Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 254

In Wu Xin’s opinion, Zhang Xuan was born with strange powers, which is extremely unlikely, after all, this kind of thing, only heard on what the news, real life has not really seen such people, she thought the most likely, or Zhang Xuan bragged about his past experience, after all, for a bodyguard, the highest score given by the assessment center, is based on past experience.
Wu Xin called that staff member over and spoke, “Show me the assessment report of that person on the stage, not the short version.”
The so-called short version was the final assessment result that the staff member had taken out before, while there was another one that recorded Zhang Xuan’s previous introduction of his past experiences.
The staff member took out his phone, entered the company system, and quickly pulled out the past experiences that Zhang Xuan had just left behind.
Wu Xin looked at those records and frowned tightly.
“What, did you find anything?” Sister Hong asked.
“Sister Hong, I can be sure that this Zhang Xuan is bragging about his past experiences.” Wu Xin took a deep breath, “Although his various ability assessment results are good, strength, nerve reaction speed, are far beyond normal, but this can last him to get an assessment price of more than three million to within five million, the rest, depends on his past experience, in his past experience wrote that between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, participated in the Coronation Ditch Mercenary War, that War I know, let alone a fourteen-year-old, is now I go, but also dare not guarantee their survival, that is not a war of thousands, but tens of thousands of people!”
Wu Xin pointed to the staff’s cell phone, rushed Hong sister continued: “Hong sister look at this, sixteen to seventeen years old, participated in three Vietcong rescue operations, this action, is completely sent to death, when a total of a hundred people dared to die, survived less than twenty, survived those people, none of them is a coincidence.”
“And this, at the age of twenty, participated in the Suge devil training camp for three months, to be honest Hong sister, this devil training camp, at that time I also signed up, but was not selected, almost the world’s mercenaries, all want to participate, but the final selection, less than a hundred people, said it is one in a million, is not too much, this training although only three months, but can persevere, very few .”
Wu Xin shook her head, all these experiences, she could not believe.
What Wu Xin did not know was that the devil training camp, Zhang Xuan did participate, only he did not go as a trainee, but the chief instructor of that devil training.
“Sister Hong, there are many more introductions behind, so I won’t explain them all to you, anyway, it is certain that this Zhang Xuan, is not at all what he said.” Wu Xin looked at Zhang Xuan who was standing in the ring and shook his head.
For this kind of bragging about her past experiences, she also felt a pang of disdain from the bottom of her heart.
Sister Hong looked at the stage and didn’t say anything. Originally, she wanted to help Milan by finding some loopholes in the rules and letting Wu Xin get into the ring, but now that she heard Wu Xin say that, she didn’t have that idea either.
A person who brags about his past experiences in order to get a higher evaluation price makes even Sister Hong look down on him.
Yang Haifeng stood at the edge of the ring with a crazy look in his eyes, and rushed the three bodyguards behind him, “You three, if anyone can remove one of his arms, I’ll pay 10 million! A leg, also ten million!”
The three burly bodyguards, each with a cold smile on the corner of their mouths, this was no problem at all for them.
The three of them slowly walked up to the ring.
The original five-by-five ring seemed much more crowded because of the three burly bodyguards’ entrance.
Some people who were testing in the rest of the ring also put their curious eyes over, wondering what was going on here, how come it was three against one.
“Wait! Look guys, those three people, are they from Yongfeng Industry?” A sharp-eyed person recognized the identity of the three bodyguards, “The personal bodyguards of the boss of Yongfeng Industry are on stage, three against one? Who is that youth?”
“Holy shit, it seems to be true, where is this ruthless person from?”
“Bullshit ruthless ah, is a pretender, I do not know how he bragged about his past experience, so that the assessment center to report an annual salary of $ 160 million out of the price, people Yong Feng Industry’s princess can not look down, want to teach this kid.” A person who knows a little bit about the situation said in the crowd.
“One hundred and sixty million dollars? Impossible, right?”
“Definitely not possible! You have not heard, this person is bragging about his past experience, we all know, bodyguard this business, past experience is very important, I want to dare to blow, a year to assess a 200 million can, but also have others believe ah, I would like to see, this person should now how to step down, one person against three Yong Feng Industry boss’s bodyguards, estimated to be killed, right?”
“Too funny, there are people bragging about their past experiences?” Another person spoke, “How do such people think, even if they hire you, found that you have no real ability, just breach of contract, have to pay for the loss of their families!”
“Said, is a pretender!”
In the crowd, there was a bustle of voices, no one thought that Zhang Xuan on the stage, is really capable, after all, 160 million this price, is also too scary, how strong, in order to assess such a price.
Yang Haifeng’s three bodyguards took the stage, all sneering at Zhang Xuan, who at this moment, in their eyes, is a prey.
As soon as the three of them came on stage, they were in a semi-encircled state, surrounding Zhang Xuan.
Wu Xin looked at the stage, slightly shook his head, “Sister Hong, can see, that Zhang Xuan, almost no combat experience, look at him, once on stage deliberately stood in a corner, we in the battle, very taboo such a position, only people who are not confident in their hearts, will choose such a position, and in a one-on-one battle, once standing in the corner, to prove that they have no Retreat, not to mention his one-on-one is not the opponent of these bodyguards of Yongfeng, even if his personal strength exceeds the other side, this kind of siege situation, will put him in danger.”
Wu Xin finished Zhang Xuan’s standing position, and then analyzed: “In addition to his bad standing position, look at his movements, his arms naturally hanging at the sides of his body, it is difficult to react at the first time, if it were me, since I have stood to the corner, I would try to make myself face three people at the same time, so that I can see their movements at the first time and guess what they are going to do next, and this Zhang Xuan is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.”
Wu Xin concluded in his words that this Zhang Xuan had already lost, and his so-called 160 million dollar assessment was just a joke.
Lin Qinghan stood under the ring and looked at Zhang Xuan on the stage with a worried face, “Honey, why don’t we stop fighting?”

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