Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1823

The sky above the fairy mountain has regained its clarity.
And the three monstrous and powerful anti-teaching experts, at this time, even disappeared, and the murderous aura disappeared without a trace.
This battle came swiftly and ended quickly, even in just a few seconds, the battle was resolved, but the words of the immortal king attracted an exclamation. Soon, what happened here was passed on. Everywhere.
In the anti-ancient island, such as the Dragon City, the human monks were all talking about this matter.
Stop teaching!
Naturally, everyone has heard of these two words with great significance in the myth of Yanxia. Nowadays, the Peerless Immortal King personally said the sentence of Jiu Jiao to fight, which proves that Jiu Jiao really exists!
Many people are discussing how many mysterious powers there are in this world. Compared with the Protoss, the Humans are not weak, but these super powers have not shown up.
And what excites the most is that seven days later, the war on the fairy mountain, the church will not go to war.
The Peerless Immortal King was too terrifying. With just one finger, countless divine thunders were dropped, and the three masters of cutting the teachings were directly destroyed, and there was no bones left!
Terran monks only know that the members of the cult who dare to go to Xianshan to do things are definitely masters, but they don’t understand the specific realm of it. After all, the human training time is too short now, even if it is even in the Shenhai realm. People, let alone seeing a place so far away from the cloud.
But the Protoss is very clear.
In the late period of the three clouds, these three existed at the level of absolute gods among the gods, but these three existed, but they were directly destroyed by the finger of the peerless fairy king, and the bones did not exist.
Among the Protoss, many people were dissatisfied with the decision of the clan elder before, thinking that it was just an immortal king who suddenly awakened. Even if he was invincible before, his combat power may be reduced sharply. It is not to be feared. They don’t even understand why the clan elder should give This so-called Human Race Immortal King bowed his head, but now, they understood that even if the Immortal King was sleeping for a long time, even if the Immortal King’s combat power was drastically reduced now, they could not provoke it casually.
In a cave behind the divine palace, the Emperor of Heaven and Shangguan Hongtu both had ugly faces. They had originally thought that the immortal king was dying, and the body was difficult to shoot and could only walk the world by avatar, but now it seems that is not the case.
Moreover, the original plan of the Emperor of Heaven was to let Shangguan Hongtu as the six-fold divine lord to provoke the relationship between the gods and the immortal kings. Once the gods and the immortal kings have a war, they can enjoy the benefits of the fisherman, but this time, it happened. I am afraid that the Protoss will not provoke the immortal king of the human race anyway. At this time, if Shangguan Hongtu is in the middle, he will definitely be discerned.
“Tiandi, your plan is going to fail.” Shangguan Hongtu sighed.
“Failure? How could it be possible to fail!” The Emperor of Heaven was unwilling to squeeze his fists. If it was just ordinary grievances, he might really give up, but this time is different. The Immortal King clone took away his two ancient wills! That is something that can make people climb into the sky in one step. How could the emperor give up easily, “Shangguan Hongtu, don’t forget, what we want to use has nothing to do with his strength. No matter how strong he is, he has already touched the heart. Once we have the trump card In hand, why should you be afraid of him?”
“But this…” Shangguan Hongtu wanted to say something, but when he saw the gloomy face of the Emperor, he finally swallowed the words back into his stomach.
The people in Baichi, who saw the immortal king showing off on the sea, were so powerful and did not fear to stop teaching. This made them relieved that they were afraid of causing trouble to the immortal king because of their behavior, but now it seems that, The trouble in his own eyes is nothing in the eyes of the fairy king.
Inside the fairy mountain, Zhang Xuan sat quietly in the fairy palace. He killed three of the late clouds with one hand. Naturally, it was because of the three opportunities that the master of the palace gave him. Each of these three opportunities can save his life and turn things around. It is very important, but This time, it was just used. Obviously, only three people were killed, and there was no way to fully use this opportunity, but Zhang Xuan had a choice.
Of course, this is not beneficial. If you accumulate too many enemies and continue to do this, I am afraid that people will really guess that there are not many chances for him to shoot, but now there are only three people, so he will make a strong shot, and it is even more incomprehensible. The hole card of the fairy king.
Now that Zhang Xuan wants to build momentum, what is the most important thing to build momentum?
It is to make people unable to see clearly and guess!
Only when people are scared can they create an invincible situation!
Zhang Xuan said that for the next seven days, he will stay in the fairy palace during these seven days. At this moment, Zhang Xuan is in a kind of sentiment. When the power of the mountain is blessed, Zhang Xuan truly realizes what is powerful, although I don’t know. That kind of power is much worse than the real fairy king, but you can kill the strength of the late stage of the cloud with one hand at will, Zhang Xuan believes that it must be in the heavens!
Dial the cloud, see the sky!
Whether it is crossing the sea of ​​God or shaping the other shore, the final result is to witness the way of heaven. Only by witnessing the way of heaven is the true detachment.
Although there was only the last layer of mist left to see the sky in the later stage of the cloud, that layer of mist stopped how many Tianjiao.
I personally experienced that kind of powerful feeling, which is of great benefit to Zhang Xuan. Zhang Xuan has a more intuitive understanding of the direction he is going to take in the future. Moreover, during the period of being strong, Zhang Xuan has a strong understanding of his other side. He also has more ideas. He needs to polish his supernatural powers. Now there is no extension of the supernatural powers. If the supernatural powers are made to a perfect degree, the supernatural powers will be stronger.
For the monk, the seven days passed quickly. For Zhang Xuan, he had been sitting cross-legged in the Immortal Palace for seven days. As soon as the seven days arrived, Zhang Xuan’s slightly closed eyes opened, and there was a burst of light in his eyes, and he got up.
If anyone sees Zhang Xuan at this time, he will be surprised, because in Zhang Xuan’s body, there will be a sense of mystery, and behind Zhang Xuan, a picture of the Milky Way and stars appears and disappears.
Now Zhang Xuan collects heavenly fate, and it also adds to his body luck. When he concentrates on thinking about something, the heaven and earth will give him a certain blessing. Just like the galaxy and stars chart, Zhang Xuan has no such vision in his body. But it happened.
Everyone has a different destiny. There are people who are born with good luck and those who are born with bad luck. Now that Zhang Xuan has destiny, this is already a kind of change of fate.
In other words, if Zhang Xuan goes to the lottery draw, I am afraid that it will be the biggest prize if he draws a lottery. Tian Yun is added, and Tian Yun is taking care of Zhang Xuan. In the future, Zhang Xuan’s path will become smoother and smoother.
Seven days have passed, and this is the time to fight with Jiu Jiao.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, walked out of the fairy palace and outside the fairy mountain. He stood in the sky, dressed in white.

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