Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 819

An hour later, Zhang Xuan saw eight figures at the airport pick-up gate.
Zhang Xuan took out his mobile phone and compared the photos Baipaoke had just sent him, and determined that these eight people were the ones he wanted to see this time.
Among the eight people, four men and four women, of which two men and two women belonged to the exploration team, and the remaining two men and two women were newcomers to the ninth round. They provided personal protection to the exploration team.
Zhang Xuan looked at these eight people, focusing mainly on the four newcomers in the ninth round.
“Tsk tsk, these nine games are hidden deep enough. The four newcomers have this kind of strength, but just focusing on the improvement of strength, it will be far worse in other aspects.”
Zhang Xuan noticed that these four newcomers from the 9th round just walked out of the plane and looked around. They were very young, all in their twenties, but there was a look on their faces that no strangers would enter. , As if for fear that others will not know that they have important tasks to perform.
There were four people left, but one of them was pulling a big box, and Zhang Xuan guessed that what was in it should be some detection equipment.
Zhang Xuan greeted the eight people, strode forward, and said to one of the middle-aged men who looked more than 50 years old: “Professor Liu, right? Hello, I am the person in charge of Yinzhou Hengcheng Security.”
Baipaoke told Zhang Xuan that the Ninth Bureau had notified the detection team that they would find a security company in Yinzhou to cooperate with them. These people did not know Zhang Xuan’s true identity.
“Yes, my surname is Liu, and you are Mr. Zhang, I didn’t expect to be so young.” The middle-aged man called Professor Liu looked at Zhang Xuan and stretched out his right hand.
Zhang Xuan also stretched out his hand. After the two sides shook hands, Zhang Xuan pointed towards the exit of the airport, “Everyone, I have arranged the car.”
“Thank you, Mr. Zhang.”
The four newcomers in the Ninth Game looked at Zhang Xuan with disdain. They came from the Ninth Game. There were countless masters there. Even if they were rookies, they entered the Ninth Game after countless screenings. Now look at the security of a small city like Yinzhou. The company is all contemptuous.
Zhang Xuan didn’t care either. Before he came, he had heard of the arrogance of these newcomers from the white robe guest.
A group of people followed Zhang Xuan to the parking lot. The car was transferred by Zhang Xuan from Lin’s family. An extended Mercedes-Benz business with yellow license plates and eight people was completely unproblematic.
“It’s really inexperienced!” A youth of the 9th Bureau looked at the car arranged by Zhang Xuan and said disdainfully, “This kind of car has limited efficiency. Once we are targeted, we can’t get rid of the opponent at all, and the safety efficiency is also high. Generally, does your security company in Yinzhou do things like this?”
“Okay, Wu Yao.” Another young man from the Ninth Bureau came up and patted the shoulder of the young man who had just spoken. “An ordinary security company can do this. They are not professional after all. You No law requires them to do too much.”
Wu Yao shook his head and said without evasiveness: “I really don’t understand, why are you looking for a so-called security company, these experienced rookies, besides causing us trouble, what else can they do? The car is still parked. Come to the parking lot and see how many people are around here, what if there is any trouble?”
Faced with Wu Yao’s words, Zhang Xuan only smiled, without making a sound. The most important thing for security is to play a protective role.
How can we best protect it? Let others fail to see that you are a security guard and relax your vigilance against you.
Zhang Xuan can’t tell Wu Yao how many people, right now, there are more than 70 people in this parking lot that they have arranged by themselves.
Several people got on the bus, and Zhang Xuan had already arranged the hotel.
Zhang Xuan also took it seriously because he learned that there will be no people from the Holy Kingdom.
The hotel chooses the sun god in Yinzhou.
“The old facilities have reduced the safety factor to the extreme. Arranging to come to this kind of hotel, I really can’t figure out whether you will do security!” When entering the hotel, Wu Yao said again.
“Okay, everyone, let’s stay here, Mr. Zhang, can you arrange a car for us. We will go there in the afternoon and take a look first.” Professor Liu said aloud.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, and then rushed to Wu Yao, “I’ll give you a bit of science. The old facilities will not affect the safety factor. This is basic common sense. Please use your mind when you say this next time. I It doesn’t matter if you hear it, but let my colleagues hear it, and they will definitely laugh at you.”
“What do you mean!” Wu Yao’s expression changed on the spot, “You, a member of an ordinary security company, taught me a lesson? I have performed more tasks in a year than in your life. Do you know who I am? !”
“Oh? Who?” Zhang Xuan looked interested.
“I am nine” Wu Yao was about to say something, when he was pulled by the youth beside him, “Wu Yao, it’s okay, there is no need to care about him.”
Wu Yao also reacted at once. He almost said the wrong thing. Before he went out to act this time, he gave an order to keep his identity secret.
The young man who held Wu Yao was named Zhao Tian.
Zhao Tian stared at Zhang Xuan, with warnings in his eyes, “Boy, I know what you are thinking, and remember, this is the last time. If you dare to have another time, don’t blame me. You’re welcome. Some things are not you. I can ask!”
“Oh, good.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, “Then you are happy to live, we will contact you this afternoon.”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand and left here.
As soon as Zhang Xuan walked out of the Sun God Hotel, he received a call from a guest in Baipao.
“Uncle Master, it seems that these young people are not happy to get along with you. They just called and complained that you are too unprofessional. Hahaha, if these guys knew they were talking about the number one killer list six years ago People, don’t know what it will look like.”
“I found that you are quite gloating.” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes. “You called me just to talk about this?”
“That’s not true, Master Uncle, just received the message that the people from the Holy Kingdom should have already arrived in Yinzhou. We don’t have complete control over their specific whereabouts, so be careful on your side.”
“Okay, I see.” Zhang Xuan hung up the phone.
Zhang Xuan went to the Lin family first, had lunch with Lin Qinghan, and by the way told Lin Qinghan that he might not be going home in these two days.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, a commercial vehicle departed from the Sun God Hotel in Yinzhou and went straight to the tomb.
Some time ago, when Zhang Xuan was in contact with Qi, he once went there for a while. When he met a person there, the other party was holding a dead branch. It was just a move to force Zhang Xuan back. From that day on, Zhang Xuan realized what For the edge.
Now Zhang Xuan thought about it again, wasn’t what the person used that day was a kind of obscure form of expression of qi.
This time, Zhang Xuan also wanted to visit the other side by the way. He always felt that the person was mysterious everywhere.

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