Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1482

Zhang Xuan is ready to do it at any time.
Piaoxue Jianyi is to be released for demonstrations.
Zhang Xuan is ready to fight Hengshan Seven Taibao at any time!
The Demon Sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand swallowed his breath, exuding a powerful force.
“Hey, Guangming Island, will you demonstrate as soon as you come!” A female voice sounded.
“Zhang Yiqing, Zhang Yiqing.” Another male voice came, “Do you know what our Hengshan Seven Taibao said about your Guangming Island? In fact, I wanted to tell you when I heard your name on Guangming Island. .”
“Oh?” Zhang Xuan showed a slight interest.
“My evaluation of your Guangming Island is!” A black blade came from the horizon and went straight to Zhang Xuan. The black blade and the purple sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand were intertwined, bringing a large area of ​​brilliance, making it difficult to see where Zhang Xuan was. Ground.
At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Xuan.
“Brother, my evaluation is awesome, hahahaha!” The visitor opened his arms and hugged Zhang Xuan.
The first second Zhang Xuan saw the black blade, he put all his guard down. He couldn’t get acquainted with the black blade. Faced with the incoming person, Zhang Xuan also opened his arms and gave him a hug.
“Boss, hahaha, I want to kill you!” The young man who embraced Zhang Xuan, in his twenties, looked like a playboy cynical, not Baichi, but who.
Six figures appeared one after another.
“I said Boss, I haven’t seen you for so long. I just met. You want our life in this posture!” Black Alex laughed.
“The boss is getting more and more fierce now.” The future in a white robe pouted a small mouth.
Following this, Red Hair, Moon God, Sea God, and Izal successively made their own speeches.
Zhang Xuan looked at the seven people in front of him, he really didn’t think that the so-called Hengshan Seven Taibao were seven of them! How could they suddenly appear in the center of the earth!
When he was on the surface, Zhang Xuan could not contact them, and he didn’t know the whereabouts of Baichi and others.
“Boss, hahaha, I finally found a chance to meet you.” Red hair rushed to Zhang Xuan, “Do you know that when we heard that the new force in Beixiang City was called Guangming Island, we How excited I am, I can’t wait to rush to Beixiang City to find you right away, but it’s a pity that I have a task and I can only wait forever. I finally see you this time, Boss!”
Hongfa and the others were extremely excited, as did Zhang Xuan. Seeing these seven people, Zhang Xuan finally felt that he was in the center of the earth and was not alone in fighting alone. ァ新ヤ~8~1~Chinese website first release, domain name, please remember x 81zhong huo New 81 Chinese website update fastest mobile terminal::
This Hengshan Seven Taibao, which is famous in Wanshan District, turned out to be the Baichi Seven.
“Okay, guys, don’t talk for now.” The Moon God tried to endure the excitement in his heart, “There are a lot of people paying attention to this place.
“Simple.” Poseidon laughed. Then, he saw the seven heroic spirits standing in the air, all of them blazing brilliance, they were terrifying, but they were not as powerful.
“Boss, you have to motivate your war spirit, you should unlock the fourth war spirit.” Bai Chichong Zhang Xuan smiled, “Let’s perform the show.”
Zhang Xuan looked at Bai Chi and smiled: “You kid, you haven’t seen you for so long, you know a lot.”
Behind Zhang Xuan, four war spirits emerged and joined the battle circle. It suddenly became hot here. From the perspective of outsiders, these are more than a dozen supreme powerhouses fighting each other, and they are afraid to connect.
In the center of the battlefield, Zhang Xuan, Bai Chi and others were sitting there chatting non-stop, talking about what happened after they came to the center of the earth.
Bai Chi and others also explained to Zhang Xuan why they came to the center of the earth. At the beginning, Bai Chi and others were given special training by Bai Jiangnan and went deep into the canyon. Bai Jiangnan told them that this special training was extremely dangerous. At that time, Bai Chi and others were not aware of it. What happened to Bai? After a few days, Baichi and the others reacted. They turned out to have come to a new civilization. The people here are only at the weakest level. Those who are the strongest, Baichi and the others are separated by ten miles. If you look at each other, you will feel horror.
When Baichi and the others first came, their survival was a problem. They were not as tall as Zhang Xuan. Even the students in the academy could bully them. At that time, as black households, they also went into the black coal kiln and were hunted down. Wanted, it is indeed a life of nine deaths, but it was precisely in this process that the potential of several people was fully stimulated and their strength greatly increased. Everyone had reached the condensation period and had a certain ability to protect themselves.
And Bai Jiangnan also appeared at this time and took them to a place.
“Boss, I always thought that our clan guarding the mausoleum refers to the tomb, but when I got here, I learned that the so-called clan guarding the mausoleum is not the tomb.” Baichi took a deep breath. “What we guarded is the war.” spirit!”
Zhang Xuan’s face was puzzled.
“What the seven of us have are all war spirits. Otherwise, you think, how could we enter the supreme realm so quickly.” Baichi said, “In fact, the so-called heroic spirits are also war spirits, but there are people. With the approval of the war spirit, the war spirit can resonate with it to a certain extent, and more moves can be used. Therefore, it is called the heroic spirit. The heroic spirit and the war spirit are one body. We declare the Hengshan Seven Taibao to the public, but Just to protect Hengshan, because soon, a big event will happen here.”
“Big event?” Zhang Xuan was puzzled.
“Right.” Bai Chi nodded, “To be specific, let me tell you.”
As soon as the voice of Baichi fell, I saw that more than a dozen heroic spirits with a height of more than ten meters emerged from the horizon, with a forceful aura. The appearance of these heroic spirits made the residents of the city of the wicked see clearly, each with wide-eyed eyes. They think that they may be crazy. There are only six supreme powerhouses in the villain city. They are extremely high in status. They don’t even make any moves on weekdays. But tonight, this supreme expert is like no money, and it appears all over the sky!
And only one person came with these heroic spirits, that is, Bai Jiangnan.
“Junior, it’s been a long time since I saw you.” Bai Jiangnan walked over the moon, “You unlock the four war spirits, this speed is beyond my expectations, and also beyond the master’s expectations. It seems that the center of the earth is really the most suitable. Your place.”
Zhang Xuan stared at the more than ten heroic spirits behind Bai Jiangnan, feeling that his brain was not enough. All of this was completely beyond Zhang Xuan’s cognition.
“These are all war spirits. Master gave me a few battle cards at the beginning to motivate the war spirits. I will pull them out to support you, haha.” Bai Jiangnan laughed, “Okay, brother, I know you have a lot of doubts. Originally, I wanted to wait a while before telling you, but now it seems that you already have the capital to survive in this inner world. Some things should be told now, about you and me. Shimen, what kind of existence is it!”

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