Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 343

Nangong Family.
Nangong Yu, Nangong Jing Yun, as well as Su Wu of the Su family, all guarded in front of the Nangong family door.
“Nangong brother, not I say you ah, what is called Zhang Xuan, you have not even explored the bottom, this time if not our Su family people follow, I’m afraid really dangerous ah, fortunately this time to stop him, otherwise the consequences, unimaginable ah!
Nangong Jing Yun face gloomy uncertainty.
Nangong Yu also frowned and did not say a word.
Just now Su Wu arrived and took out a video to show them, it was the three kidnappers recorded when they spoke to Zhang Xuan.
“But don’t worry too much, Zhu Laozi should have solved this, in the future, ah, still have to be long.” Su Wu had a tone of education.
The other side.
Zhang Xuan drove Zhu Yuanjiu grandfather and grandson towards the city, Zhu Ling is still in a coma, lying in his grandfather’s arms.
Zhang Xuan rushed Zhu Yuanjiu and said, “If I’m not wrong, someone from the Su family should have arrived at the Nangong family by now, I won’t go back, just find a random excuse and cover this over, don’t expose me.”
“Mm.” Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, “Then what do you plan to do?”
“Investigate first, the net I have spilled out, right old thing, you have been in Yanjing? Today came so quickly?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously, this Zhu Ling was tied up not long ago, Zhu Yuanjiu rushed here.
“Moved this morning.” Zhu Yuanjiu recalled, “Last night the Su family told me that someone had made a move on my granddaughter, it seems they thought about today yesterday.”
“Last night ……” Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment, “old thing, I’m afraid, what they said last night, and what happened today, is not the same thing, I asked someone to bring you words, did you receive them?”
“You had someone bring me words?” Zhu Yuanjiu had a puzzled look on his face.
“It seems that there is a problem within your Zhu family, before, on the train someone wanted to kill your granddaughter, but I stopped it, I had someone bring you the words long ago, it seems that the words did not reach your ears.” Zhang Xuan through the inside rear view mirror, broke a deep meaningful look at Zhu Yuanjiu, “Su family, how did they know yesterday that Zhu Ling was attacked?”
Zhu Yuanjiu did not answer and fell into silence.
After reaching the city, Zhu Yuanjiu got off, holding Zhu Ling, took a taxi to the Nangong family.
Zhang Xuan, on the other hand, “temporarily borrowed” this Maserati.
The Nangong family manor, Nangong Jing Yun and Su Wu, have been standing at the entrance of the manor waiting, when they saw a cab stop, the two hearts are a little nervous.
The door of the car opened, Zhu Yuanjiu holding Zhu Ling appeared in the sight of the two.
When Su Wu saw that there was no Zhang Xuan’s figure, a joyful look appeared in his eyes.
“Elder Zhu, I’m to blame for this, I’m to blame.” Nangong Jingyun took a big stride up and apologized to Elder Zhu.
“You brat.” Zhu Yuanjiu looked at Nangong Jingyun, “Just like when you were a kid, you love to take the blame on yourself for everything, this has nothing to do with you.”
“Elder Zhu, fortunately the Zhu Ling girl is fine, it’s really congratulatory.” Su Wu also hurried up and said.
Elder Zhu nodded, looked at Su Wu, did not speak.
Nangong Yu saw that there were only two people, Zhu Yuanjiu and Zhu Ling, and asked, “Grandpa Zhu, where is Zhang Xuan?”
“He was injured while chasing the kidnappers, and has gone for treatment.” Zhu Yuanjiu made an excuse, and these words, in the ears of the three people, meant something else.
Just now, Nangong Yu and Nangong Jing Yun both watched the video, which showed that Zhang Xuan was the mastermind behind this time.
Now Zhu Yuanjiu said that Zhang Xuan was seriously injured to recuperate, the meaning is also very obvious.
Nangong Yu looked gloomy, “Grandpa Zhu, in this, could there be any misunderstanding?”
“What misunderstanding?” Zhu Yuanjiu looked at Nangong Yu.
“Nangong niece, you are still too simple, do not understand that the human heart is sinister!” Su Wu spoke, “There are some people, just by looking at the surface, you have no idea what kind of person he is.”
“Yes.” Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, if there is a reference, “Knowing people, do not know the heart.”
Zhang Xuan drove his car, went to the hotel, and used the anonymous card provided by Nangong Yu to make a call out.
“Boss, the person has been solved, sure, it’s also someone from the Su family.” Bai Chi’s voice rang out over the phone.
“The one who did it to Zhu Ling on the train last time was also one of their people, right?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Yes.” Bai Chi replied, “the last two people we took over, the trial came out, the Su family sent, boss, there is something else, is just found out, sister-in-law’s mother, and the Su family, there are links, the details, I send you.”
“Good.” Zhang Xuan nodded and hung up the phone.
Just after the phone hung up, Bai Chi’s message came over.
Zhang Xuan took a look, his face gradually darkened.
Lin Qinghan’s mother, also surnamed Su, and is a direct descendant of the Su family, the former head of the Su family, the biological daughter of the old man Su.
However, because of certain reasons, the Su family did not recognize the identity of Lin Qinghan’s mother, and expelled her from the family, after the old man Su died, his last letter, wrote to take Lin Qinghan’s mother back to the Su family, inherit the Su family’s great lineage, if she does not want to, half of the Su family’s family assets, as compensation.
Zhang Xuan looked at the message from Bai Chi, his heart probably some clarity, no wonder the Su family to move Lin Qinghan, but whose interests are involved? The current head of the Su family? Or who?
Zhang Xuan looked at this information, now at the very least, to figure out why the Su family wants to make a move on Lin Qinghan, to put it bluntly, it is a matter of interest.
Zhang Xuan lay on the bed, closed the phone, thinking about these issues in his head, if Lin Qinghan really to the Su family, then the interests of who will have the greatest impact? In the Su family, there are definitely supporters of Master Su, otherwise Master Su’s will, will not be put on the heart, these things, all need to give him time, let him slowly to contact before.
Zhang Xuan closed his eyes and just felt that his head was a muddle.
When Zhang Xuan’s mind was still thinking about these things, the lights in the room, suddenly went out.
The sudden darkening of the lights in front of the eyes, so that a person in a moment will have the illusion of blindness, and at the same time, a person’s attention will be distracted at this time, for a person who specializes in assassination, this is an opportunity to strike.
A breeze came from the window, accompanied by a sound of breaking wind, a flash of silver mane in the darkness.
Immediately afterwards, a few soft sounds came from the darkness.
A few seconds later, the originally extinguished lights came back on.
Zhang Xuan looked at the person in front of him, and the other person was also looking at Zhang Xuan, except that the two people’s gazes were of two very different flavors.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze, with a kind of indifference, while the other party’s eyes, with the other party is frightened.

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