Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1329

This sudden powerful pressure, the twenty-six figures that suddenly appeared above Su Family Ancestor Land, made everyone in Su Family Ancestor Land feel the powerful pressure.
Not to mention the master of the gods of the Yang family, even Chai Jiuming didn’t even think that Zhao Ji really called someone, this kind of coercion made Chai Jiuming a little unbearable.
Chai Jiuming stared at Zhao Ji with wide eyes, but Zhao Ji’s figure had disappeared in place.
“Fucking, this feeling of running away after pretending to be really exciting, chuckle!” Zhao Ji rushed to the entrance of the Su family compound with a look of excitement, and Zhang Xuan just walked into the compound.
Although Yang’s master of God Realm is proud, but not stupid, he can feel the opponent’s powerful strength through this coercion.
“Who is your Excellency?” The master Yang looked at Xuantian, who was leading in the sky.
“You don’t deserve to know my name.” Xuantian said.
Master Yang’s face changed, don’t you deserve to know? Behind him, standing behind him is the Yang family. Even if this person is better than himself, what about? This is not the capital he can be arrogant to himself!
The people in the Su family’s house felt such a pressure and walked out one after another.
Xuantian glanced down, and then said, “Who are from the clan?”
“It’s them!” Zhao Ji, who just ran away, didn’t know from which corner he came out again. He looked like a dogleg, and pointed his fingers at the clan members one by one. “He is Yang’s, that is Li’s, and that It’s from the Wang family, and from the Xie family, and that’s from the Qian family.”
After Zhao Ji pointed them one by one, he ran away again.
“Okay.” Zhao Ji nodded, then waved.
In front of the Su family’s house, the younger generations of the clan who were beaten up like pigs, each carrying their own parents, walked in tremblingly.
Seeing the appearance of these young people with swollen noses and swollen noses, and looking at the limp images of their elders one by one, the clan members in the Su family’s courtyard were particularly ugly.
“There’s a good show, don’t you want a small message? One hundred yuan.” Zhao Ji leaned close to Chai Jiuming and said with a mysterious expression.
“These are?” Chai Jiuming looked at the people in the sky and asked aloud. He could see that the dozen or so weak clan members had been abolished, and the clan members had been abolished directly, and Zhao Ji was not at all. Worry, the origin of these people is worthy of scrutiny.
Zhao Jizheng answered Chai Jiuming’s question, but reached out and rubbed his fingers.
“Aren’t you taking bribes?” Chai Jiuming took out a hundred yuan bill from his pocket and put it in Zhao Ji’s hand.
Zhao Chi picked up the money happily, and after discerning the true from the false professionally to Sunshine, he took it away with satisfaction and said, “We can make money by our ability and don’t care about the organization, Old Chai, I can warn you. , These people, you can’t mess with them, they came with that kid.”
As Zhao Ji said, he pointed at Zhang Xuan who was aside.
Chai Jiuming followed Zhao Ji’s fingers and looked at him. When he saw Zhang Xuan, Chai Jiuming’s expression became extremely unnatural. Since the First World War in the Mausoleum of the Western Xia Kingdom, he has never seen Zhang Xuan again. I also felt very sorry. At that time, I prevented Zhang Xuan from taking action against Yang Xingxia. Instead, he let Yang Xingxia take the initiative. If it weren’t for the three great families to sacrifice the ancestors, if the Wudi hadn’t appeared, Zhang Xuan might be in danger that day. Feel guilty.
“It’s been a long time.” Zhang Xuan stepped up and greeted Chai Jiuming on his own initiative.
What Zhang Xuan did made Chai Jiuming stunned, he smiled awkwardly, “It’s been a long time indeed.”
And Cesia, who was not far from Chai Jiuming, had no other place in her eyes after Zhang Xuan appeared.
“I said, your focus seems to be wrong.” Zhao Ji rolled his eyes at Chai Jiuming, “I said these people came with this kid, do you have any reaction at all?”
“What does this mean?” Chai Jiuming wondered, “Come with Zhang Xuan…”
When Chai Jiuming said this, he was stunned, “You…you…you mean…”
“That’s right.” Zhao Ji narrowed his eyes and smiled with satisfaction. “I just pretended for a long time, just waiting to see your shocked look. You finally revealed the shock of looking at others. That’s so cool!”
Chai Jiuming took a deep breath. Knowing the identities of these people in the air, he had to pay attention to it. Of course he had heard about the opening of the hell prison. The fact that the chairman was cut off had also spread.
Now, at the top of the world of Qi refiners, who does not know the name of the ghost and god Xuantian? Once this kind of veteran powerhouse is born, he alone can change the pattern of the entire world.
“They…what’s wrong…” Chai Jiuming murmured.
Zhao Ji stretched out his hand again and rubbed his fingers.
Chai Jiuming directly took out five hundred-yuan bills and photographed them in Zhao Ji’s hands.
“Lastly.” Zhao Ji received the money with satisfaction, “In this case, I will pack the message and tell you, the people of the clan, Senior Xuantian has declared war, and he also took out the token of the clan.”
“Declare war?” Chai Jiuming was taken aback again, “Why?”
“I don’t know.” Zhao Ji shook his head very bachelor, “I have already told you all the information I know, and I will ask you the rest for nothing. You only need to know, if you have a good show to watch.
Chai Jiuming twitched the corners of his mouth, “Just one message, will you charge me five pieces of money?”
Zhao Ji turned his head aside and blew a whistle. This kind of rogue behavior made Chai Jiuming useless.
The clan younger generations with swollen noses and swollen faces walked in tremblingly, one of them cried, “Save…Save us…”
“What’s going on?” Yang’s master said.
The young man from the Xie family weakened his legs and slumped on the ground. He was carrying his father on his back. At this moment, he fell to the ground with him. The young man from the Xie family sobbed, “My father…my father and them,” It’s all scrapped!”
There is no arrogance in the Xie’s youth at this moment. All he has in his heart is fear and fear.
The words of Xie’s youth set off a stormy sea among the clan.
They are all scrapped!
“Bold! To be bold!” A god-given master who belonged to the Li clan said, “Shoot against my clan and abolish my clan members, it is so bold!”
“Is this, it doesn’t take our clan too much?” Qian’s God-given master also stood up.
“My Xie family, I won’t die with you!” Xie’s spoke, it was a condensing gas realm late stage, this time the god-enchanting powerhouse has been abandoned.
“Interesting, this has just been born, does anyone want to target our clan?” Both of Wang’s masters of the God-given realm stood up.
“He who insults the majesty of my clan, die!” The master of the Yang family, with aura in his hand, condensed a long stick.

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