Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 515

“My lord of hell, we have always been loyal to Guangming Island and have participated in countless battles. My relatives and children have dedicated everything they have to Guangming Island.”
“My lord of hell, we tribute billions of dollars to Guangming Island every year, and we spread the power of Guangming Island. Now, if we die on the island so unclearly, we won’t die!”
“When the whole island sinks to the bottom of the sea, no one can be spared, Lord Hell Lord, I hope you will consider it.”
There are many people in the power that can’t help but speak. It is not a multiple-choice question at all to replace the life of the entire islander with one person’s life. Individuals know how to choose. When the island is destroyed, no one can live.
If this matter is placed on others, these major underground forces will not talk nonsense at all, and will take the initiative to do it themselves, but unfortunately, this is the woman of the hell king, even if it is such a choice that does not need to be considered, they will also Carefully persuade.
No one wants to die.
The words of these people clearly passed into Lin Qinghan’s ears.
Lin Qinghan’s expression didn’t change at all. She looked at Cessia, and at the same time, Cessia also looked at Lin Qinghan. Between the two women’s eyes, they could see the arrogance in each other’s eyes.
Cesya has her own arrogance, and Lin Qinghan also has her own arrogance.
“Miss.” Su Mi stretched out her hand and held Lin Qinghan’s skirt.
Lin Qinghan shook her head. She knew the current situation very well. If she changed herself to Zhang Xuan’s position, she would not hesitate to make a choice directly. Now that Zhang Xuan can think for so long, Lin Qinghan has been satisfied.
Lin Qinghan doesn’t blame Zhang Xuan for his choice. If it weren’t for himself, he wouldn’t be forced to this point. You know, he is the king of hell!
Lin Qinghan glanced at Su Mi and hung a long sword around Su Mi’s waist.
Lin Qinghan suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed the hilt of Su Mi’s waist, and drew it forcefully.
“Miss!” Su Mi exclaimed, grabbing Lin Qinghan’s jade wrist, and shook her head slightly at Lin Qinghan.
Someone next to him saw Lin Qinghan’s action, and a touch of joy appeared on his face.
They found that after Cecia uttered that sentence, the king of hell never saw the lady of the king anymore, and this also tacitly gave up the lady of the king.
“Su Mi, let it go.” Lin Qinghan glanced at Zhang Xuan. She really understood Zhang Xuan’s thoughts. As a king, he had no way to do some things, so as his own woman, she took the initiative to do it. .
There was a soft sound of “噌”.
Lin Qinghan withdrew the sword from Su Mi’s waist.
Lin Qinghan grabbed the hilt of the sword with his backhand, aimed at himself with the tip of the sword, and stabbed forcefully.
Many people have smiles on their faces at this moment, as long as this woman dies, they will be completely saved.
At this moment, a figure in a white robe, with a strong wind, appeared in front of Lin Qinghan and grabbed Lin Qinghan’s arm, so that the sword’s edge, who was already less than three centimeters away from Lin Qinghan’s abdomen, couldn’t make any further inches.
Lin Qinghan looked at the person who appeared in front of him and grabbed his arm.
The robes on Bai Chi’s body fluttered slightly. He raised his head to look at Lin Qinghan and said, “Sister-in-law, you know, the boss led so many of us, won the revolution and achieved liberation, why is he still called a demon? ”
Lin Qinghan opened his mouth and still didn’t speak, Bai Chi’s voice sounded again.
“Angels and demons are the most powerful beings in the Western world, but the biggest difference between angels and demons is that angels can abandon their favorite people for the whole world, while demons can choose for their favorite people. Destroy the world!”
The moment Baichi’s voice fell, a loud laugh sounded.
Zhang Xuan took a step and walked slowly towards the gate of the old castle. The laughter came from his mouth.
“Cesia, I always thought that you know me very well, but I really didn’t think you would let me make such a choice. I won’t give up my love, my family, just like I didn’t give up before. Like you, if you forget how we survived, is he just going to look through your damn diary! The people of the whole island die, what to do with me, Zhang Xuan, you kill them, and you have me again What effect? ​​Huh?”
Zhang Xuan’s footsteps moved forward slowly. Although his voice was not loud, it was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears. These words made the faces of the major forces pale, and only Lin Qinghan had tears in his eyes.
Bai Chi and the others had an expression that had long been expected. They had no surprise that Zhang Xuan would make such a choice.
Zhang Xuan raised his eyes and looked at the sky above, “Cesia, you made two mistakes today. First, you threatened me with the person I love the most. Second, you are too self-confident. Why do you think I am Zhang Xuan? You would be called the King of Hell. Do you think that just this mere hundred fighters can really ruin my Guangming Island, huh?”
When Zhang Xuan spoke, a strong confidence radiated from him. This is the confidence that would appear when facing hundreds of fighters in the sky, as if those fighters were nothing in his eyes!
Wei came down slowly from the air, the road was behind Zhang Xuan, red hair came, countless bats rose into the sky from his cloak, Alex went to the ground and bent over to pick up his machete, and wiped the blade with his hand. On the dust, Poseidon took a deep breath, and the blue scimitar in his hand gleamed beautifully in the sun.
Pease shook his head slightly, his hands behind his back, looking at the fighter plane in the sky, his eyes showed relief.
Izar, who was short in stature, had disappeared without knowing when he was mixed into the crowd. He was a lurking poisonous snake, who would deliver a fatal blow at the most critical moment.
Bai Chi stood in front of Lin Qinghan without any movement.
The Moon God, standing in front of Cecia, slowly shook his head, “The last thing you should do is to make your brother angry. In this world, no one can bear his anger, even you girl. , Shouldn’t provoke him so much.”
After Moon God finished speaking, he turned around, turned his back to Cecia, and walked towards the place where Zhang Xuan was standing. In the process of stepping, Moon God took out her silver flute, flicked it hard, and the long whip that the flute turned into dragged on. on the ground.
In front of hundreds of fighters, the kings of Guangming Island were as small as ants, but the aura radiating from them was not weaker than the hundreds of fighters in the sky.
Countless warriors wearing grimace masks and armors, walking in a uniform pace, came behind Zhang Xuan and the others.
Outside the old castle, there were people wearing linen clothes, some of them were plowing the fields, some were weaving, some were watering flowers, but at this time, they all stopped their movements and looked up at the sky. .

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