Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 366

Before Su Cai could dial the phone out, the phone rang first, and it was Su Cai’s father calling.
“Hey, Dad, I was just about to call you, I ……”
Before Su Cai could finish his sentence, a cursing sound rang out from the other end of the phone, “What did you do? Ah! I just received the news from home, our family, were classified out of Su’s, what have you done!”
Su Cai listened to the voice on the phone, the last trace of hope in his heart, also dashed.
Su Yu in the meeting room, did not care what would happen after these two unworthy sons and grandsons left the Su family, this kind of people stay in the Su family, but also just disgrace the Su family.
In the afternoon, Lin Qinghan took Su Yu to her mother’s monument, the first time a Su family member came over so many years after her mother left.
“Si Yue, for so many years, I’ve wronged your family, when the Su family was in crisis, our father had no choice but to expel you from the Su family, this matter, even on the day Dad left, he could not forgive himself, from now on you can rest assured, Qinghan will completely return to the Su family, according to Dad’s will, she will be in charge of the Su family, also considered our father because of the incident back then, to your compensation.”
Su Yu bowed deeply to Su Si Yue’s monument.
Because of this bowing action, the tears in Lin Han’s eyes could no longer be stopped and flowed like crazy.
Zhang Xuan wrapped his arm around Lin Qinghan’s fragrant shoulders, “Wife, what are you crying for, your uncle came to you, it should be a happy thing, look at you, just like a slug.”
Zhang Xuan reached out and helped the woman dry her tears.
Lin Qinghan took the initiative to take Zhang Xuan’s large hand and put her small hand in Zhang Xuan’s palm, “Honey, thank you.”
Lin Qinghan looked at the man in front of him, the things that his mother was remembering before she left, now finally realized, everything, all because of this man in front of him, if not for him, he may still be suffering from Su Cai and Su Yiran’s anger.
After going out from the mausoleum, the three of them casually found a place to eat, Lin Qinghan curiously asked Su Yu, how he met Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan had previously explained to Su Yu that Lin Qinghan had feelings for the Su family in his heart, and on his mother’s side, Lin Qinghan needed more of a kind of affection and did not just want to compensate.
The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.
As for the matter of someone in the Su family trying to kill Lin Qinghan, Zhang Xuan and Su Yu are ready to rot in their stomachs.
For Su Yu, this matter is not honorable, is the family’s scandal, Lin Qinghan is the future head of the Su family, if she knows this matter, there will be mustache.
For Zhang Xuan, everything, he can for Lin Qinghan to carry, to bear, he can put all the suffering in front of their own, just to see Lin Qinghan that happy smile, is enough.
After eating, Su Yu said goodbye to leave, even though Lin Qinghan repeatedly retained, he was in a hurry to go back to the Su family, staying here, for Su Yu, is a kind of psychological test, afraid of their own words, or which action to provoke the big man discontent.
Lin Qinghan insisted on sending Su Yu to the airport, and only after seeing Su Yu board the plane did she look a lot more relaxed.
“Honey, I’m really nervous.” Lin Qinghan let out a long breath.
“What are you nervous about?”
Lin Qinghan playfully spit out her tongue, “afraid ah, afraid of which I do not do well.”
Zhang Xuan dumbly smiled, looking at Lin Qinghan making this little woman’s appearance, he rubbed Lin Qinghan’s head, “Don’t be afraid, don’t forget, your uncle said, you will take over as the head of the Su family in the future, you will be the one to take charge of all the big and small matters of the Su family.”
Lin Qinghan shook his head, “I feel like I’m dreaming now, yesterday, I was still worried about the Su family, and today I’m being made the head of the Su family, all this can’t be a dream, right?”
“You pinch yourself, see if it hurts.”
“Fine.” Lin Qinghan’s eyes narrowed into a crescent shape, reaching towards Zhang Xuan’s waist and twisting hard.
Zhang Xuan grimaced, “Honey, why are you pinching me?”
“Do you think I’m stupid?” Lin Qinghan rolled her eyes, “Pinch yourself I will hurt ah, giggle.”
With a silver bell-like laugh, the woman ran away with great strides.
Zhang Xuan stood behind, watching the woman’s back, revealing a heartfelt smile.
By the time the two returned home, it was already after five in the afternoon.
“Husband, change your clothes and go to a party with me tonight.”
As soon as they arrived home, Lin Qinghan urged.
“Ah? There’s another party?” Zhang Xuan grinned widely and lay down on the sofa.
“It’s said to be a party, but it’s actually about a bid, only this time the situation is a bit special, change your clothes, or it will be too late.” Lin Qinghan walked over, pinched Zhang Xuan’s nose, then brought up a fragrant breeze and walked towards upstairs.
Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose, he found that Lin Qinghan had really changed, from the iceberg beauty she used to be, she had become playful.
Zhang Xuan spent two minutes to change his clothes and twenty minutes to wait for Lin Qinghan.
Today’s Lin Qinghan, deliberately wore a black evening dress, a long hair coiled behind the head, as a proud black swan-like.
The platinum necklace in front of the jade neck, all the time emitting a kind of brilliance, today’s Lin Qinghan painted light makeup, the already glamorous she, now looks even more beautiful.
The perfect S-shaped body can’t pick a flaw, she stood there, emitting a powerful aura.
The company has seen too many beautiful women, Zhang Xuan is a bit dazed at the moment.
“What are you looking at, let’s go.” Lin Qinghan smiled sweetly and held Zhang Xuan’s arm.
“Wife, you’re too beautiful.” Zhang Xuan sighed in admiration from the bottom of his heart.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face flushed and she covered her mouth to snicker, “You are poor.”
“What I said is true.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head forcefully.
Zhang Xuan drove and took Lin Qinghan to the venue of the party, Xin Kai Hotel.
As the best hotel in Yinzhou, almost all large parties would be chosen here, and this time was no exception.
There were already many luxury cars parked outside the gates of the Xin Kai Hotel, and many people in dresses, all gathered in twos and threes in front of the hotel, chatting about something.
When the car stopped, the car door opened, the moment the woman in black evening dress stepped out of the car door, it attracted too much attention, her appearance, as if she became the main character at once.
Zhang Xuan parked the car with an unhappy face and walked out of the car.
“Honey, why are you unhappy.” Lin Qinghan held Zhang Xuan’s arm and asked with a concerned face, “Are you uncomfortable?”
“Yes!” Zhang Xuan nodded his head forcefully, “I’m uncomfortable in my heart, so many people are staring at my wife, I’m not happy.”

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