Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1294

In Xuantian’s eyes, it seemed that there were no other people.
“People who are more arrogant than me, still see.” Heavenly Lord held his hands, behind him, his Qi turned into a chair, he sat down directly here, and waved his hand below, “That Who, bring me a bag of potato chips, I’m going to the theater.”
Lan Yunxiao didn’t make a sound, but he was a little farther away from Donald, who had originally dealt with Emperor Wu with Donald.
As for Gu Shi, he also looked at Li Yongcai.
Donald didn’t dare to relax, his pure white staff was held in his hand, and he stared at Xuantian.
Xuantian glanced at the staff in Donald’s hand, and said, “Lu Yan would be graceful to your gods. If it weren’t for him, the gods would have disappeared in the long river of history. I have tried to deal with Lu Yan’s apprentice, and the gods will know it, and as expected it is still as hypocritical as before.”
“Senior Xuantian.” Donald said in a deep voice, “I know what kind of grievances seniors have with you. By now, they have all disappeared. At the beginning, some things were forced by Shenyin.”
“Did I tell you about it?” Xuantian waved, the black giant sword of the keel body suddenly pulled out, and then flew in the sky and fell into Xuantian’s hands. “What happened at the beginning, I will talk about it later, I will talk to you now. Yes, it’s Zhang Xuan’s business. If you hurt him, I will kill you.”
There was no aura radiating from Xuantian’s body, but his deterrent power was no less than that of any one person.
“Senior Xuantian, are you serious, do you want to do it with me?” Donald took a deep breath.
“I’m going to kill you.” The Xuantian giant sword slanted and corrected.
“Kill me.” Donald glanced at the magic scepter in his hand, “I’ve heard the name of Xuan Tian, ​​above the sky, and Xuan Tian, ​​but you think you can really kill me? You are trapped in hell. There is no spiritual energy in the cage for countless years, and your strength has stopped. Even if you were the top master in the world hundreds of years ago, you may not still be at the top now. Moreover, this hell cage, How can it be where you come up with it? If you come out this time, I am afraid that you will not be so relaxed. Kill me, you don’t necessarily, you can kill me!”
“It can be killed.” Xuantian’s answer is very simple, his tone is calm, and there is a strong confidence in this.
Xuan Tian’s arm shook slightly, and then hundreds of black epees, which were the same as in Xuan Tian’s hands, were seen descending from the sky.
Countless huge swords were erected to form a circle, enclosing the two of Xuantian and Donald in this circle.
“Retreat.” Li Yongcai snorted softly, retreating violently, away from the sword circle.
Like Gu Shi, Lan Yunxiao quickly retreated back.
“Really, do you want to be so exaggerated? They just fight here. What are they doing so far?” The Holy Lord of the Kingdom held a bag of potato chips and stuffed the potato chips from the interface between his jaw and the mask. To the mouth, the voice murmured.
But soon, the Holy Lord of Heaven understood why the three of Li Yongcai had retreated violently.
The sword formation composed of hundreds of giant swords suddenly began to rotate, and there was still no qi radiating out, but there were many small holes in the clothes of the Holy Lord of Heaven.
The white mask on the face of the Holy Lord of Heaven suddenly cracked a thin slit on the side of his face, and a blood stain flowed out of the thin slit.
“Is this the strength of the so-called ancestral soldiers?” The Holy Lord of the Kingdom of Heaven looked at the sword formation in front of him and muttered, “It does show a different power, it’s kind of interesting.”
A layer of air curtain hung down in front of the Holy Lord of Heaven. When the air curtain appeared, the invisible edge could no longer hurt him anymore.
I saw that in this huge sword formation, the white light shining from time to time, except for the white light, there is no other color.
Li Yongcai looked at the sword formation and said: “Being trapped in a hell cage for countless years, there is no spiritual energy there. He has already used his own power to the point of perfection. Donald’s energy is full and wide, and he even has a little extra energy. There is no leakage. In a short time, the two can’t tell the victory or defeat, but if this continues, Donald will be beheaded. It is only a matter of time.”
“Do you really think that Donald will lose?” Lan Yunxiao said, “You should be very clear about Donald’s strength. He has gone through the trial of the gods’ congregation, and the scepter in his hand is also an ancestor weapon. You and I understand. It’s easy to distinguish between controlling the spirit, but it is almost impossible to want the other’s life.”
Li Yongcai nodded, “Possibly, other control spirits want to kill the existence of the same level, it is difficult to reach the sky, but he can.”
“Are you so sure?” Lan Yunxiao is still a little unacceptable. Everyone is controlling the spirit. They are all beings on the top of this world. They are fearless. But now I heard that someone can kill the controlling spirit. In other words, it’s not good news, and they don’t want to accept such a thing.
“Have you heard about the ghost and god Xuantian?” Li Yongcai’s eyes showed a touch of memory.
“Ghosts and gods Xuantian?” Lan Yunxiao was puzzled, his knowledge was not as broad as Li Yongcai’s.
Li Yongcai can be described as a real late bloomer. He was born in an extremely old age, but his talents were mediocre, so he was given the two mediocre sons. Finally, he was late bloomer, suppressed one party, and became the emperor of Wu.
Li Yong only knew what happened back then. It can be said that he was the most. After all, he lived in that dazzling age.
Li Yongcai said, “I also forgot when it was. Xuantian lived in the Northern Territory, also known as Bei Xuantian. He was as famous as the Southern Emperor. The Southern Emperor was lustful, loved beautiful people, and passed by in a day. In the beginning, the southern emperor Cang’s army under the command of nearly one million, was not only the world’s top powerhouse, but its military strength was unmatched at the beginning. In the beginning, the southern emperor Cang Tieqi Through the Northern Territory, the creatures in the Northern Territory were overwhelmed, and the people wailed, but no one dared to ask for justice from the Southern Emperor. Even the government at that time did not dare to intervene too much. Finally, some people stepped onto the Northern Territory Sendai and knelt down on the sky. , But the sky had no eyes, the southern emperor Cang’s iron cavalry once again stepped across the northern region, and forcibly captured hundreds of young girls, burned, killed, looted, and committed no evil. Finally, some people sacrificed to Sendai with blood. On that day, Xuantian appeared.” Genius One Second remember new バ1 Chinese
When Li Yong said this, the expression on his face became a little agitated, as if he had returned to that bright era at this moment.
“The sky has no eyes, but Xuantian does. On that day, Xuantian carried the banner of the Northern Territory on his shoulders and headed to the Southern Region. On that day, everyone in the Northern Territory shouted, above the heavens, only Xuantian, what the heavens do not care about, Xuantian Tian Guan! On that day, Xuantian entered the Southern Territory alone, facing the Southern Emperor Cang Tieqi a million, facing the Southern Emperor Cang who also controls the spirit, and facing the Southern Emperor Cang’s subordinates, countless masters.”

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