Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 209

Stuffed water town, in the villa.
“Honey, what do you think of this one, will the color be a little too light?” Lin Qinghan stood in front of the full body mirror and kept wriggling her waist.
Zhang Xuan had a light smile on his face: “Not light, it’s very beautiful wife, everything looks good on a beautiful person, just be casual.”
“No!” Lin Qinghan small mouth a pout, “this is the first time to formally meet your friends, how can casual well, on this one.”
Lin Qinghan chose half a day, chose a beige dress, with a beige ladies sun hat, the brim tied with a black ribbon, looks full of temperament.
Today’s Lin Qinghan, slightly painted some light makeup.
Women wear light makeup, representing respect for others.
An extended version of Rolls Royce was driving on the streets of Yinzhou City.
“Idiot, you can ah, bring out all the good wine you have in your collection?” The red-haired youth sat inside the car, shook the red wine glass in his hand, and took a sip beautifully, his face was full of enjoyment.
“Red-haired monster, you talk to me properly, or believe me to pluck all your bird hair!” White pool with a black face, for his name, to be honest, his opinions are very big, if not that old man at home iron will not let change, he would have changed his name a few years ago.
“Hehehe.” The red-haired youth smiled, “You pulled my hair out, you’ll have to give me a new nickname, I can still call you idiot.”
“Damn it!” White pool depressed, he looked at the crowd, suddenly thought of one thing, “right, the boss specifically explained, this time is a simple meal, none of you do not send gifts or anything, sister-in-law does not know the identity of the boss, are acting normal.”
“Understood.” Ferreth than an OK gesture.
Future asked curiously, “Idiot, what kind of a person is the sister-in-law?”
“What kind of person?” Bai Chi pondered for a moment and replied, “A very bland woman, what the boss wants now, is this kind of bland life.”
The crowd nodded thoughtfully.
If someone else was in the car and heard these people say that Lin Qinghan, the business queen of Yinzhou, was a bland woman, they would have been shocked out of their minds, but for the people in this car, Lin Qinghan’s identity was really bland and unexceptional.
The place to eat, Zhang Xuan has sent to Bai Chi in advance, in the distance from the Xin Kai hotel is still two kilometers away, Bai Chi and others walked off the car, walking towards the Xin Kai hotel.
These few people walking on the road, in addition to the white pool and Ferrath dressed quite normal, except for the red hair that a dark red cloak, the future all white, Moon God long hair left waist, Poseidon also wearing similar to the mid-1900s kind of Western dress, look quite strange, attracting a lot of eyes.
The good thing is that this line of people inside two stunning beauty, looking pleasing to the eye, passers-by only as these few are playing cosplay.
Inside the Xin Kai Hotel.
Lin Qinghan sat in the box number five bars nine, looking at the menu.
“Honey, what do your friends love to eat?”
“Anything, they’re not picky.” Zhang Xuan smiled and said.
Lin Qinghan carefully looked at the menu, ordering food is also a discipline, at this time, outside the box sounded a discontented female voice.
“Who is it, sitting in the ninth bar five? Don’t you know who I am?”
This voice just came, the compartment door was pushed open from the outside.
Lin Qinghan willow eyebrows slightly wrinkled, looked at the door of the box, into the eyes of a rather familiar figure.
And the person outside the box, also saw Lin Qinghan, this is a woman in her twenties, dressed gorgeous, with a pearl necklace, short hair on the head with a curl, beautiful, but compared with Lin Qinghan, or two grades.
“Yo, I thought who was sitting in this 9-5 box, it turns out to be our General Manager Lin ah, I heard that you almost died in the fire that day?” The woman looked at Lin Qinghan with a face full of displeasure.
Lin Qinghan smiled faintly, “let sister Zhu disappointed, lucky to survive, why, sister Zhu want this private room? I can let you have it.”
Zhang Xuan just took a glance and could see that there was some disagreement between these two women.
The woman waved her hand with an unpleasant expression, “No need, your big president Lin booked the box, how can I Zhu Ziyu dare to seat ah, oh, I heard that you are married, Mr. Lin, is this your husband?”
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Zhang Xuan scratched his head and looked at Zhu Ziyu somewhat awkwardly, “Sorry, ah, take the liberty of asking, which bird hair is your sister?”
“Hmm?” Zhu Ziyu was stunned by Zhang Xuan’s question, and then her face changed, “Lin Qinghan, your family’s people, don’t you know how to control them properly?”
“I’m sorry, Sister Zhu.” Lin Qinghan smiled at Zhu Ziyu, “My husband has always been the one to take charge of my family’s affairs.”
When Zhu Ziyu heard this, her face looked very unpleasant, “Yes, you can, there will be times when you regret!”
Zhu Ziyu left a harsh sentence, threw her arms and left.
When Zhu Zi Yu left, Lin Qinghan let out a puzzled cry, “Strange, how come I ran into her here?”
“Who is this?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously, he had never heard Lin Qinghan mention anything surnamed Zhu, and last time he went to that outdoor club, he didn’t see her either.
Lin Qinghan replied, “Zheng Chu’s cousin.”
“Oh!” Zhang Xuan nodded with sudden realization, that Zheng Chu, he still had an impression of it, before in the Di Sante enamel restaurant, always trying to embarrass himself that.
After sitting in the box for a while, Zhang Xuan received a message from Bai Chi on his phone.
“Honey, they’re here, I’ll go downstairs and pick them up.”
“I’ll go with you.” Lin Qinghan said and was about to get up.
“It’s okay, I’ll just go by myself.” Zhang Xuan pressed Lin Qinghan’s shoulder, “That wife, there is something that I have to tell you in advance.”
“What is it?” Lin Qinghan puzzled.
“Ahem.” Zhang Xuan dry cough two, “that, my friends, right, people are more enthusiastic, wait if they have any big reaction, you must not be surprised ah.”
Lin Qinghan has not yet recalled what this means, Zhang Xuan has already walked out of the box, towards the downstairs.
When Zhang Xuan arrived at the hotel lobby, he caught a glimpse of his brothers and sisters dressed in strange costumes.
“Wow, you guys are really eye-catching.”
Zhang Xuan said aloud from a long distance away.
Hearing this voice, Moon God and the others, all showing a face of excitement, spoke at the same time, “Boss!”
“Come, the two beauties hug first.” Zhang Xuan walked forward and opened his arms at Moon God and Future.

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