Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1947

“I just want to try, how strong is the current combat power!”
Zhang Xuan looked at his palm, and now he had a new plan.
The magic boy still snorted coldly, obviously disapproving.
“Let’s go!”
Zhang Xuan took the devil boy into the building of the Eight Wolf League and found many women imprisoned by the evil cultivators of the Eight Wolf League.
Most of them are ordinary people, and there are also some female cultivators with low cultivation levels, all of whom have been tortured to a squeeze.
Zhang Xuan rescued these women, and they left with great gratitude.
Finally, Zhang Xuancai came to the treasure house deep in the Eight Wolves League.
Zhang Xuan suddenly narrowed his eyes!
Rao was surprised that he had seen countless rare treasures, and the number of treasures in the Eight Wolves League treasure house.
Comparable to the baby in the fairy palace.
With a wave of Zhang Xuan’s big hand, he took all the treasures of heaven and earth into his bag.
“Go, go to Niutoushan again!”
Back at Dazhai of the Eight Wolf League in Niutoushan, Zhang Xuan rescued the woman imprisoned in it as usual, and put away the treasure house with a dazzling array of treasures.
Then, he took the magic boy and stepped into a new teleportation circle.
There was a flash in front of him, and he came to a new Eight Wolves League Dazhai.
I saw that many Eight Wolf Alliance evil repairs gathered in the square, and it seemed that some ceremony was being held.
On a high platform, sitting high on a three-bearded evil repairer, should be one of the leaders of the Eight Wolves Alliance, looks majestic and majestic!
All of them were crawling down the stage, listening to the person on the high stage.
No one found out that Zhang Xuan and his son had come out of the teleportation circle.
Zhang Xuan took the magic boy, flew up, and landed on the high platform lightly.
“Who? What’s trespassing?”
Three strands of long beard were repaired evilly, and when Zhang Xuan fell from the sky, he shouted sharply.
Zhang Xuan was impatient and directly drew out the Nine Tribulations Sword!
There was also a black mist on the body of the magic boy, with golden light in his eyes!
The earth began to tremble!
It seems unable to withstand the power of terror!
The surrounding area suddenly became a sea of ​​blood!
Three days later, amidst Hua Qian’s anxious expectation, Zhang Xuan and his son finally returned to Baihua Valley.
He threw out a bunch of natural treasures directly, and a small hill was piled up in the Valley of Hundred Flowers.
“So many things? Where are they from?”
Huaqianmian and all the disciples were all stunned.
“It’s in the treasure house of the Eight Wolves Alliance.”
Zhang Xuan answered lightly.
“You picked all the Eight Wolves League?” Hua Qian looked stunned.
“Yes, you can sort it out and find me some pills.”
Zhang Xuan went directly to the quiet room to practice.
Zhang Xuan was not easy to pick the Eight Wolves League.
Both he and the God Infant Demon Boy need to meditate.
Hua Qianmian was also not polite with Zhang Xuan, he asked his disciples to collect all those treasures into the treasure house of Baiyimen, picked out the best medicine, and sent it to the quiet room for Zhang Xuan to practice.
With the supplement of the pill, Zhang Xuan quickly recovered his strength.
He continued to meditate and meditate, using the power of the divine pearl to warm the other shore and repair the cracks on it.
The god infant and demon boy also sat on the Qinglian, slowly turning, absorbing the karma in the clouds.
After another month, Zhang Xuan got up and said goodbye.
He is going to Wushan.
He had planned to find the Cthulhu a long time ago, but he has been entangled by things and has no success.
And Chesiah would have been waiting for him in Wushan for a long time.
Zhang Xuan planned to go to Wushan to have a look!
Huaqianmian is naturally reluctant to give up.
But she also knew that for Zhang Xuan, she was just a passerby.
She ordered someone to make a big table of delicious food to see Zhang Xuan and his son off.
The god infant feasted, Zhang Xuan asked for a mask from Huaqianmian, and the father and son walked away.
A few days later, Zhang Xuan arrived in Wushan with the Shenying Devil Boy.
This is an extremely secret place in the Great Thousand Realm.
Baili Wushan is a restricted area!
No one knows what’s going on in Wushan.
According to legend, there is an ancient dragon hidden inside, practicing in the mountains.
Outside the mountain, there is an extremely powerful forbidden circle!
No one can break.
However, Zhang Xuan mastered the Three Thousand Dao, in his opinion, the restriction in front of him was just a thread.
He stepped in.
A wave of air vibrates!
Zhang Xuan’s entry was like a small insect touching the spider web.
“Xiao Zhang Xuan, you are finally here!”
A thousand-meter-high red phantom appeared above Wushan.
Heaven and earth, for it’s color change!
Those silk threads retreat like a tide.
“Brother Zhang Xuan!”
A silver-haired Cecia flew out of Wushan.
Zhuang Shui and the others followed.
It seems that they have been waiting for Zhang Xuan in Wushan for a long time.
“This kid…
Cesia looked curiously at the fat baby god beside Zhang Xuan.
“It’s my son.”
Zhang Xuan smiled.
“Son? Did you find Lin Qinghan?” Chezia was taken aback.
“No, this son is my life.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly.
In the underground palace at the very bottom of Wushan, a dark red giant shadow was slowly swimming.
“Is this your ontology?”
Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes.
“Everything is illusory, what you see is just the appearance…”
A huge red dragon head slowly emerged from the darkness.
The purple dragon’s horns are tens of meters long, like a halberd that shakes the sky! The blood-red longan was several meters in diameter, and the 100-meter long beard hung in front of Zhang Xuan.
“Have you forgotten what I told you when I first arrived in the Great Thousand Realm? The spirit body can appear and exist in many forms, and there are even strong ones. In order to be detached, they will abandon the form and survive as the spirit body. Why are you still staying in the land of the ancestors? Recognition?”
“Why are you sneaking here? Could it be that…”
Zhang Xuan looked into the depths of the underground palace.
When he approached Wushan, he noticed that there was a mysterious and powerful force in the depths of the earth, slowly surging!
That is the power of ancient wildness! It is the will of matter in the chaotic future!
It is more overbearing and powerful than the strength of the ancient will!
Even if Zhang Xuan mastered the new rules of heaven and earth, this power made him feel a kind of pressure!
“This is one of the sources of ancient will, and it is the power of time that is in control.”
The huge red dragon head concealed into the darkness, and soon appeared again in the middle of the underground palace.
There, a dark red light faintly gushes from the ground.
That mysterious and powerful force comes from there.
“The power of time…”
Zhang Xuan also came to the middle of the underground palace.
“Yes! If you absorb the fusion and control this power, you can control time! For example, let time stagnate…or even turn back time!”
“Back in time?”
In front of Zhang Xuan’s eyes, a new door suddenly seemed to be opened!
If time can really go back, then there are too many things that can be changed!
What will this world be like?
“Those who can beat time will beat death, right?” Zhang Xuan sighed.

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