know me?”
Markham lowered his head and said respectfully: “Subordinates have seen adults in the Holy City.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Explain to me, you Europe The gods will know, when will the hot summer come? Who let you intervene in the hot summer, eh?”
“This…” Markham lowered his head and couldn’t answer.
Zhang Xuan asked again: “Do you do this, don’t you put our Eastern Continent in your eyes?”
“Dare!” Markham knelt directly on the ground, shaking with fright.
Don’t put the Eastern Continent in your eyes? With such a hat, Markham thinks he can’t stand it. Don’t talk about himself. If the bishop of any continent comes, he dare not say such a thing!
Back then, the bishop of the Eastern Continent swept the crowds by himself. When he was invincible, he did not put the Eastern Continent in his eyes. Saying this and showing this meaning, what is the difference with seeking death?
Zhang Xuan snorted coldly, “I really think there is someone who is in control of what the adult is going to do in Yinzhou, don’t you get out!” When Markham heard this, he was full of spirits, where he dared to stay more, stood up and pulled him beside Beaton is about to leave.
Beaton is a new control envoy and does not know Zhang Xuan’s identity. Seeing Markham’s attitude, he is also puzzled.
Markham didn’t have time to explain to Beaton, forcibly dragged Beaton, thinking about leaving.
When the two came, they descended from the sky with a strong attitude and full of confidence. They did not put the nine innings in their eyes. In one sentence, they would directly kick the nine in the hot summer realm. But now when they go, they are like a bereaved dog, embarrassed and faceless. Nothing, everything, but because Zhang Xuan simply said a few words.
Seeing Markham, who was fleeing and seeming to leave, everyone with hidden strength couldn’t help swallowing saliva.
As a veteran of the Shadow Club, Markham has the power of the initial stage of Qi Condensation, and among these hidden forces, there are many stronger than Markham, but in terms of identity, no one can compare with Markham. After all, behind Markham, that is the Shadow Society, one of the four major forces in the world, with a heritage of two thousand years.
What kind of energy is behind a character who makes Markham bow and kneel and call him an adult?
Originally clamoring secretly for the person who was waiting for Shenyin to come to find Zhang Xuan’s troubles, he couldn’t help shrinking his head at this moment. The middle-aged man with beard and beard also looked elsewhere.
The big bald man before, he was surprisingly relieved. It seems that his grandson in the past few days is not in vain.
The person who stood in front of Zhang Xuan’s body and reached out his hand to stop Zhang Xuan’s path in the early stage of condensing Qi was extremely embarrassed at this moment. He slowly let go of his hand, retreated two steps faintly, and gave Zhang Xuan aside.
Zhang Xuan glanced at this person, raised his arm, swiped it across the air, and a flash of purple light flashed.
This master at the initial stage of Qi condensation shook his body and his pupils began to spread.
Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan’s hand, took Milan and the three daughters of Su Shu and Su Si, strode out of the crowd.
When Zhang Xuan and the others walked out of the crowd, blood began to be sprayed on the neck of the master in the early stage of condensing Qi.
Zhang Xuan’s voice rang faintly, clearly reaching everyone present, “What I said was not a joke, it is now, and it will be in the future. Hear it clearly. From now on, I don’t want to see anyone targeting my wife and her family. In this way.”
Zhang Xuan strode away, leaving all the hidden forces staring at each other.
Today, it was they who set up the nine innings, which was foolproof, but because of one person, the whole situation was broken. Today, the momentum is no longer there. It is impossible to suppress one end of the nine. Besides, they are the biggest one in this trip. Backing by the mountain, the gods faintly punish them, and they ran away dingy.
The middle-aged Luo Chihu glanced at Baipao Ke, did not speak, turned and left.
When the middle-aged Luo Chihu turned and left, the other members of the hidden forces also left.

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