Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1729

When Zhao Ji was speaking, his eyes were staring at Gulidan closely. At the same time, Kang Longmao appeared in Zhao Ji’s hands.
Obviously, Zhao Ji is ready to do it at any time.
Gulidan also noticed the aura exuding from Zhao Ji. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I don’t have a choice, but the people in the clan have already made a choice, even though I am an orc. The king of the clan, but this so-called king is just being pushed to this position. Within the orc clan, I am not the only royal clan. What’s more, when everyone knows all this, the royal clan has almost nothing to do with them. Deterrence.”
Zhao Ji said, “So, now the rest of your people want to kill to the surface, either to destroy humans, to make you orcs a brand new race, to erase the name of your so-called experimental products, or just the whole race to disappear together? ”
Gulidan stood there and didn’t say much.
“Sure enough.” Zhao Ji sneered. “Is this going to break the jar?”
“No, I have no idea.” Gulidan said.
“Is there a way?” Zhao Ji held the Kang Long mace, “This center of the earth is already the territory of your orcs. You develop and create new civilizations here. We are isolated from the ancient battlefield forever. Time will make people forget everything, I I believe that with your level of development of wisdom, it is impossible to learn how to grow vegetables, right?”
Gulidan took a deep breath, “Someone is leading all of this, why don’t I want to be like you said, I want to live like you humans, but some people will specialize in slavery. I have tried liberation. Some human villages, but my approach has been blocked. In fact, these people let us orcs out, not thinking about us and you in peace.”
Zhang Xuan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said: “The so-called Tianyuan year is because they want to create a new era. Our era is called AD, and the year AD is born because of the birth of a certain existence. The new era, now this era, has existed for more than two thousand years. Someone wants to create a new era called Tianyuan. The new era will definitely not be immutable.”
“Yes.” Gu Lidan nodded, “Zhang Xuan, you have to help me with something.”
Gulidan came to Zhang Xuan and grabbed Zhang Xuan’s shoulders.
“You help me find Gu Ji! She is not in the center of the earth! At the beginning of the war, she ran to the surface. You know, the rules of the ancient battlefield made it impossible for us orcs to keep our human form, but she could get in. This is someone Help her, help her change her genes! This will allow her to escape the rules of the ancient battlefield, and all this was done before the start of the war. Gu Ji has secrets hidden in her body. There is something you want to know, and there is also me. I want to know, we found Gu Ji, we know what those people want to do, Zhang Xuan, I really, I am almost unable to hold it, I am the king of the orc clan, but I don’t have the strength and can do it alone. Against the entire orc race, neither you nor I want war to appear again, right?”
Gu Lidan grasped Zhang Xuan’s shoulders very hard, and his emotions were also particularly excited.
Zhang Xuan looked at the Gu Lidan in front of him and took a deep breath, “How can you guarantee that you can calm down your tribe if you find Gu Ji.”
“Strength.” Gu Lidan replied, “Between me and Gu Ji are incomplete individuals. If I can swallow her, my strength will be unimaginably improved. At that time, I can regain control of the orcs. , Not as a royal family, but with absolute strength.”
When Gulidan said this, he showed absolute confidence.
Zhang Xuan was thinking about how cruel he wanted to swallow Gu Ji. If he could sacrifice Gu Ji, he would return for peace. Then this sacrifice is absolutely worthwhile. Moreover, Gu Ji, as an orc, has mixed into the human world. Among them, her behavior is also full of weirdness.
What Zhang Xuan was thinking about was the credibility of Gulidan.
“Zhang Xuan, I know what you are hesitating, but you have to make a decision. I can delay the tribe from going to the ancient battlefield, but I can’t delay it for too long.”
Zhang Xuan thought for a while and nodded, “I can find someone for you first.”
“Zhang Xuan, everything, I beg you.” Gulidan faced Zhang Xuan, bowed deeply, stretched out his right hand and placed it on his left shoulder, this is the etiquette belonging to their orc clan.
“Let’s go.” Zhang Xuan said to Zhao Ji, and the two left Gulidan’s residence.
After leaving here, Zhang Xuan and Zhao Ji did not stay in the center of the earth, but went directly into the ancient battlefield and headed towards the surface.
On the way.
Zhao Ji looked at Zhang Xuan and said, “How reliable do you think Gulidan’s words are?”
“Three points.” Zhang Xuan replied.
“Three points…” Zhao Ji looked forward, “Will you find someone for him?”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Gu Ji, this person, seems very wrong, and I should have been to that laboratory. There are many secrets in it. If you find Gu Ji, you should be able to ask something. As for whether you want to Give Gu Ji to Gu Li Dan, find it first, and then talk about it.”
“Hey.” Zhao Ji looked helpless, “How come so many things have happened suddenly, you should go to the headquarters with me first, all the information from the earth’s center is stored there, it is top secret, and you don’t go there personally. , I can’t see it, I don’t know what happened to Gu Ji, you have to find it yourself.”
“it is good.”
Three days passed in a flash.
For the past three days, Zhang Xuan has been staying at the headquarters of the Ninth Bureau. Looking through all the registration information at the beginning, there are too many people from the center of the earth. With Zhang Xuan’s memory and vision, these three days have only Asked him to search for more than half of the information, but he still couldn’t find any information about Gu Ji.
Zhao Ji took a cup of coffee and placed it in front of Zhang Xuan, “How about it.”
“It may take another two days.” Zhang Xuan took a sip of coffee and glanced at Zhao Ji, “You seem to be tired too.”
“Yes, with regard to the powers, there are more and more powers awakened now, and things are becoming more and more troublesome. Some people get power, so they have to engage in riots and have to constantly suppress them. Fortunately, there is no chaos in the world, but I guess.” Zhao Ji shook his head, “Not far from the chaos in the world, some people are specifically gathering and instigating some capable people who are not in the system. You know, there are too many people with ideals and ambitions in this world. They are uncomfortable with the status quo and want to control the world. What I have to do is to put these people in the cradle.”
“Found it!” Zhang Xuan stared at the screen suddenly, “It’s her!”

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