Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 59

“Okay, you tell me! As long as it’s something useful, I’ll let you go! But if you dare to fool me, you know the consequences yourself!” Han tenderly let go of Zhang Xuan’s collar, raised his fist and said viciously.
“Gentle, he’s not a police officer, what can he say, don’t let this man mislead you.” Jiao Hua spoke up from the side.
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly and looked at Jiao Hua, “It’s true that I’m not a police officer, but what’s the use of you being a police officer? Such an obvious murder in front of you, and you decided it was an accident?”
When Jiao Hua heard this, he was not happy on the spot and yelled at Zhang Xuan, “You bullshit! What makes you think it’s murder? I’m warning you, don’t talk nonsense! If you say it’s murder, show me the evidence!”
“The evidence is right here.” Zhang Xuan pointed to the foreman.
The foreman’s face changed, “This little brother, don’t talk nonsense! What are you pointing at me for.”
“You said you were just about to go to the A side and have not come to the construction site, right?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Hmm.” The foreman nodded, “The workers all saw it, they called me and I rushed over.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the foreman’s left hand, “Are you married?”
Hearing Zhang Xuan ask this, the foreman subconsciously put his right hand on the back of his left hand, and then his face changed unnoticeably, “This is my personal problem, it has nothing to do with the case, right?”
“Maybe, come with me.” Zhang Xuan waved to Han tender, then pulled away the isolation belt, towards the burnt shed that.
Han tender did not say anything, with a touch of doubt in his eyes, followed Zhang Xuan’s footsteps.
Jiao Hua grunted coldly and also followed.
Zhang Xuan around the shed, looked around, his gaze, suddenly locked in the corner of the shed, in the charred shed, that there is a small flash of white.
“Officer Han, I think, you should have someone pick that up and look at it.” Zhang Xuan pointed down the flashing white.
Han gentle did not call someone, but himself put on the rubber gloves, will that flash white thing took out, is a men’s platinum ring!
The moment you see this platinum ring, Han gentle knew that the clue came out!
These workers working on the site, absolutely impossible to carry a platinum ring, much less the ring casually in the shed, this must be someone left behind.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and looked at the foreman again, “Can you hold out your left hand?”
“What for?” The foreman looked at Zhang Xuan warily and did not do as he said.
“Tell you to stretch you stretch, cooperate with the work!” Han gentle bellowed!
The foreman’s eyes dribbled around in their sockets.
“Move faster!” Han tenderness again sternly shouted.
“On what grounds!” The foreman put his left hand behind his back, “You investigate your own, what do I care, why should I listen to you.”
“Heh!” Han tenderly took a step forward, her hands instantly reached forward and grabbed the foreman’s body.
The obese foreman could not dodge the strong-handed Han tender, and in just a moment, he was restrained by Han tender.
“What are you doing? I’ll sue you for violent law enforcement!” The foreman yelled loudly.
“Let’s talk about it when you have the chance.” Zhang Xuan walked forward and grabbed the foreman’s left hand. On the ring finger of the foreman’s left hand, there was a mark that appeared from wearing a ring for a long time, the mark was deep, but the ring was missing.
Han took a look, immediately realized what, took out the platinum ring and easily put it on the foreman’s ring finger! The entire ring’s mold, and the foreman’s ring finger on the imprint exactly match, from this can indicate, this ring, eighty percent chance is the foreman’s!
“So it’s you! Your ring is here, what else is there to deny!” Han’s gentle eyes glared, and the hand that restrained the foreman increased its strength, causing the foreman to grimace in pain!
“It’s me what! I lost this ring a few days ago!” The foreman held his red face.
Zhang Xuan no longer to look at the foreman, about whether the foreman is lying, Han gentle method can distinguish, he began to authenticate the next clue, “Officer Han, just now I remember, a person made a statement that he witnessed two dead people trapped in the shed for help, right?”
“Right!” Han nodded and ordered a police officer, “Call that man over!”
Soon, a middle-aged man wearing a white body suit and a red helmet was called over by the police.
Zhang Xuan looked at the man and said, “Tell me about the situation.”
The man nodded and recalled, “I remember it was ten o’clock in the morning, not long after the construction site started, I heard someone shouting fire, ran over to take a look, the shed had been completely burned, both of them were trapped inside, screams could be heard clearly, by the time the fire was put out, it was too late.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan nodded, then waved his hand at Han Gentle, “This is also an accomplice, arrest it!”
“Nonsense! Simply nonsense!” Next to Jiao Hua shouted with a face of indignation, “You say arrest, you say it is an accomplice is an accomplice? In the end, there is no evidence to arrest people indiscriminately! Just witnessing the dead being burned to death makes you an accomplice?”
“Who said I have no evidence?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, “Let me ask you, have you ever seen someone burned to death?”
“Joke!” Jiao Hua gave a disdainful laugh, “two dead people are still lying there, you ask me if I have seen the burned to death?”
“You have not seen!” A soft drink sounded, the owner of the voice, is Han gentle.
“Gentle, you ……” Jiao Hua opened his mouth wide.
Han gentle let go of the work head, twisted his head to look at the scorched shed, spoke: “Zhang Xuan is right, not only you have not seen people burned to death by fire, I have not seen either, in this world, people who died by fire, many, but the real people burned to death by fire, almost none, except for the ancient kind of capital punishment, put people on the fire rack raw roast, are not really the sense of being burned by fire Death!”
“There are still discerning people ah.” Zhang Xuan a smile, no longer speak, he gave enough hints, if so Han gentle still can not find clues, then she the vice captain of criminal investigation, really for nothing.
The good thing is, Han gentle did not let Zhang Xuan disappointed.
Han tenderness continued to speak: “the case of fire, in danger of people, the greatest danger is not the high temperature of the flames, but the flame ignited in the toxic smoke, fire will be surface burns, and then let people die, the process may take about half an hour, while the toxic smoke, only a few minutes, can make people suffocate, brain shock, and then death! ”
Han gentle finished, fast steps towards the dead covered by white cloth aside, while waving his hand to order, “Arrest the person!”

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