Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 729

Under the rainy night, the six people each held up a black umbrella. The voice of the leader and the weapons flying towards Su Wenxian made all the underground forces present wide-eyed.
In front of the wooden house, the yellow-robed old man froze there with a smile on his face, “They are here anyway.”
Lin Qinghan’s body standing not far away suddenly shook. Although she didn’t hear much of the voice of the person headed by it, she could tell at a glance who it came from!
The rain was sprinkled finely and densely.
The black broadsword split the air from Su Wenwen’s foot and plunged straight into the ground. The evil air from its blade made people feel goose bumps unconsciously.
“Who are you guys?” Su Wenwen looked at the six people who came, frowned, and the suffocating aura radiating from the black knife had no effect on him, but it also made him feel the share of it. Capture the momentum.
The person headed by the six did not go to read Su Wenxue, but said in a low voice: “Tell me, which one is the Zhu family!”
Everyone present guessed the identity of the six who came, and subconsciously looked at Zhu Huatai.
The six people all focused on Zhu Huatai.
Su Wenwen looked at the six people he saw, then looked at Zhu Huatai, then smiled slightly, stood aside, and stopped talking. These people obviously came to the Zhu family for trouble, and Su Wenxuan would naturally not help the Zhu family. Say what.
Xiao Mingxian was still sitting aside with a smile on his face.
Zhu Huatai’s expression changed. He really didn’t think that someone would provoke him today. He took a step forward and stared at the six people who came, “Who is Xiaoxiao, dare to yell at me Zhu’s.”
“Kill you guys!” The headed man swiped his arm in the air, and the black long knife stuck in the ground, as if by some kind of suction, was directly taken back by the headed man.
The six black umbrellas were also released from their hands at this time and slowly fell to the ground. The faces under the black umbrellas were clearly revealed in everyone’s eyes.
“Ren Tu!” Everyone looked at the person standing at the head, even if they had guessed their identities before, they still couldn’t help but shout out in shock.
The ten kings of Guangming Island, everyone is a legend in the underground world. After learning that Guangming Island was sunk, everyone’s first reaction was that they couldn’t believe it.
Today, Ren Tu has returned, bluntly saying that he wants to kill the Zhu family, Guangming Island is still that powerful Guangming Island!
After the appearance of the six members of Baichi, the underground forces present seemed to have the backbone of their hearts. The underground world, Guangming Island, the holy land, is not just talking!
“Kill!” Bai Chi yelled, and the other five people behind him all set off, rushing towards Zhu Huatai at a very fast speed.
In the future, with a gentle wave of her hand, countless steel needles lased towards Zhu Huatai. This is a new weapon developed by her combining modern technology and Tangmen concealed weapons. Each steel needle contains an armored vehicle. Powerful energy that blows up completely.
Baichi stepped into the air with one step, swung a giant blade, and slashed towards Zhu Huatai.
The action of Baichi’s stepping into the air made the hearts of the major underground forces surging. It turns out that it is not the clan that has such a method of the gods and the sky, and the people of the underground forces can do it!
Facing Baichi’s knife, Zhu Huatai had the choice to greet him head-on, but made a dodge action.
The clans that have been strong since they arrived, began to dodge under the attack of Guangming Island! This scene is the blood boiled over by the major forces.
“Old man Jiang, the children of Guangming Island are in a bad condition, your granddaughter is her” in front of the wooden house, the old man in purple robe spoke to the old man in yellow robe.
The yellow-robed old man has a nervous look on his face, “They forcibly raise their qi, although they can gain a huge increase in strength in a short period of time, the sequelae are also very serious.”
The purple-robed old man frowned and said, “What makes these children fight like this?”
“There is only one.” The white-robed old man who has been talking nonchalantly said, “Guangming Island, this time, one less person came.”
The six people from Baichi entered the Zhu family. In a blink of an eye, they took the lives of more than a dozen of Zhu’s children. Zhu Yuan, who stood not far away, directly joined the battle, while Zhu Huatai’s son, Zhu Feng, was one of them. With a frightened appearance, he hid behind Lin Qinghan.
With excitement in Lin Qinghan’s eyes, he stared at the six people who had arrived at Guangming Island. The expressions of excitement slowly faded as time passed.
“Impossible! Baichi and the others are here, where is Zhang Xuan?” Lin Qinghan tried to find Zhang Xuan’s shadow, but there were only six people on Guangming Island, and they could be swept away at a glance. There was no Zhang Xuan at all.
The hope that had just ignited in the woman’s heart was shattered once again.
“Why didn’t the king show up!” Someone also noticed this. Zhang Xuan was called the king of hell. Whenever there is a battle on the island of Guangming, he must be under the leadership of the king, but today, there is no such figure as the king of hell.
“Could it be that Guangming Island is really sinking. There are only six kings alive on the island. The king is no longer there?” someone said, with a lonely expression on his face.
“Impossible!” Someone shook his head vigorously, “How can the king not be there!”
Zhang Xuan is not only the powerful leader of Guangming Island, but also the spiritual leader. The Guangming Island where he is located is the real Guangming Island.
Bai Chi’s eyes are scarlet, and even the black knife in his hand has a pale red light, “Zhu’s dog thief, today, I want you to pay for my brother!”
Bai Chi roared, and slashed towards Zhu Huatai with a slash. A violent light glowed from the blade, emitting a light red color, and the hay on the ground was cut off by this blade.
Mirai and the others also looked very irritable, but they didn’t have the pale red light of Baichi’s body.
Future looked at Bai Chi with complicated eyes, and shouted in a low voice: “Idiot, control your emotions.”
“Ah!” Bai Chi yelled to the sky, his face full of madness.
“Today, I will kill the Zhu family!” The red hair made a deep voice, squeezed the head of a child of the Zhu family, and splashed blood. “With your blood, pay tribute to the eldest brother.”
“Kill!” Alex’s two scimitars kept spinning in his hands, like blood droplets running fast, Zhu’s children, they died when they touched them.
The Moon God didn’t speak, but she was no worse than others in the fierceness of her attack. The long whip was covered with barbs, and with one whip thrown, everyone would avoid three-pointers.
“Let this Zhu’s blood pay the debt!” Poseidon brandished his blue long knife and brought the rain of anime days. He was originally the overlord of the sea, and when he felt angry, he felt a strange intimacy towards the water.
The continuous drizzle turned into a sharp blade in the hands of the Seagod.
An elderly man, although he was tall, his speed was not slow at all. Pace, the steward of Guangming Island, walked out of Guangming Island for the first time after many years and restarted his killing.

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