Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 364

Zhang Xuan slowly walked towards the direction where the enforcer was.
The number of people surrounding the enforcer and the Liao family head, also grew.
Liao Sheng’s uncle stood next to him with wide eyes and a strong fear in his eyes, the ghostly face mask, as if from the abyss under the nine ghosts, brought people, only despair.
“The Earth …… Hellwalker ……”
The enforcer trembled his lips and looked at the person who appeared beside him.
The name of the Hell Walker resounded throughout the world, and everyone knew that where the Hell Walker appeared, along with it, there was only death.
“Kill them all.” Zhang Xuan faintly spat out these two words, his voice, coming from the Nine Underworlds, resounded in the ears of the law enforcer and the Liao family head.
In the eyes of the two, apart from a strong fear, there was, what was more, disbelief, that this young man in front of them was related to the Hell Walker.
The white mane flashed by, bringing up fresh blood.
Zhang Xuan turned around as the blood spurted and walked towards the outside of the manor.
Behind Zhang Xuan, the sound of blades cutting on flesh continued to ring out.
When Zhang Xuan took his first step out of the manor, a fire lit up behind him, and the entire date farm, in just ten minutes, would turn into a ruin, and when the fire police came, there would only be burnt corpses here.
Yinzhou People’s Hospital.
Liao Sheng weakly lying on the hospital bed, waiting to enter the operating room at any time, ten fingers crushed fracture, the hands are destined to be used.
Su Cai and Su Yiran accompanied him at the bedside, comforting him, “Brother Liao, don’t worry, that Zhang will never have a good end, when you come out of the operating room, we will settle the score with him.”
“I want him to die!” In Liao Sheng’s eyes, a hateful gaze emerged, “I want my grandfather to kill him, I want to hold his wife under my body, I want to pick his skin and draw his tendons!”
Several nurses came and pushed Liao Sheng into the operating room, one of them, with a syringe hidden in her hand, inserted the syringe into Liao Sheng’s chest in the process of pushing him.
Before Liao Sheng entered the operating room, that nurse sighed, “The patient died of an accelerated heartbeat due to inhaling a large amount of powdery substances.”
About Liao Sheng’s death, Su Cai and Su Yiran did not know about it, and the two of them left the hospital in stride and went to Lin’s group.
After Zhang Xuan left Zaozhuang, he also arrived at Lin’s Group.
Standing on the floor of Lin’s Group, Zhang Xuan impatiently looked at his cell phone.
“Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang.” An anxious voice came from the side.
Hearing the voice, Zhang Xuan frowned, “You’re too slow.”
“I’m sorry, there was some accident on the way.” The visitor apologized repeatedly, fearing that Zhang Xuan would be displeased.
“Okay, my wife is upstairs, what to say, you tell her face to face.” Zhang Xuan looked at the other party, the person who came, was none other than the current head of the Su family, Su Yu.
Yesterday, after seeing the attitude of Su Cai and Su Yiran, Zhang Xuan had someone call Su Yu over, Su Yu certainly did not dare to have a minute of hesitation, early this morning, took a plane to Yinzhou.
Su Yu followed Zhang Xuan to the Lin’s building.
The company’s employees are working hard, Su Yu is a little curious about what kind of person this niece, whom she has never met, is.
In the office on the top floor of Lin’s Group, Lin Qinghan was sitting there, holding an old photo album, and the photos on it all looked blurred.
The woman gently stroked the album cover with her hand, “Mom, my daughter is unfilial, probably in a short time, there is no way to bring you back to the Su family.”
There was a knock on the door of the office.
“Enter.” Lin Qinghan put the photo album away, and also at the same time, collected her emotions.
The office door opened and Li Na stood in front of the company door with an itinerary.
“Mr. Lin, is it okay to put the original meeting with Mr. Zhao this afternoon to tomorrow morning at ten o’clock?”
“Hmm?” Lin Qinghan was puzzled, “Why did you suddenly cancel it? Is there something on Mr. Zhao’s side?”
“Uh ……” Li Na was a bit embarrassed, “Mr. Lin, Mr. Zhang asked me to cancel it, don’t you know?”
“He told you to cancel? Why did he cancel my trip?” Lin Qinghan frowned.
“Mr. Zhang said you had something important this afternoon, so he asked me to cancel the trip.” Li Na replied, “Now Mr. Zhang is already waiting in the parlor, he said for you to get ready and go over, and he brought someone over.”
“Okay, I know.” Lin Qinghan, with a face full of suspicion, slightly straightened her clothes and walked towards the parlor.
An important matter? Lin Qinghan was thinking in her heart, what could it be important.
Lin Qinghan stood in front of the meeting room, pushed open the door, and saw Zhang Xuan sitting there, chatting with an unfamiliar man.
The moment she saw this strange man, Lin Qinghan’s heart felt a stirring, a connection that came from her bloodline.
At the same time, Su Yu, sitting in the parlor, also saw Lin Qinghan, although long seen Lin Qinghan’s photos, but this first time to see the real person, Su Yu was still stunned by this niece, whether because of Lin Qinghan’s appearance, or her unique temperament, has developed an aura, if placed in other places, Su Yu will also look at this girl more.
Looking at Su Yu, Lin Qinghan had a strong intuition in her heart, a bold guess that surfaced in her mind.
“Husband, this is ……”
“Wife, this is Su Yu.” Zhang Xuan got up, walked to Lin Qinghan’s side and grabbed Lin Qinghan’s small hand, “He should be, your …… uncle ……”
Lin Qinghan’s delicate body trembled slightly as if she had been touched by electricity, her eyes looked at Su Yu, her mouth softly murmured, “Uncle …… uncle.”
Lin Qinghan since childhood, there is no uncle in the heart of this concept, mother’s relatives for her, is so far away.
Su Yu got up and smiled faintly at Lin Qinghan, “Qinghan, finally see you, so many years, suffering you.”
Zhang Xuan saw that the woman’s eyes, covered with a layer of mist, flooded with tears, Zhang Xuan could feel that the woman’s tears, with a kind of excitement, a kind of aggression, an unspeakable complexity.
This is the first time Lin Qinghan has seen his mother’s family in more than 20 years.
Zhang Xuan reached out, wiping away the tears at the corner of Lin Qinghan’s eyes, “Well wife, your uncle came to you, isn’t it a happy thing, come, sit down first.”
“Mm.” Lin Qinghan nodded vigorously, and the corners of her mouth grinned.
Looking at Lin Qinghan’s smile, Su Yu’s face, too, showed a look of relief.
The door to the parlor closed.
Downstairs in Lin’s building, Su Cai and Su Yiran barged into the company’s front door.
“Where is Lin Qinghan? Tell that Lin to come out, you must give me an explanation today!” Su Cai shouted as soon as he entered the company.
Many unknown Lin’s employees looked at Su Cai and guessed what was happening.
“Both of you, please don’t make trouble here.” The company’s security guards immediately came over.

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