Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1640

This is the first time that the people of two civilizations have stayed together in harmony. When this is completely integrated, what kind of changes will be made between the two civilizations, no one knows, everything is unknown.
Kuangchi took charge of Qinu’s affairs, and everything was slowly going on.
Zhang Xuan stepped on the ancient battlefield and headed towards the center of the earth. He stood on this continent from the center of the earth to the sky, looking at the darkness in the distance, and his mood was like this night.
In the darkness in front of me, in this so-called center of the earth, there are too many places.
The so-called Protoss.
The Hall of Valor that ruled everything a hundred years ago.
The destroyed sacred kingdom.
The entrance to the abyss.
That mysterious laboratory with celestial bodies as the guide.
The white stone pillar I once saw in the sky.
All these make people’s minds full of doubts.
And what made Zhang Xuan most concerned was the seven of them in Baichi. The last time Zhang Xuan returned to the center of the earth, he never heard of them. Now the center of the earth is in chaos. Where are the seven of them?
And Jian Lintian, this person, who is now an absolute ally of Zhang Xuan, also has no news.
“This is a change of times.”
Zhang Xuan sighed, “We have to learn to adapt to the times, everyone has to make changes, me too, so do you, just come along this road, I have compromised too much, I hope you will not be like me, now I am , I don’t know how to go in the future.”
Zhang Xuan stretched out his palm and grabbed it towards the darkness, as if he wanted to grab something.
The events of the ancient battlefield affected two civilizations. On the other side of the earth, the orcs were gathering. They were ready to attack at any time. Gulidan had made up his mind to dominate the world.
On the surface, all the heavy factories in the world have stopped their original business and unified the production of large-scale equipment. The siege carts and giant crossbows in the ancient civilization were produced in batches and shipped to Antarctica. This is a collection. The process of an action by the power of the world is not unpleasant. Various drawings are placed in heavy factories. Every excessive civilization is different, and the equipment produced is also different.
The production of such attack machinery will naturally have a great impact on normal society, but under official guidance, this impact does not last too long, and even ordinary residents will not know that they are In this civilization, a group of foreign visitors have been integrated, and their lives are still running as usual.
Time, three days passed so quietly.
In three days, the people brought by Qianshu were signing the covenant contract. During this time, there were a steady stream of people fleeing from the center of the earth, a large number of them.
And at the junction of the land surface and the ancient battlefield, huge siege equipment one after another are already in place here, ready to be put on the battlefield at any time.
On the edge of the ancient battlefield in the center of the earth, elite fighters from all over the world are investigating every move on the other side. If there is any disturbance, they will report back as soon as possible.
One after another huge trucks approached. On the trucks were iron cages. The cages were covered by a thick layer of black cloth. It was impossible to see what was in the cage. The iron cages were equipped with wheels, and they were turned by people. Pushing on the ancient battlefield, the person pushing the cage can hear the roar and the violent impact from the cage.
These people pushing the cage didn’t know what they were transporting. The task of the superior did not allow them to open the cage.
Zhang Xuan was sitting in a command room in successive ancient battlefields, looking at the computer screen in front of him, and one after another photos flashed past his eyes. He was looking for someone, but he hadn’t closed his eyes for three nights, so he still looked for Not that person, Gu Ji! Gu Li Dan had an absolute desire to kill Gu Ji, and the strange restrictions on Gu Li Dan made Zhang Xuan guess that it was related to Gu Ji.
There is no doubt that Gulidan is powerful, his weird methods are unpredictable, and it is better to limit him as much as possible before he can’t find a solution for the time being.
Now Zhang Xuan has too many enemies, each of them is extraordinarily powerful, their origins are mysterious, and their methods are even more mysterious.
But Zhang Xuan had been sitting for three days, and everyone who signed the covenant contract would enter the system, but he couldn’t find Gu Ji.
Gu Ji could not be found, neither could the Witch be found. These are the two most important people for Zhang Xuan now.
From the center of the earth to the entrance of the ancient battlefield, a man and a woman came up silently. They were dressed in ordinary, all dirty, carrying bags, and looked like they were fleeing, but you have to look carefully. The man’s eyes In the eyes of the woman, like stars, the two of them looked completely embarrassed except for their appearance.
“Brother, kill the surname Zhang, you will be the first heir to this Hall of Valor! In the future, everything will follow your orders, but the strength of that surname Zhang is not weak.”
The woman said, she looked like she was in her early twenties, with a pair of ponytails.
The man was twenty-five and sixteen years old, with short hair and handsome face. He sneered when he listened to the woman’s words: “If he is strong enough, he won’t run away. I heard about that day. It was a man from the holy heaven. He was able to escape, otherwise he would have died long ago. This time, the seniors also gave us this opportunity. If I see him, he must die!”
“Brother, I believe you can definitely kill him!”
The woman looked at the man’s gaze, full of admiration.
The man looked forward, “Let’s go, listen to the elders, there is a new civilization ahead, I hope there, don’t let me down!”
In the seemingly calm ancient battlefield, wind and clouds surging.
The witch, who had appeared in front of Zhang Xuan once, disappeared again, and the Gu Ji that Zhang Xuan wanted to find had always been dazzling. Every day, every moment, there was a figure in the center of the earth. On the battlefield, more than a dozen people dressed in Taoist robes, carrying their hands on their backs, were doing the same things like inspections as supervisors.
In this place, there are too many people with weird minds.
After reviewing the last photo on the computer, Zhang Xuan stretched his waist and walked out. The sky was plentiful outside.
“Three days have passed.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the scorching sun in the sky, “The orc side may be almost ready.”
At this moment, Zhao Ji’s figure appeared, and he looked anxious.
“Boy, there is a message from the front line, the orcs have already assembled at the entrance of the ancient battlefield!”
Zhao Ji came and brought this message.
“It should come, sooner or later.”
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, “Come on, this battle is inevitable, it’s time for us to rush!”
Zhang Xuan was so angry that he looked at the sky, and then let out a roar: “Everyone, gather!”

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