Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 359

After leaving the TCM Museum, Xu Wan followed Zhang Xuan, full of regret and sighing.
“Little Wan, you are so young, what are you sighing for.” Zhang Xuan felt a little funny, people who didn’t know, thought that this girl had just experienced some kind of life hardship.
“Of course it’s a loss.” Xu Wan shook her head, “Brother-in-law, you don’t know, after your last lecture at school, how much people in our school admire you, who all want to listen to another lesson from you and see your divine needle technique, I thought I had a chance today, but it turned out to be a total loss.”
Zhang Xuan covered his forehead, “You say this ah, you really want to learn, I can teach you alone.”
“Teach me alone? Really?” Xu Wan opened his eyes wide, some disbelief.
“What’s true or not.” Zhang Xuan looked at Xu Wan’s exaggerated appearance, a little depressed, “We are all family, if Sun Lan wants to learn, together.”
“I …… I can also?” Sun Lan pointed at himself with a surprised face.
In Sun Lan’s eyes, Zhang Xuan’s divine needle technique is absolutely priceless, he can see it a few times and learn to observe it is already an honor, now he can learn it?
Not to mention Sun Lan has this idea, even Xu Wan, did not think to ask Zhang Xuan to learn this needle method.
The Chinese medicine has been handed down since ancient times, and some techniques are passed on to men but not women, even if the family will not easily pass on.
“Find a place, I teach you two, the best equipment is complete.” Zhang Xuan directly waved a big hand.
“Brother-in-law, you are also too good point it!” Xu Wan let out a joyful cry, “My sister can find you, it’s really her greatest happiness.”
Xu Wan’s words made Zhang Xuan extraordinarily satisfied, “If you can say that in front of your sister, I’ll be happy.”
“Must, no matter in front of whom, I this sentence.” Xu Wan patted her chest, “Brother-in-law, then let’s go to our school, there are silver needles and models in the classroom.”
After the decision was made, the three of them went directly to Yin University, Xu Wan and Sun Lan did not make a sound, and took Zhang Xuan to the classroom.
Chinese medicine is very profound and profound, one morning, just some of the theories proposed by Zhang Xuan, let Xu Wan and Sun Lan benefit a lot, these things, they have not been exposed to much in school, when Zhang Xuan said, let the two people have a sense of enlightenment, some of the problems that did not think of understanding before, after Zhang Xuan’s mention, can already raise one to the other.
“Or that, although Chinese medicine has been handed down since ancient times, but to our generation, we must learn to adapt, can not knock dead reasoning, only in this way, can be able to cure a hundred diseases, cure a hundred diseases, about the needle thing, you two can not understand for the time being, first learn to understand the basic gong then.”
“Brother-in-law, I really admire you more and more, you are simply my idol!” Xu Wan’s gaze towards Zhang Xuan was almost starry.
Sun Lan is also a face of admiration, she thought about it, the so-called school bully, genius, and Zhang Xuan’s age is not much difference, but the amount of knowledge compared to Zhang Xuan, it is a dregs ah.
This time, although not yet in contact with needlework, but the two have been very satisfied, even if Zhang Xuan today to teach them needlework, they will not learn, greed can not chew this truth, they still understand very well.
Seeing that it was noon, the three did not continue to stay in the classroom, Xu Wan shouted to invite Zhang Xuan to eat in the cafeteria.
“Brother-in-law, which girl you want to see in our school give me the word, I promise not to tell my sister!” Xu Wan’s excitement had not yet passed and she kept offering her goodwill to Zhang Xuan.
“Come on you.” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, “Don’t test me, I’m devoted to your sister.”
“Xiao Wan, save your breath, brother-in-law is such an excellent man, only your sister can match.” Sun Lan laughed.
“Cut, men are all philandering.” Xu Wan rolled her eyes, “Brother-in-law, don’t be afraid, from today onwards, we are a team, don’t worry, I will stand on your side.”
Zhang Xuan slapped his head and hurriedly changed the subject, “By the way, where is that girl Zhang Jie, why don’t I see her today, isn’t she usually the most active?”
Xu Wan rolled his eyes, “the dead girl took a long vacation, saying that there is something at home, the results of the circle of friends every day in the past few days to send out pictures of the wave, play is happy.”
“All right, go, go eat, I’m hungry flat.” Zhang Xuan saw the topic pulled away, and hurriedly pulled on the matter of eating.
The university cafeteria, in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, feels no different from those cafeteria in the mall, what to eat, and also cheap, less than ten dollars to eat three dishes and a soup, full.
When Zhang Xuan was eating, he heard many students complaining about the bad food in the canteen.
Zhang Xuan really want to tell them, really out of school, into society, egg noodles are eighteen dollars a bowl, you will know how good the university canteen food.
Sitting in the school cafeteria, gave Zhang Xuan a very different feeling, as if everywhere is full of youthful energy.
Zhang Xuan next table sat a few students, a face gossip about something, the voice into the ears of Zhang Xuan three.
“Have you heard, Zhang Cheng morning after being beaten up, just went to challenge the president of the ancient martial arts club, the results are still beaten up to get up.”
“Hey, what do you think Zhang Cheng has nothing to do to challenge the ancient martial arts club ah?”
“Actually, I can’t blame Zhang Cheng for this, it’s said that the president of the ancient martial arts club provoked him first.”
The gossip at the next table was still talking when Zhang Xuan heard an unkind voice coming from behind him.
“Yo, isn’t this Xu Wan, why, Missy of the Lin family, also come to the canteen.”
Zhang Xuan listened to the voice, turned his head, and saw a young man wearing white martial arts training clothes, standing behind himself, beside the young man, also followed by many people, among them there are two people, immediately let Zhang Xuan noticed, that is a man and a woman, is exactly yesterday by Zhang Xuan thrown out of the house Su Cai and Su Yiran.
Likewise, Su Cai and Su Yiran also saw Zhang Xuan, the eyes of hatred immediately appeared.
Yesterday, Zhang Xuan was thrown out of the room, Su Cai and Su Yiran two people, they prepared their revenge plan, their plan is very simple, first investigated the family situation of Lin Qinghan, intended to the entire Lin family, humiliated once, otherwise they can not swallow that last night’s anger.
It just so happens that Su Yiran has a friend whose family is a very small ancient martial arts family in Yinzhou, and this friend of his is also a student at Yin University, and is the president of the ancient martial arts society of Yin University.
Su Yiran also found out that Lin Qinghan’s cousin is also studying at Yin University, so he approached his friend, Liao Sheng, the president of Yin University Ancient Martial Arts Society.
The Su family’s people came to the door to help, Liao Sheng will naturally give Su Yiran this face, so, from this morning, Liao Sheng is ready to start on Xu Wan.

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