Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1723

In the future, he took out a tablet and threw it to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan stretched out his hand and swiped on the screen, and densely packed materials appeared in Zhang Xuan’s eyes.
In the future, I will wait for Zhang Xuan to watch for a while before he speaks: “Boss, we have studied the so-called orcs. In terms of their physiological structure, they are not much different from humans. From the analysis of their genetic system, The genes in the body that are close to humans account for at least 80%!”
“Eighty?” Zhang Xuan frowned, “You mean…”
“Yes.” The future nodded, “The so-called orcs are nothing more than human beings transformed, but this transformation began during the fetal period.”
Zhang Xuan suddenly burst into a powerful burst of energy, and the water cup in front of him suddenly burst.
“Get your breath.” Zhao Ji who was suffocating his head suddenly raised his head and shot at the same time, restraining the aura from Zhang Xuan’s body. “Zhang Xuan, there are some things I have to talk about you. When you come to your current identity and strength, no matter what you encounter. You have to change everything without being surprised, so that the Taishan collapses before you don’t change. Your current realm is still too far away.”
After Zhao Ji finished speaking, he sighed, took a sip of his wine, and shook his head, pretending to be extremely beeping.
Miku glanced at Zhao Ji and said, “Official Zhao, when you first heard about this, you almost demolished the house.”
Zhao Ji coughed dryly, “Um, Jiang’er, it’s not the same now, let’s skip this topic.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice sounded, “I also want to demolish the house, and use maternal-fetal genetics to inject drugs while the child is still gestating. I don’t know how to describe this practice.”
The future nodded, “When I got this answer, I was really stunned for a long time. All the orcs, their predecessors, were just humans. The genes of the beasts and humans in their bodies blended back and forth, causing mutations. Their bodies are several times or even dozens of times taller than normal humans. They have the instinct to swallow them from birth. From the point of view, they think they were born in a place called the abyss. These people set the rules for them. Create the orcs and enslav the orcs.”
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, “Where is the abyss?”
“A laboratory.” The future replied, “That laboratory is very mysterious and will constantly change its position. We guess that it is protected by the formation, but with my current ability, I cannot analyze the energy in the formation, so I I’m not sure about this. Now that laboratory has been destroyed more than half, that is, the so-called abyss has disappeared. Orcs have all poured into the center of the earth, and now the center of the earth has completely become the world of orcs.”
Bai Chi stood up at this time and said, “Boss, they don’t care about the laboratory anymore. This also shows a problem.”
“Their purpose of creating the orcs has been achieved. In other words, the orcs have the ability to reproduce themselves. If it is the first one, it’s okay.” Zhang Xuan said, his eyes were full of solemnity, “If it’s the second… ”
Zhao Ji suddenly interrupted, “They, created a new species! This is the ability that the creation gods should have! If they achieve this method, these people will continue to do such things, and they will not only be satisfied with the orcs. This product, they are afraid, will change the whole world!”
In the entire box, everyone fell into silence.
Zhang Xuan was the first to say: “What is the source of this group of people?”
“I don’t know.” Bai Chi shook his head, “We looked for them in the center of the earth, but they are too mysterious.”
“Don’t look at me either.” Zhao Ji’s head shook like a rattle, “This time, I really don’t know.”
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and said, “Zhao Ji, make arrangements for me. I want to meet with Gulidan.”
“Good.” Zhao Ji nodded his head heavily.
At this moment, in the center of the earth.
The previous geocentric civilization has been completely destroyed. In the center of the earth, there is no room for humans to survive. People in the four major areas have already evacuated, and some people sneak in the direction of the ancient battlefield, wanting to go to the surface. civilization.
In the heart of the earth, the figure of the orc was rampant, and there was a human being who was not well hidden, showing his figure, was immediately targeted by the orc, and started hunting.
In every orc’s territory, there are several human villages. These human villages have not been destroyed, and the orcs have not slaughtered them to death. They left these villages and mixed men and women together every day. Treat this as a captive!
Every human being here is well aware of such things, but they have no way but to despair, waiting for death to come, before they die, they can live a day, a day.
Outside of an orc territory, someone wanders here. He has a normal figure with a notebook in his hand. He looks at the direction of the orc territory and keeps recording something. After a long time, this person puts away the notebook in his hand and mumbles. Muttered: “Evolution meets the standard, fertility meets the standard, and brain development meets the standard. This batch is qualified.”
Almost, outside of every orc territory, there will be people like this who record everything about the orcs and make some kind of data.
Outside of the mountain where the Hall of Valor is located, Broken Kowloon and several high-level members of the Hall of Valor are arranging to break the barriers of the Hall of Valor. All the materials they used to deploy the array are precious treasures that can be encountered and cannot be sought. , Duan Jiulong has decided to spend all his money.
“Hurry up!” Dian Jiulong urged, “The inheritance belonging to the East may be opened at any time. It is a completely different energy system. Once this is done, the inheritance of the East, we can fight for the Hall of Valor, It is a treasure house in itself, and this treasure house is our key to open a bigger treasure house!”
The words of Duan Jiulong were over, a pair of eyes fixed on the mountain in front of him, in his eyes, he seemed to have seen the grand vision of the future.
In the Hall of Heroic Spirits, the originally densely packed war spirits had disappeared by one-tenth, and the red light had become stronger and stronger.
“Hahaha, my strength is recovering, this feeling, this feeling, I love this feeling! Soon, I will be able to return to the peak period! Zhang Xiaozi, don’t you often mock me for being weak, and soon I It will let you know that the true ability belongs to my Lord Cthulhu. When Lord Cthulhu regains his strength, he will take you to unify the world. Don’t worry, this opportunity you brought to Lord Cthulhu, Lord Cthulhu, cannot be forgotten! Haha Haha! Everyone, crawl, tremble, and wait for the return of Lord Cthulhu!”
Outside the Hall of Heroes, Duan Jiulong sneered at the corner of his mouth.
“Wait, I will let people know who is the master of this world!”

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