Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1310

The sky rained heavily again.
The hearts of the seven players in the nine rounds were covered with a haze, and the gods were angry. Such a statement made them all begin to believe that the gods really exist in this world. Otherwise, why the heavy rain and dark clouds only shroud the sacred mountains? Otherwise, why are you and others trapped in the mountains, unable to go up or down? Otherwise, why would so many thatched houses suddenly appear?
Every house, the door was closed tightly, the rain fell from the grass roof, and the sky was pitch black. The so-called Holy Fire Town was like a dead town.
“Let’s find a place to shelter from the rain first.” Zhang Xuan said, the rain was too heavy, and several members of the ninth round obviously had signs of cold. If this continues, there is no way to avoid a cold and fever.
They knocked on several doors in a row, but no one was willing to open the door for them. Even among the doors, there was not even the slightest movement. Except for the person they saw when they first came in, they never saw anyone else. Silhouette.
In the dark, under heavy rain, it seemed to be a place where the dead lived.
“Your Excellency, look at that.” One of the team members tremblingly stretched their fingers forward.
They walked past all thatched huts, and on a mountain wall, they saw the stone statue in the concave mountain, and the big stone that they had marked before was also there, half buried in the soil and half exposed.
This stone statue is like a nightmare, attacking their souls and making them feel fear.
Going to the stone statue, at the foot of the stone statue, there is the lighter that Zhao Ji smashed before.
Everyone’s mood is extraordinarily heavy. They never thought that they would hate a stone statue so much.
Zhao Ji, who was already anxious in his heart, jumped up and kicked towards the head of the stone statue.
“Boss, no.” A member of the Ninth Bureau quickly stood in front of Zhao Ji, “Boss, this idol is the endorsement of the gods and cannot be destroyed. Once the gods are angered, we will all die here.”
“Shit god!” Zhao Ji cursed, “a group of pretending things.”
“It’s definitely not pretending to be a god, boss.” The timid woman shivered. “There is definitely a god. We have angered the god this time, and the god is punishing us. We must not disrespect the god anymore.”
“Your lord, what do you think? Should we follow the instructions of the gods?”
“Let’s talk about it.” Zhang Xuan leaned against the stone wall, closing his eyes, “Wait until dawn.”
Zhang Xuan said this, and everyone didn’t say anything more. Yes, everything waited until dawn. This sentence is also commonly said by the people in the hot summer. If you encounter anything, let’s say it at dawn.
Tonight, everyone is extremely tired, both physically and psychologically. When the spirit is relaxed, the tiredness will soon sweep over. Everyone is leaning on the mountain wall, listening to the outside The sound of rain, fell asleep.
The next day, Zhang Xuan was awakened by a buzzing sound, opened his eyes, and looked right in front of him. The heads were crowded. A group of people dressed in linen and holding hoes and rakes in their hands were gathering in front of him. Wow, what is being said, there are some languages ​​that even Zhang Xuan can’t understand.
Zhao Ji and others were also awakened one after another. The heavy rain in the sky stopped, and the dark clouds in the sky disappeared at some point. The warm sun shone on everyone, making them feel warm after they had been exposed to the rain for several hours last night. The comfort.
“Who are you, what are you doing in front of the God of Light!” said a woman in her fifties who carried a hoe. Zhang Xuan understood this sentence.
“The ancestral hall?” Zhang Xuan turned his head in a daze. He found that he was actually sitting in a building similar to an ancestral hall. The idol behind him, somehow, turned into a human figure, exactly like Apollo in the myth. , Holding the torch, bringing light to the world.
Everyone in the Ninth Bureau also noticed the changes in their surroundings, which filled their hearts with endless doubts. They obviously fell asleep in the groove of the mountain last night. How did they wake up? They were in an ancestral hall, and the stone statues behind them also changed. .
“They blasphemed the gods, beat them to death, and used them to pay homage to the gods!” Someone in the crowd roared, and a group of people with hoes and rakes rushed into the ancestral hall.
Although everyone in the Ninth Game didn’t understand what these people were talking about, they knew what they were going to do by looking at their movements.
Under the situation of language barrier, it is undoubtedly difficult to explain. In addition, these people are emotionally excited. Everyone in the Ninth Game wants to solve the problem first. They are all trained elites, although they may be able to deal with things. There are still big shortcomings, but in terms of strength, it is not comparable to ordinary people. They want to subdue these people in front of them first.
The result of being able to move their hands is completely unimaginable to them.
A peasant woman holding a hoe kicked a nine-round elite with one kick.
The three brawny men with clubs surrounded Zhang Xuan. Their strength was so terrible that Zhang Xuan felt the pressure, but they didn’t have any fighting skills at all. They were just like brave men fighting, punching and kicking. He has no fighting skills, but his speed and strength are extremely fast. Everyone in the nine rounds of the game can’t get it yet. Zhang Xuan and Zhao Ji will not be completely suppressed by each other. The remaining seven, regardless of gender, In a short period of time, he was beaten and his nose was bruised and swollen, he was tied up and thrown out of the ancestral hall.
Upon seeing this, Zhang Xuanke and Zhao Ji gave up resistance, and after each received two punches, they were also tied up and taken outside the ancestral hall.
Outside the ancestral hall, there are countless farmhouses. In front of the farmhouses, there are children playing. The thatched huts that I saw last night have disappeared. There is a large terraced field not far away, and people are working in it.
Faced with such a situation, everyone in the 9th round gradually became a little numb. From the moment they stepped into the sacred mountains, everything began to become awkward.
Several hibiscus trees were planted in front of the ancestral hall.
An old man with gray hair and a very old age walked up to the people who were tied up and said something.
Zhao Ji and others could not understand either.
Only Zhang Xuan would occasionally return a sentence to the other party, but the frequency of the dialogue was not high.
After a while, the old man turned and left, and the rest of the people also went back to the field with the tools in their hands.
“Your Excellency, what the hell is going on, what did you tell them?”
“Their language is very old, and I don’t understand many syllables.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “but they probably meant that we were sleeping in the place of the gods, which disturbed the purity of the gods. Now we are going to ask the gods, what should we do? Dispose of us.”
“My lord, we are afraid that we have really come to the place of the dead. According to legend, the hibiscus tree is the gate connecting the human world and the underworld. We just came out from there. This place should be the underworld… Otherwise, how to explain this? The existence of people? There have never been residents on the sacred mountains of the ancient kingdom!”

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