Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 757

The Miaoman figure that appeared in front of Zhang Xuan was Han Wenrou.
At this time, Han Wenrou was covered with mud, and it was obvious that the opponent’s artillery fire had a lot of impact on her. There were also many small holes in her clothes, which were scratched by grenade fragments.
“I moved Guangming Island here.” Zhang Xuan answered Han Wenrou’s question casually. He didn’t have anything to hide from Han Wenrou.
“Move the island over?” Han Wen’s eyes widened, with an unbelievable appearance. Although she has never been to Guangming Island in person, she has also heard countless times that an island drifting in the Atlantic Ocean was caught Moved here like this?
An artillery shell came from a distance again and exploded 20 meters beside Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan hurriedly pulled Han Wenrou and hid aside, condensing a wall of air to counteract the impact of the cannonball.
Zhang Xuan took a look and saw that the battle couldn’t hit this side for the time being, and asked in confusion: “Why are your sharp blades here and you are fighting with others?”
Han Wenrou took a deep breath and explained: “External rumors say that Guangming Island will sink to the bottom of the sea by the gods, the King of Hell has been imprisoned for nine years, and the seven kings of Guangming Island, including King Ren Tu, are all buried in Shennongjia. If the rules are violated, underground forces are not allowed to show strength beyond C-level in front of ordinary people. The warlords under you, upon hearing this message, all can’t sit still.”
When Zhang Xuan heard this, he immediately understood.
At the beginning, Guangming Island was tyrannical and led more than a dozen mercenary legions. The number of that legion was at least tens of thousands. Every legion, in this land of Africa, existed like a predator.
This kind of warlord predators are all ambitious people. Before Guangming Island was too strong, they had to be softened. Now when they heard of an accident on Guangming Island, they all showed their original colors.
“Not far from here, there is a golden city, which is the place of your Guangming Island?” Han Wenrou asked.
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded.
This golden city is a gathering place specially built by Zhang Xuan for the poor people. It is placed within the territory of the major warlords, and it has been safe and sound.
The Golden City is called this name because there is a gold mine in the city. The gold mine was bought by the Ferris family. Most of the people living in the city earn a living by mining in exchange for rewards. This city can be said to be Zhang Xuan saw the building with his own eyes. The city lord inside was all Zhang Xuan’s old friends.
Han Wenrou opened his mouth and said: “When you fall on Guangming Island, all the major warlords are in riots. They all want to take the gold mine in the city as their own. Now they are not able to deal with each other. There are many Chinese in the city. Our mission this time. , Is to safely evacuate the Chinese people in the city.”
Hearing this, Zhang Xuan’s eyes suddenly condensed, and his eyes were deep, like an eagle, looking towards the direction of the Golden City. “I still underestimated the ambition of these people. The news of the fall of Guangming Island has only been spread for more than a month. I can’t wait!”
During the period when Zhang Xuan and Han were talking softly, the gunfire in the jungle was getting smaller and smaller, and it soon stopped.
The burnt smell of various trees and the smell of gunpowder mixed together, permeating it everywhere.
Many trees have ignited big fires, and the fire has reached a level that is difficult to extinguish. There is no one to manage the big fires in the jungle and let them burn.
In the war of warlords, human lives are just a number, and who will control whether the woods are burning or not.
Zhang Xuan picked up the phone, called Bai Chi, and asked Bai Chi to arrange for someone to come over and put out the fire.
What can I say here, it will be rebuilt into Guangming Island in the future, with a touch of green on the edge, but it can’t be so bad.
“Team Korea, where are you?” A deliberately lowered voice sounded not far away.
Han Wenrou drew a tactical flashlight from her waist and flashed it four times. Soon, six people came running in stride, four men and two women, including a middle-aged man in his 40s and the other three men. The two women, both young, are not more than twenty-five years old.
The six people walked down, and when they saw one person standing next to Han Wenrou, they all stunned for a while, and then stared at Zhang Xuan hostilely.
“Who are you, let the Korean team go!”
Obviously, these six people regarded Zhang Xuan as an enemy.
“This is my friend.” Han Wenrou quickly explained.
Hearing Han Wenrou’s explanation, the talents were relieved. The middle-aged man stepped forward and saw that Zhang Xuan was a Chinese face. He rushed behind Zhang Xuan, “Hello, I’m Qi Bing, the captain of this operation, Gentle is The deputy team, the lead belongs to the third team of the Blade Brigade.”
Zhang Xuan also stretched out his hand, “I am Zhang Yiqing, sober Qing, a mercenary.”
Zhang Xuan made up a name casually. In his current situation, he must not expose his identity casually. There are many people who know the name of the Hell King, but very few have seen the Hell King himself.
When Han Wenrou heard Zhang Xuan’s casual name, she couldn’t help but shook her body. The Qing in the word “YiQing” is probably not sober Qing, but Lin Qinghan’s Qing.
“Brother Zhang, your name is a bit feminine,” Qi Bing said.
“Qi team, why are you just a few, old Wu others?” Han Wenrou looked behind Qi Bing and found that there were no more people besides Qi Bing six.
The six Qi Bing looked at each other back and forth, and then said bitterly: “The other party’s artillery fire was too fierce. We all ran slowly. Old Wu was taken away. They wanted to use Old Wu to force us to get the bait.”
“These bastards!” Han Wenrou hammered the trees next to him hard, his face was full of anger.
Zhang Xuan said: “Team Qi, you are here to save people this time, do you know there is a Chinese woman named Ren Xiang?”
“You mean the lord of the Golden City?” Qi team said.
“Yes, it’s her.” Zhang Xuan asked hurriedly, “How is she?”
Han Wenrou was a little surprised to find that Zhang Xuan’s face was a bit more nervous when he mentioned this woman. This look was the first time Han Wenrou saw Zhang Xuan’s face. It was not Zhang Xuan pretending to come out. It came out naturally, and it was obvious that he cared about that woman in his heart.
“Are you familiar with her?” Qi Bingzhen answered Zhang Xuan’s question directly, but asked rhetorically.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I’m not very familiar with it, but she saved my life when I was on the mission.”
Qi Bing looked at Zhang Xuan suspiciously for a while, and then said: “She is the lord of the Golden City and a member of Guangming Island. These warlords were afraid of any mistakes, and immediately controlled her. Now life and death are unknown. .”
“These scumbags!” Zhang Xuan squeezed his fist fiercely, his eyes filled with killing intent. A few seconds later, he raised his head and said, “Qi team, I have been to the Golden City twice, and I can take you in to rescue your teammates.”

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