Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 205

“Giggle.” Fu Lele let out a light laugh, “Some people, kinda take themselves seriously.”
Qiu Yu opened his eyes wide and looked at Wu Jun incredulously, “You …… how did you become like this, this is not the Wu Jun I know! Not!”
Before today, Qiu Yu still held some good illusions, she still remembered the sunny big boy in school, but now? Everything has changed?
When a woman, willing to go to dress up specially for another man, it means that man’s place in a woman’s heart.
Wu Jun frowned and looked at Qiu Yu with disgust, “I said, you seem to be familiar with me, do I know who you are?”
This disgusted look, looking at Qiu Yu’s heart like a knife.
“Hahahaha!” Bao Shine let out a loud laugh, “Little sister, you are not as realistic as this friend of yours, ah, now, is the era of money, without money, dog shit is not!”
Fu Lele also sneered, “Qiu Yu, you’re not still that naive, right? You think this is school? You think there’s a $4.50 lunch here? Now a bowl of noodles costs sixteen dollars! Recognize the reality, money is the most important thing in this world, see, this Wu Jun, how arrogant at school, now what? As long as I give him money, let him do whatever he wants!”
The first thing you need to do is to take out a bunch of bills from your bag, thousands of dollars, and she flung them in front of Wu Jun, “Come on, be a good boy and kneel down, say you love me, and these are all yours.”
“Lele, I love you.” Wu Jun bent both knees and went to kneel again.
“Can not kneel ah!” Qiu Yu shouted, once again pulling Wu Jun’s arm, there were tears flowing down from his eyes.
Wu Jun this kneeling, not only lost his dignity, but also let Qiu Yu’s beautiful illusions about this society shattered.
“Get lost!” Wu Jun pushed Qiuyu away, the strength of the force of the Qiuyu back, if not Zhang Xuan support, Qiuyu had to fall directly.
Wu Jun knelt in front of Fu Lele, with all the flattery in his eyes.
“Haha!” Fu Lele laughed a few times, “What an obedient dog, all right, these are all for you!”
Fu Lele spilled the thousands of dollars in his hand into the air, scattering them all over the place, Wu Jun knelt on the ground and quickly picked each one up.
Zhang Xuan looked at Fu Lele’s appearance, slightly shook his head, this woman, the heart has been somewhat twisted.
Qiu Yu saw with her eyes, Wu Jun kneeling on the ground, picking up the money one by one, causing her tears to flow continuously.
“Little sister, what are you crying for, look at this waste, what’s worth crying for?” Bao Shen looked at Qiu Yu, the pearly appearance, so Bao Shen could not wait to immediately embrace this beauty in his arms, he took a few steps forward and walked to Qiu Yu, “Come, let me take a good look at you.”
Saying that, Bao Shen reached out towards Qiu Yu’s face.
“Don’t touch me!” Qiu Yu slapped away the hand that Bao Shine reached over and chided.
By Qiu Yu in front of so many people reprimanded, Bao Flash face some embarrassment.
“Qiu Yu, how do you talk to Bao Shen brother!” Fu Lele issued a stern shout, she looked at Qiu Yu, “Look at your poor appearance, what qualification is arrogant? Let you find a few cars you can not do, but also bring a poor boy to say that he is looking for a car for you, I think it is to rub food and drink it! He is like this, looking for two bicycles to come is more like it!”
“That’s right, Qiu Yu, this is not in school anymore, you put away your arrogance, although you look good, but rich people lack of beauty? Who do you think you are ah.” A girl with a good relationship with Fu Lele opened her mouth, she has long been displeased with Qiu Yu, in school, the limelight is all stolen by her.
Qiu Yu looked at these people in front of her, she really did not expect, everyone has changed, become so realistic!
Zhang Xuan sighed, this world, not everyone is so realistic, to blame, can only blame Qiu Yu bad luck, a college classmate, originally poor family, just happened to demolition, flying on the branch to become a phoenix, forcing her around the people become realistic.
“Qiu Yu, now come over, apologize to Brother Bao Shan, nothing happened, Brother Bao Shan to be happy, take you to eat some good, buy you some good clothes, it is better than you wear such a cheap goods.” Fu Lele is very proud, she speaks with a feeling of superiority in it.
Zhang Xuan patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, “All right girl, let’s go, there is no point in staying here.”
“Go? Who can go!” Package flash stood in front of Zhang Xuan, “This bitch just touched my hand, either give me an apology or let me touch back, or you dare to walk a try!”
“When did I …… I touch you, you shameless!” Qiu Yu glared at the package flash, angry opening.
“How not, just you clearly deliberately touched my hand, everyone saw, now it’s my turn to touch back.” Bao Shine rubbed his hand and grabbed towards Qiu Yu’s body with a lewd face.
“Pop!” A crisp sound rang out on Bao Flash’s face, and with this crisp sound, a reddish five-finger mark appeared on his face.
Zhang Xuan shook off his hand and looked at Pao Shou, “How about, I touched you too, to feel not cool enough, I’ll touch you again?”
“You!” Pao Shem covered his face with one hand and pointed at Zhang Xuan with the other, “You fucking dare to hit me! Believe it or not I’ll find someone to kill you!”
“Don’t believe me.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and shook his head, “How do you plan to get me killed? With money? Or with touch?”
“I a phone call, with money to kill you believe it or not!” Bao Flash took out his phone and was about to call out.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “whether you can kill me with money, I do not know, but I know that you are still standing here, immediately have to be smashed to death.”
Once Zhang Xuan’s words fell, he took out his phone and sent a voice message out.
“Come down.”
Ten seconds after Zhang Xuan’s voice message was sent, a series of eighteen helicopters, with a powerful airflow sound, appeared in the sight of the crowd, in the eighteen helicopters appeared at the same time, the pedestrians walking on the road, as well as the traffic on the road, slowed down, really because, these eighteen helicopters are too eye-catching!
Underneath each helicopter, there was a top supercar with an exaggerated shape and high cost, which was lined up in the air and slowly approaching this way.
“Bugatti Veyron! One of them costs more than 30 million! There are two Bugatti Veyrons, directly airlifted by helicopter, which tycoon is this?
“McLaren P1!”
“Aston Martin 77! The world’s top luxury car limited to 77 units, the price of 47 million ah! It’s the first time I’ve seen a real car!”
“Koenigsegg NO1, the price of this car is 100 million! Oh my God, these helicopters are flying around with money in the sky!”
On the road, there was a burst of exclaiming, and there was no shortage of people who knew about cars and recognized the prices of these luxury cars.

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