Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1352

The tomb of Yang Shou who was slaughtering, under this powerful pressure, suddenly did not make any movement, the fierce sword aura that filled the sky completely disappeared at this moment.
Yang Shoumu’s face changed.
“Ho ho, do you feel that the whole body’s qi can’t be mobilized, even the sword intent can’t be condensed.”
With a chuckle, Uncle Xu, who had been showing up all the time, walked out of the fog with a smile at this moment, just standing in front of Yang Shou’s tomb, not worrying about Yang Shou’s tomb’s powerful strength and bloody methods.
Yang Shoumu stared in front of him, without speaking.
“Why, do you feel that you can’t even make a sound?” Uncle Xu smiled confidently. At this moment, it seemed that the whole situation was already under his control. “Although our inheritors are weak, the power of the heroic spirits is superimposed. Get up, there is still no difficulty in trying to reluctantly contain your Yang Shou tomb.”
“Is it……”
A voice sounded difficultly, and Xu Shu confidently identified as Yang Shou’s tomb, who could not even make a sound. At this moment, he made a low voice. At the same time, a weak sword aura formed beside Yang Shou’s tomb.
Uncle Xu’s confident face suddenly changed, and his figure violently retreated at this moment. Yang Shou’s tomb’s deterrence was too strong. Although it was just a weak sword aura, for Xu Uncle, it also let He was terrified!
When he quit a few meters, Xu Shu was relieved. The dark environment made him unable to see the existence of Yang Shou’s tomb. Xu Shu said: “It is Yang Shou’s tomb. In this case, he can still do something. .”
“So? How do you want to deal with me?” Yang Shoumu spoke more and more smoothly, “Kill me? I’m afraid you can’t do this with your strength.”
Uncle Xu took a deep breath, “I really can’t kill you with my strength alone, but we are here, with so many inheritors, if we want to kill you, there is no way.”
“Ho ho, it’s a real laugh.” Yang Xingxia said in a disdainful voice, “Just your bunch of trash-like things, what if there are more?”
Uncle Xu shook his head slightly, “There is a very simple truth, a chopstick is easy to break, but a chopstick is not so easy to be broken.”
“Oh?” Yang Xingxia showed a look of interest, “You mean, if you are a group of trash together, you die so quickly?”
“Of course not.” Xu Shu shook his head. “Our inheritors seem to be individuals, but in fact, they are a whole. For a long time, our inheritors have been peaceful and happy, until you Yang Xingxia appeared, you broke With this balance, you appeared as a hunter and came to hunt us. I don’t know how many old friends died in the hands of your Yang Xingxia. To our inheritors, you Yang Xingxia is a demon, a demon that everyone can punish. In order to kill you demon, Xu Huan, I am willing to bear the blame, just to restore the peace to the entire inheritor!”
Xu Huan couldn’t help but feel some doubts in the hearts of the people present. It is everyone’s mind to bear the charge and kill Yang Xingxia. Why should there be a charge?
But soon everyone understood what Xu Huan meant by taking the charge.
Xu Huan, respected by the inheritors, grabbed the female heir closest to him.
Xu Huan’s expression became a little crazy, and he roared: “If Yang Xingxia is not eliminated for a day, my inheritors will not be at peace for a day. If you can kill you Yang Xingxia, even if you pay a high price, you can accept it. Of course, once There is always someone to pay the price. Xu Huan, I am willing to bear this crime.”
As Xu Huan spoke, her palm was pinched on the head of the female heir.
The face of the female inheritor instantly became horrified. She opened her mouth wide, her eyes staring wide, and her pupils were full of fear. Her body was constantly twisting. Between these twists, her body, It gradually dried up.
When Xu Huan’s hand released the head of the female heir, the shriveled body of the female heir fell to the ground.
Xu Huan showed a look of enjoyment.
“Uncle Xu, what did you do!”
Several inheritors stared at Xu Huan in disbelief. They couldn’t accept it, and they just died in Xu Huan’s hands.
“Hahahaha!” A burst of laughter sounded, and a gust of wind blew away the dense fog in front of you. The owner of this laughter came from Yang Xingxia. “After talking for a long time, I thought how you gave yourself up, it turned out to be with me. What Yang Xingxia did was to devour others and strengthen oneself. What you did was more hypocritical than me, and it was a grand-sounding thing.”
“No.” Xu Huan shook his head, “There is an essential difference between me and you. If it weren’t for your presence, I wouldn’t do such a thing at all. I did it just to solve you. The inheritor is peaceful, and the necessary sacrifice is indispensable!”
As Xu Huan said, he waved his hand to grab an inheritor and seized the other’s inheritance. The body of this inheritor shrank in Xu Huan’s hands at a speed visible to the naked eye. His face was full of pain and that convexity. The eyeballs filled with red blood proved how painful he experienced before he died.
“Xu Huan is crazy! Run, run!” An inheritor yelled out. Before, they thought Xu Huan’s trump card was to suppress Yang Shou’s tomb and then beheaded, but they didn’t think of what Xu Huan really called The hole card is to devour everyone!
“Run? Now is an important time to kill the enemy!” Xu Huan’s son Xu Chan yelled, “Whoever runs now is equivalent to a deserter, and he will die immediately!”
“If you don’t run, you are dead! Xu Chan, your Xu family is crazy!” shouted one person.
“Ho ho.” Xu Chan sneered, “It’s all dead, but one is a hero and the other is a bear. Contribute your inheritance power obediently, relying on you inheritors with long wings, what will you run!”
An invisible coercion came again, making all the inheritors unable to move.
“I see, Xu Chan has not let us do anything just now, just waiting for all our guardians to die.” One person yelled, “Xu family, pigs and dogs are better!”
“Hahahaha! Our Xu family, originally a big family inheritance, has declined here because of you little inheritors. Now, it’s time for you to feed back my Xu family. The power is scattered to you people, it’s just a waste. , It would be better to complete my Xu family, hahahaha!” Xu Chan laughed loudly, the greed in his eyes could not be concealed.
Wei Lan stood not far from Xu Chan, trembling all over when she looked at Xu Chan who was almost crazy.
In the darkness not far away, Zhang Xuan and Quan Dingding had been paying attention to what was happening here.

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