Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 268

Although Jing Ruoxi and Shan Zhuang are both second-generation officials, but in the hearts of these police officers, everyone is biased in favor of Jing Ruoxi.
Don’t look at Jing Ruoxi in the identity of far more than Shan Zhuang, but she is usually to people, are amiable, not at all put on a show, in contrast, Shan Zhuang, who dares to make him uncomfortable, the next day simply do not come, before also heard that a police academy just graduated from the young girl, by Shan Zhuang looked, the young girl did not agree to go to a room with Shan Zhuang at night, the next day was fired from the unit, but also somehow gave a disciplinary action.
In short, Shan Zhuang himself in the police department, is very unpopular.
“I ask you words, what did you do today!” Jing Ruoxi a pair of beautiful eyes deadly stare at Shan Zhuang.
“What I did, has nothing to do with this case, I am talking about him now!” Shan Zhuang puffed up a breath and pointed at Zhang Xuan, “He’s in league with the thugs.”
“Huh.” Jing Ruoxi sneered twice, “And the reason?”
“At the time the thugs arrived, the first place he found to escape, obviously prepared!” Shan Zhuang seized this excuse to death, at the same time to those who befriended him the second generation frequently winked.
“Yes, this kid ran fast!”
“That’s right, I suspect he’s rehearsed it all countless times.”
One person after another spoke out, all helping Shan Zhuang.
Jing Ruoxi beauty eyes swept a week, nodded, “No wonder, no wonder the Internet often appear some bad remarks about the police force, it is the appearance of black sheep like you, which led the police force into this! Shan Zhuang, I clearly tell you, also tell you!”
Jing Ruoxi pointed to those present to take statements, and finally put his finger on Zhang Xuan, “without him, today none of you, still standing here, when the criminals attacked the nineteenth floor of the club, I was in the courtyard, one of the criminals wanted to detonate the time bomb planted on the walls of the club, the bomb, less than ten seconds left to detonate when he was, demolished! Down!”
Jing Ruoxi said ten seconds, is justified, after the arrest of criminals, she specifically let people to get evidence, heard people report that the time bomb detonation time of less than ten seconds, Jing Ruoxi are feeling a pang of fear.
At this moment, Jing Ruoxi’s words, in the crowd, set off a furor.
The four words “time bomb” brought up a powerful impact that filled the hearts of the crowd.
A time bomb how terrible, these people have not seen in reality, but also seen in the movie.
They have, to their surprise, just walked through the ghost gate, and still don’t know anything.
Moreover, it was Xiao Shan, the godson, who defused the bomb?
“Impossible! A coward like him, how could he have defused the bomb!” Shan Zhuang issued words of disbelief on the spot.
Including those entrepreneurs present, they were also a bit disbelieving, they really couldn’t see that such an ordinary person like Zhang Xuan had any ability to defuse the bomb.
“Coward?” Jing Ruo Xi laughed, “Shan Zhuang, this coward you are talking about, only a short while ago, saved me from a gunman and apprehended him, and even almost got hit by a bullet, you say he is a coward, what about you? As a police officer, you hid in the middle of the crowd and did nothing while the criminals were committing murder?”
Jing Ruoxi this speech, once again caused a furor.
This Zhang Xuan, subdue the thugs? Save the daughter of the municipal party secretary?
This time, the people in the heart is understood, no wonder this Miss Jing so protective of Zhang Xuan, and, this Xuan is not everyone thought that escape, but to do more important things ah, if he did not defuse the bomb, no need for the eight thugs to do, we all accounted for.
Knowing the cause and effect of the matter, Xiao Shan face also showed a gratified expression, indeed, Xiao Xuan is still the same Xiao Xuan, not a critical time to leave others alone to escape.
Her husband was clarified, Lin Qinghan also felt a lot more comfortable in the heart, just those people shouted Zhang Xuan is a white-eyed wolf and other words, let her inside extra suffocating, she knows Zhang Xuan’s character very well, is definitely a man with love and righteousness.
Single Zhuang where to think, this Zhang Xuan actually just did so many things, but also saved the life of this young lady in front of her, they want to move him, think today is impossible.
A few seconds of silence, Shan Zhuang that sinister expression changed, smiled at Zhang Xuan, “Oh, so it was a misunderstanding, then this clears up just fine, brother, you do not blame me, who let me be a police officer, I also strictly adhere to the post well!”
Shan Zhuang laughed as he opened the handcuffs on Zhang Xuan’s wrists.
Jing Ruoxi coldly snorted, “Shan Zhuang, you do not give me any tricks!”
“Which can.” Shan Zhuang heated smile, just present, no one believes that Shan Zhuang can just let it go, this person’s flawed character, we all know very well.
With the appearance of Jing Ruoxi, the matter here was quickly resolved, the crowd’s misunderstanding of Zhang Xuan were also lifted, one by one, came up to thank.
“Old Xiao, you have recognized this godson well, I really envy you.”
“I want to have such an excellent godson, my family that boy, I am willing to pinch it to death!”
Those who had previously discouraged Xiao Shan from breaking off the relationship with Zhang Xuan came up to say the opposite again.
For this kind of scene, Xiao Shan has obviously seen a lot, smiling and dealing with it.
In the face of these big shots, the police department did not spend too much time making statements, and when everyone went out from the city bureau, the sky was not yet completely dark.
“Hey, this mess, the meal also did not eat well, Xiao Xuan, go, godfather treat you to dinner.” Xiao Shan patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder.
Lin Qinghan walked beside Zhang Xuan and looked at him with a concerned face, “You fought with the thugs? The other side also moved the gun? Are there any injuries, why don’t we go to the hospital first?”
As the saying goes, concern is chaos.
After hearing that Zhang Xuan fought with the criminals, Lin Qinghan felt a wave of panic, did not think about other issues, Zhang Xuan is to help the police catch thieves, if injured, the police will also be the first time to send him to the hospital for treatment.
“I say Qing Han, you should not care about him, look at him this lively appearance, like injured?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Lin Qinghan was Milan said the pretty face a red, beautiful eyes staring straight at Zhang Xuan, did not speak.
Zhang Xuan scratched his head, “wife, I just happened to see her fighting with the thugs when I defused the bomb, so I helped out, and I don’t even know her name.”
Lin Qinghan nodded in disbelief, “That’s more like it.”
Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly, which previously did not find, Lin Qinghan will really jealous ah.

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