Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 383

Some people have said that they would rather be in the official unit as a monthly salary of 3,000 employees at the bottom, are more comfortable than they earn 8,000 dollars a month to come, there are many people at first hearing, this is very incomprehensible, but the fact is so.
The Zhu family’s sidekick, but the Zhu family gate, let countless big people smile to please, these people, placed in other places, he may not even contact.
Now this door Zhu family side, is such, he has been guarding the Zhu family gate for more than a year, more than a year, almost every day people visit the door, everyone comes here, are constantly gifts, modest attitude, and some even added his contact information, give him some benefits, just for him to let those people into a Zhu family gate, more than a year, he has long been used to such a feeling of being surrounded by people to please.
Today, Zhang Xuan’s action of smashing the door is something he has never experienced in more than a year.
“I’m the one who smashed it.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head, he looked at the Zhu family so thick door, not on the fist smashing, that can not be smashed, right?
In the past, Zhu Yuanjiu came to Zhu family, Zhu Yuanjiu is with Zhu family people, a kilometer away to meet.
The Zhu family youth once again looked at Zhang Xuan, this year, he has developed a pair of “fire eyes”, a glance can see whether people dressed rich.
Obviously, the clothes that Zhang Xuan was wearing were not rich, and Zhang Xuan’s empty hands made the Zhu family youth unhappy.
The Zhu family youth glanced at his mouth, “What are you, you dare to knock on our Zhu family’s door, go away!”
After the youth finished, he closed the door with force.
When the door closed, it also brought up a piece of dust, raising Zhang Xuan’s face.
A young man standing outside couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Kid, this is what you said about coming to the Zhu family? In the end, you can’t even enter the door!”
Mr. Ping laughed coldly, “Dare to smash the door of the Zhu family, still think you are some kind of person, in the end, hmph.”
Although Mr. Ping’s words were not clear, but the meaning was already obvious.
Zhang Xuan frowned, the Zhu family’s attitude, really made him dissatisfied, when, a descendant of the Zhu family, also became so arrogant?
Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone and dialed a number out, “Hey, I’m in front of your house, I’m stopped, come pick me up.”
Zhang Xuan finished this call and stood waiting in front of the Zhu family, but beside him, a loud laugh rang out, “What’s wrong? Feel embarrassed to make a phone call to cover up the embarrassment?”
“Let the Zhu family come out to pick you up, what do you think you are?”
“Hahahaha, which one did you call?”
A burst of ridicule sounded, these people, all standing in front of the Zhu family gate, can not enter the gate, at this moment, Zhang Xuan’s appearance, one, became the object of their tune, second, became the target of their existence, although they can not enter the Zhu family gate, but not like this person so humiliated ah.
Zhang Xuan ignored these people’s laughter and stood quietly in front of the Zhu family gate.
A minute later, the Zhu family gate opened.
Zhu Yuanjiu’s figure appeared in front of the gate.
“Elder Zhu!”
“Surprisingly, it’s Elder Zhu!”
“Seeing Elder Zhu like this, is he going out of town?”
When the crowd saw Old Master Zhu, they all had a few moments of excitement on their faces and didn’t even associate themselves with Zhang Xuan.
Mr. Ping bellowed at Zhang Xuan, “That kid, get away from me, don’t get in the way of Elder Zhu!”
Immediately after Mr. Ping’s drink fell, he cast a goodwill smile to Old Master Zhu.
“Old man Zhu, this Zhu family of yours, it’s time to take charge!” Zhang Xuan said with an unhappy expression as he stood in front of the Zhu Family’s main gate.
When Zhu Yuanjiu heard Zhang Xuan’s words, his face immediately changed, associating that it was his own junior who had provoked Zhang Xuan, he twisted his head and barked at the youth inside the door, “Come out and apologize!”
“Apology is not necessary, your Zhu family is useless to keep this kind of person, just let go.” Zhang Xuan said lightly.
“Family head, I ……” The young man inside the door was just about to speak when he was slapped in the face by Zhu Yuanjiu.
Zhu Yuanjiu’s face was unpleasant as he bellowed, “Get out!”
Zhu family is very big, has the power, has the connections, also the reason, Zhu senior understand more about Zhang Xuan’s terrifying, Bright Island Lord, this identity that can make people kneel down when said out, was provoked by a junior in his own family.
Although Zhu Yuanjiu do not know how this junior is to provoke Zhang Xuan, but as long as the provocation, Zhang Xuan let roll, then roll.
Zhu Yuanjiu has lived for decades, the old man into a fine, he seems old, but in fact, the heart than anyone is awake, Zhu family is big, but and the island of light, is not in a class above, he sent a rescue request to the island of light, today Zhang Xuan can come, is already given himself a great face, is on the part of that year, otherwise, they do not have so much ability to invite this Satan Lord!
Zhu Yuanjiu treatment of Zhang Xuan’s attitude, so that the crowd standing outside the door, all wide-eyed.
This young man, and Lord Zhu knew each other? What’s more, this young man told that Zhu family member to get lost, and Elder Zhu listened? What kind of person is he!
The original still arrogant Mr. Ping, immediately shrunk into the crowd, he just, actually shouted at such a person?
This young man from the Zhu family, also never thought that the person he had just yelled at, was actually known to the family head, and had the family head personally greet him!
As a member of the Zhu family, he knows too well how big the family head is, even if the city’s first hand to come, are as a junior, let the family head personally greeted, this is the first time he has seen it in the year or so he has been watching the door.
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhu Yuanjiu approach, nodded, for this young man, Zhang Xuan also did not care too much, after all, the identity gap is too big.
Zhu Yuanjiu see this junior of his family still standing here, once again a slap to the other side of the face, “I told you to get lost, did not hear it?”
The young man’s body shivered, his legs went limp and he knelt to the ground, “Master, I was wrong, forgive me this time.”
Faced with the youth’s plea for forgiveness, Zhu Yuanjiu did not even look at it, turned to look at the manor, Longsheng laughed: “Go have someone, bring out my best wine!”
This sentence of Zhu Yuanjiu made both this youth of Zhu family and Mr. Ping and others outside the door feel shocked once again.
Everyone knows that the Zhu family is a very traditional family, this take the best wine, that is the highest etiquette, only treat the most important guests, will do so!
The young man from the Zhu family slowly stood up from the ground and looked out the door, and found that the people outside, were looking at themselves with a sneering gaze.
These people outside the door, in fact, have long been fed up with the Zhu family youth, but has not dared to vent out, today to see this person defeated, their hearts are also extraordinarily happy, there is a sense of indescribable pleasure.

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