Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 413

“Pick the other party’s stone?” Zhang Xuan murmured and raised his eyebrows. The person who played with him this way last time, known as the Stone King of Yunshen Province, dare not even see him.
The old man looked at Zhang Xuan and wanted Zhang Xuan to fight. Everything that Zhang Xuan just showed, he felt like a prophet. As long as he glanced at the stone, he knew that there was green in it. This was obviously an incredible thing, so the old man thought that Zhang Xuan It also uses the same method as Ke Bin, except that his method of forging stone is more skillful, and he can’t see it.
When the old man made this request, he did not know that this had already brought him and Ke Bin into the abyss.
Seeing that Zhang Xuan did not respond, the old man thought that Zhang Xuan was afraid, and he was more sure of his guess. Just now, this man just caught everyone’s mind and deliberately took out some prepared stones, guessing that everyone would not dare to buy, and gradually occupied Initiative.
“How about it, young man, dare you?” the old man asked again.
“All right.” Zhang Xuanmian replied with difficulty.
Seeing Zhang Xuan’s promise so reluctantly, the old man became more convinced of his thoughts.
Zhang Xuan asked, “How are the rules?”
“Very simple.” The old man waved his hand. “You and I choose stone from each other.”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded.
The onlookers saw that the old man represented the peerless jade, and they knew in their hearts that the 30 million jade just now was really fake. It’s a trust.
At this moment, the old man didn’t care about concealing anything. He said loudly: “Everyone, betting on stones, the emphasis is on a word bet. In the world, there is no one, no equipment, can only pass this one, almost every time. Well, don’t you think it’s weird?”
“That is to say, I have long felt that something is wrong.” A Ke Bin’s person said, “He said that if things can be out of the stone, how can it be possible? If they really want to have this ability, they still need to make such a bet. Shidian? I have already made a fortune.”
“Yes, what’s the difference between this and picking up money, there is definitely something tricky in it, maybe, those jade is hidden by yourself.”
Some passers-by were puzzled, “No, if he hid the jade himself, he would say that the emerald just now was chosen by the eldest sister herself, but it is you. The drama of 30 million was played just now, and the performance was really good. .”
“The eldest sister just now happened to be selected. There are no coincidences in this world, where are the clever words.”
“That’s right.” Ke Bin’s people said again.
The old man stretched out his hand, “Well, everyone, the jade that I opened in Peerless Jade today is not a trust from everyone, but I just want to give Ke Shao a good sign. I hope everyone can open Peerless Jade in the future. Baby, but now there are some people who like to play this kind of tricky. I have been betting on rocks for more than 30 years, and today I am going to pull out such shameless people!”
The old man said loudly, it can be called the wicked person to sue first.
Zhang Xuan smiled and said: “The clearer is self-clean. Since some people say that there is something tricky in it, let us see who has the tricky thing in the end.”
Zhang Xuan and the old man walked towards the opposite store almost at the same time.
Zhang Xuan came to the front of the Peerless Jade Gate, almost without thinking, so he chose a piece of stone.
Seeing the stone chosen by Zhang Xuan, Ke Bin felt painful. The piece Zhang Xuan took contained emeralds in it, worth nearly a million. Now I only hope that people on my side can get things done, as long as they can break the jade pavilion. If you do, Ke Bin can accept a loss of millions or tens of millions in the early stage.
After all, as long as one family is destroyed and the other is destroyed, it will completely monopolize the gambling market in Ningxia Province. The money will not be easily earned back.
After Zhang Xuan had selected the stone, he specifically asked, “Who owns the things that came out of this stone?”
“Of course it belongs to whoever opened it.” The old man replied loudly and walked to the shop in the Broken Jade Pavilion.
Looking at the array of stones in the store, the old man frowned. Just as he said, he has been betting on stones for more than 30 years, and he is considered rich in experience. He also has some knowledge about the surface of the stone. He originally wanted to do it. In this Jade Jade Pavilion, like the peerless jade, a chemical substance was used to form some stone on the surface of the jade, which could be distinguished. But when he came in, he discovered that these stones were all the same.
Could that kid really see at a glance that there is green in the stone? The old man guessed so, but in the next second, he himself overturned this guess.
Impossible, absolutely impossible, how could there be such a person.
The old man shook his head and carefully selected the stones in the Broken Jade Pavilion. As time went by, sweat gradually dripped from his face, because he was really not sure that the stone could be cut out of green.
Those who waited outside to watch the rush, saw that the old man didn’t pick it well for five or six minutes, and gradually became a little impatient.
“Okay! How long has it been, look at someone, you can pick it in ten seconds.”
“Are you not good at picking? I was shouting that there was something tricky in the stone, but I couldn’t see anything in the end, just talk nonsense.”
The old man listened to the urging sound from the crowd, his heart bended, and he picked up a piece of stone that looked the best in appearance.
Generally speaking, the selection of gambling stones is distinguished by the temperature and color of the stones. The old man has bet for more than 30 years and has his own set of distinguishing methods. Although the stones he chooses may not be 100% Goods, but relatively speaking, the probability of shipment is the highest.
When the old man finished picking the stone, he and Zhang Xuan were ready to open the stone under everyone’s attention.
Zhang Xuan picked an oval piece of food that was forty centimeters long and 15 centimeters high.
The old man picked a stone nearly one meter high. The price of this stone is 16,000 yuan, which is very expensive.
The old man waved his hand, and said to the Peerless Jadeite staff: “Cut it with a big knife and divide it into pieces.”
After listening, the employees of Peerless Jade nodded and walked up.
“Mr. Zhang, how do you coax this piece?” The employee of Duanyu Pavilion walked to Zhang Xuan and asked actively.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, smiled, and said to the people: “Everyone, as far as we are concerned, the surface of the stone should have a layer of solid material, but the surface of the stone I am holding now looks solid, but it is actually very solid. brittle.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he picked up a small piece of gravel and knocked a few times on the surface of the stone he had chosen.
It was seen that the original seemingly solid stone surface cracked with Zhang Xuan’s two beatings. Then, Zhang Xuan just broke the surface of the stone skin with his hands, revealing a large piece of emerald.
“My mother, so big!”
“I broke the epidermis easily. There really is a problem with this stone!”
“Peerless Jade is really shameless, self-directed and acted, and lured us to his rock betting!”

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